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  1. OK. So this is my maybe 5th or 6th Fantasy mini. I've typically done Mecha/CAV/Etc. Some parts I'm satisfied with, others not so much. These are for gaming not display but I also don't just want to slob the paint on as I want to attract new players. I was going for white hair. I guess it turned out ... OK. Still need the right hand and sword but wanted to call the rest good before I attached it. Base is not yet done but will be finished. Soooo, thoughts and critiques welcome. I want to steadily improve and I have somewhat thick skin so feel free to share.
  2. So I've picked up free blades and their elves (trillians) have white hair. I've been looking for a good tutorial but have come up nil. Any one know of one for white hair (or at least really, really light blond/platinum). Thanks
  3. I'd paint the cockpit a glossy black and add a wash to the entire model and then highlight the individual panels. Not what you'd do on a real camo job but it should look good on the mini.
  4. Basically in Freeblades you have a target number to beat and your skill can be d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d18, all the way up to D30. Various things can bump your DL up or down. Works pretty well.
  5. Yea, I really like their bent. Very realistic. I also like that their female minis look legit and not like victoria secret fighters. My daughter is looking at playing and having cool female characters that aren't overly sexualized is important to me.
  6. So I have taken the plunge into a fantasy skirmish game and need some terrain. Are there any plans to sell just the terrain in this set as a separate item. I don't really need the minis (Is that even possible?) but would love the terrain as a centerpiece for a board.
  7. Do you mount your mini to anything to help hold it?
  8. I totally get it. I'm actually getting ready to have a game purge myself. Seems silly to have all this stuff sitting on the shelf that never gets touched.
  9. What's looking really cool is they have an RGP in alpha nad a wargame in the works. Their plan is to be able to scale from an RPG to a skirmish game to a wargame so you can have your party participate at every level.
  10. I played a demo at Gencon and picked up the rules. Nice little rules light skirmish game. Escalating die types for combat and skills and I think it will be basic enough for the kids but has enough depth that my friends and I will play. Just curious who else might be playing?
  11. CAVboss many of the new CAVs are in pretty static poses. Is that just to show what the model looks like? Will they be given more dramatic action poses in production?
  12. I'm looking to try some new stuff this year. What games are "can't miss" for ya'll?
  13. Where did you get the names and numbers?
  14. I've heard that Army Painter Spray primer works great on Bones. Will be testing soon.
  15. Can someone take a pic of one next to the newer larger metal one for a size comparison? Thanks
  16. Well then. Be sure to let me know. It would be great to shoot the bull again.
  17. I'd love to see you share any scenarios you come up with.
  18. I will be going but haven't registered for any games as of yet. I don't think Reaper typically has a presence other than the paint and take.
  19. I just thought I'd throw out some random thoughts on this since it is closed now and I have my stuff. First - Once again Reaper shows they know how to run a Kickstarter. Despite delays (which happen) I always felt I knew exactly what was up, what caused the delays, and what steps were being taken to correct the issues. Well done (Many companies could take a lesson from this *cough*Palladium/Robotech*cough*)! Second - Some models didn't work (Tsuseki) but most turned out really solid. Better than I had thought actually. This should lead to better models in the future and to have a low cost entry option for mechs and vees is great. Third - The grey plastic rocks. I haven't put paint on one yet so that may change my opinion somewhat but this stuff looks really good. I wonder if they are going to switch all the bones over to it. Makes me wish I had waited to get all my CAVs in the grey. In fairness, there were a couple disappointments. The Despot didn't get the size upgrade I was hoping for. As one of the coolest tank minis ever, I really wanted to see it larger. Secondly, we didn't get all the CAVs in bones . Hopefully this will be a big hit for them as CAV and also crossover appeal. Thanks to CAVBoss for all the hard work. Now get cracking on the next one
  20. I just got my stuff (my fault. didn't lock in correctly) so I still need to go over things with a fine tooth comb and make sure things match up.
  21. Almost there. Just added some different addons as well.
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