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  1. I'm interested to see what's coming but I'm still in wait and see mode.
  2. The original was a hand sculpted model and the 74 was done with CAD. The bodies are essentially the same (maybe a slightly different pose) but the CAD one is more precise.
  3. Also, I think the planes being 1/180th will look good. i have one of the Nscale Robotech collectable figures. the plane comes in at about 3.25" and looks really good next to the CAVs. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_T_4htx42_jA/TS5CQJg_gLI/AAAAAAAAAaE/0wHjSOlIGEA/s1600/valkyrie%2Byf-19%2Bfighter.JPG
  4. Don't encourage him, he already erased my favorite faction. Vil, you should be able to add them back with the construction rules. They are pretty robust.
  5. is the pledge calculator the same as the pledge manager?
  6. If 1/350th is the same size as the true scale models we have now I'd be good with it.
  7. Indianapolis, IN. Have a couple guys that play here.
  8. Fasltius - we're not in the habit of letting people down. Fret not - we're not done yet! Oh he teases me.
  9. Also the Halberd from the core set. oops missed Girot's comment.
  10. You might be able to get some of the Star Wars miniatures maps off ebay cheap.
  11. Should be (with exception of aircraft, which sounds like is still being kicked around). Again, there should only be like 8 vehicle models or so that are off (and as Vil pointed out, maybe the Sabretooth) but otherwise the CAVs should be about set.
  12. Vil, although this is by no means official from the comments I've seen that is exactly what will happen with the CAVs. I've seen it said that there might be some minor changes but nothing appreciable. Just things to get the molds to work right, etc. CAVBoss, Thanks bunches for clearing this up. I have been waiting like ten years for a big honkin Despot. That size will be perfect!!!! Now I just have to find some more cash for them. Being unemployed sucks
  13. lol. Is it bad that I want to see a Bones Godzilla now?
  14. I believe the Flail was also made in true scale (yep, 07116). So then the models that are too small by the "True Scale" standard are: Hunter, Despot, Lance (although it's pretty big, but pretty ugly as well so a whole new model wouldn't break my heart ), Manticore, Naginata (again, borderline), Poltergeist, Sabre, Spike and Raider. So 9 models (with two maybes included). So the question then I guess is, are the vehicles going to be upsized to the "Wolverine scale" or downsized to the "Despot scale"?
  15. That means a 1/180 model would need to be 24mm high. If it's not, then Reaper is flat out lying with their KS in the FAQ. I could initially say that it might have been a mistake/oversight, but how long has this discussion been going on here (again)? I'm more then a bit annoyed that this kind of crap wasn't ironed out before the KS, I would think that this is one of the first things you figure out when you start a KS that's supposed to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for miniatures... This isn't rocket science! Why weren't folks as critical of the first two Bones KS? Because a small Orc or a large Dwarf happen, not all people are equally tall or short. When was the last time you saw a short Centurion II driving around? CAV is an established IP were they already stated out a lot of the vehicles with dimensions. It's not just about not living up to the established dimensions, it's also about physical impossibilities. I'm not talking about impossible designs regarding physics, I'm talking about access hatches on the Despot that a normal person wouldn't fit through or a cockpit that's obviously to small... Will this stop me from buying 20+ of every vehicle? No, but I'm pretty nuts, folks less dedicated might think differently and drop their pledges. Future sales might also suffer. And I still don't see any reason why this discrepancy in scale should be made, it's not the cost, it's not ability, it's some vague misplaced idea that it would do a disservice to the CAVs... Madness I say! CAV certainly isn't the only Mecha game with scale issues, BT is a total mess and even Heavy Gear has some rather large consistency issues. CAV now has the opportunity to be different then the competition, changing to the correct scale after this KS is completed is a very expensive project and I don't expect to see that happen in my lifetime (and I intent to be around for another 60+ years) if ever. Let's be careful here. Reaper has shown themselves over and over again to do right by their customers and be very forthright. They are a refreshing company. The JOR stats may no longer be cannon so to use that as the holy grail (although I did use it for my measurements - full disclosure) might be unfair. Some of your points are valid but let's give them time to consider and respond before we start name calling. CAVBoss has been pretty open to suggestion in regards to this stuff (he renamed one of the CAVs just because we liked it better) so let's not get the pitchforks out just yet.
  16. Aside from the aircraft that I know are up in the air scale wise (hehe, you see what I did there), it has been stated that CAV will be 10mm or roughly 1/180 scale. Assuming that is accurate, an M1A1 with gun forward is 32.04ft. The hull length is 26.02ft. Since guns can vary quite a bit, especially in scifi, I'll use the hull length. So 26' * 12" = 312" / 180(scale) = 1.73" would be the hull for an M1. This falls just under the hull size of the Wolverine and Dragoon. The Despot hull in the metal one is 1.5". With gun forward it is 2". It really needs to be about 1.7 - 1.75" hull length or 2.25" with gun forward to be correct to 10mm. So it would be about a 1.15% increase which would also hit close to the 14ft height listed in the JOR (this model is a little vague because of the nature of the missile launcher). I had a pic on my phone of the Wolverine next to a Despot and Regent but can't seem to figure out how to load it. Vil did make a good point in that more models are in "true scale" at this point than not so to have a consistent scale throughout it makes some sense to up-size the remaining 10 or so. That said you guys (Reaper) can do what they want as far as model size, but I would like to know definitively so going forward so can we get hull sizes listed for the vees somewhere. I'm not a total scale nut but do want the models to look fairly consistent with what I already have on the table.
  17. Vil I can't remember the list? Do you have it? of the models I mean?
  18. Truth be told I'm actually reaching a point of indifference to this. I think the only thing I feel like is truly weak is the fact that they don't just release the rulebook to the backers as a pdf. It has me worried for the game.
  19. stagnating at $150k. Grrr. Some of you sell your loved ones.
  20. I plan on watching it soon but am happy to hear that it was good.
  21. Am I the only one who finds this mildly disturbing?
  22. CAV 1 was actually a pretty cool game. Very well balanced all around. The only issue I had with it was that the combat rolls were opposed which slowed resolution down a bit. If the Armor stats were a constant it would be a pretty slick game. In fact CAV:SO reminds more of it than CAV 2.
  23. There is a CAV Facebook page as well.
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