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  1. Looks like they have offered up some limited edition minis to backers along with some terrain. $4k to go.
  2. I have been a big fan but Janeway never did it for me. I always felt like I was watching an actor play a Captain.
  3. I really like Nathan but I'm not sure i'd want him as a Trek Captain. I would always be waiting for the cowboy accent. However I would like this guy. Chiwetel Ejioforhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0252230/?ref_=tt_cl_t10 He rocks
  4. Grrr. Seems to be kind of sitting at 230 backers. Just need about 30 more peeps to take the plunge.
  5. I had looked at this set when it came out but worried that it might seem a little vanilla. Based on your review Sarge I think I'm glad I held off. Hopefully, Polyversal will hit it's goal as I think it will scratch the itch that I'm after.
  6. $6k to go. Feeling good about this one. It's been awhile since i was this excited about a rule set.
  7. Vil if you havent't read through the previews or watched the video I'd encourage you to. The mechanics seem to integrate morale and command influence really well without bogging down the turn. Really feels like a large engagement kinda game. 12 more backers and they reveal the first stretch goal.
  8. I'll definitely be in for at least $45. The unit builder seems like a must have along with the counters.
  9. Looking good. 2/3rds of the way there in two days. Sweet!
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cewargames/polyversal-miniatures-game/comments If you have 6mm-15mm armies this looks really solid. Lets one unit build and works for any background. Right up my alley. Goal is also much more achievable this time around.
  11. I found The Last Kingdom very enjoyable. Certainly would be considered low fantasy.
  12. So those of us who had a hiccup and didn't get the pledge locked in should be getting taken care of by the 21st as well? That is how I read it but I wanted to be sure I interpreted it correctly. As of now I have nada (my fault, not Reaper's).
  13. Hmmmm. 13 hour Drive so I could get there in one day. Hmmm.
  14. Where are the little guys in trench coats from?
  15. Went and saw this last night. I think it is better than the rotten tomatoes score for certain. They did a lot right. I think the issue for me was I didn't like Batman until the last two minutes. Not Affleck's performance but the character himself. He just seemed completely driven by revenge so I wasn't drawn to him in any way. I also thought Lex Luther was meh. Why does it seem so hard for Hollywood to get Lex right?
  16. Pffft. Apparently I'm an idiot and somehow didn't lock my pledge in (I really thought I did as i received my original Ace bundle). So now I have to wait for the reaper peeps to sort it out. GAaaaaaaaaahh.
  17. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH! I am firmly in the camp that hell will actually freeze over before these get made.
  18. Woot! Our stuff will be hitting the dropship tomorrow!
  19. I know it tends to be a no-no in CAV but would it be hard to use a chit/counter to mark a target point?
  20. Yeah I was a little surprised the goal was so high and then they had milestones rather than unlocks. It seems counter intuitive.
  21. What about +1 to the die roll when choosing the same target point turn after turn?
  22. I'm not sure what the chronological order was but I remember that the change basically made the Rhino boss on a 6ft table or less. You lose 12 inches on a 72" board for deployment zones, so what advantage do my PBGs with a 6 RAV and 32" range have? At 64" I have a 4 RAV and with the Rhino I had 4 RAV at 60 with Wrecker. It basically took away any advantage that PBGs had. With a range of 16" you had the opportunity to maneuver.
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