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  1. So I am going to base some of my Bones figs for SoBH. I was thinking round bases. Any reason to go Square?
  2. Did you use a stencil for those numbers?
  3. I have an affinity for this mini in particular as I feel it captures the spirit of my imagination better than any other I've seen. In my mind it is the definitive "Gandalf". I appreciate everyone's help.
  4. I think direct from GW is out and as it's no longer produced... and even if not... Yowza their current Gandalf mini for the Hobbit is $25 bucks. That's crazy.
  5. Any idea where I might find this mini other than ebay? http://www.coolminiornot.com/6347
  6. How do you guys wash your models? Just dump them in soapy water ?
  7. I actually just unloaded mine here locally. Sad part is the game looks fun and seems to reflect the cartoon but the minis are just too big a PITA for me to mess with. Baph you might check out Cool Stuff online (I think that's it) as they were selling sets at roughly 50% off retail.
  8. Correct. I set a pot to boiling, put the pieces inside a strainer and lower it into the water for 60 seconds then lift the strainer and dunk it into a bowl of ice water.
  9. Killer. That's a great price. I'll be cutting some CAVs off their bases.
  10. I think the thought was to try and make them (the weapons) work a bit more as to RL. So for example, lasers don't hit as hard but are much more accurate, PBG hit hard but dissipate quickly, etc. Takes a little getting used to I'll admit.
  11. Vil from the few games I've played with the new rules I think the Ogre will be a BEAST! as long as there is some cover to take advantage of. And let me second CAVBoss' point of really trying to make all weapons have pros and cons to balance out. Many conversations about that in particular.
  12. You are probably better off doing one Malvernis and one Rach given the models.
  13. The Gladiator would have been my second
  14. So far, all of mine are very straight. And by all of mine I mean the one I have opened.
  15. I seem to remember it being mentioned that the new minis are designed to fit exactly inside the new bases so, for the bones minis it should not create an issue. Also nice to see how straight those Dictator arms are.
  16. Is your plan to release the electronic copy as soon as it's ready or to wait and do them both together?
  17. Same here. Pew, Pew, Pew!
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