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  1. Vil, just be careful of range. For a short time they bumped the Rhino's range up to 20 inches and the impact it had was crazy. It owned about every weapon at all ranges just due to that small change.
  2. So they just released a video outlining the Command/Control/Orders component of the rules. Verrrry interesting. Should make for lots of tactical options.
  3. I have mountains of 6mm stuff. It was my first love.
  4. Yeah, I've had my eye on this for years. I'm in. Mechanics look really solid and it's universal which I love.
  5. Message Chrome above. He can probably help you out.
  6. You might also throw in some objectives and scenarios. I've found in playtesting that i have been a part of, it can help highlight issues as well.
  7. How mobile was the fight Vil? Did the models tend to camp or was there significant maneuver?
  8. So what are you guys using to store the cards and such that come with the game? They are a bit odd sized for traditional means.
  9. Cool. I think my kids are about your boys age.
  10. How long do you guys find the typical game takes?
  11. Well I broke down and ordered this with gift cards from Christmas. Should have it in a week.
  12. I have to echo the whole Bowcaster bit. Thought that was exceedingly cheesy. It also seemed like it only took two minutes to get to anywhere in the galaxy from Hyperspace.
  13. I thought the good parts were really good. The comraderie was there, the heart. All the things the prequals lacked. The pacing seemed a bit rushed at times but altogether a good movie. I think whenever Rey and Finn were on screen it really worked well. Good chemistry.
  14. I would interpret that as yes. Light Cover for a -1 situation mod.
  15. Here's another one I'm out alone on. Everybody loved the new BSG and raved about how awesome it was. I watched the first season. It was ... good. Not awesome. Not amazing. Not fantastic. Good. I don't understand the hype. When did you watch BSG? I found the first two seasons really compelling because it was written during the War in Iraq when there were questions about torture and morals and religion that were reflected in real life. Made the show a bit more poignant. Typically when i hear of someone watching outside of that, they tend to have your opinion. I certainly loved the way they handled inertia and sound in space combat. I really like the Blacklist, Sherlock on BBC (Cumberbatch) Brilliant, catching up on the Flash, The 100, and finally thinking the actors in Dark Matter are starting to feel their roles. First few episodes were painful. Just started Dominion but the verdict is still out for me. Fear the Walking Dead.
  16. http://my.xfinity.com/articles/entertainment/20150803/US-Film-Dungeons-and-Dragons/ I would hope after the success of LOTR they would take it seriously.
  17. Holy cow! I just wanted a couple more Wolverines. 68!
  18. How are we looking on the minis?
  19. -- Its just painted "grass". I put it down on wet paint, let it dry and paint again. Then use a wash and dry brush it to the final colors I want. When you say "grass" do you mean flock or something else?
  20. Hey CAVBOSS, what type of sand are you using for the ground cover on that first board?
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