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  1. Something to point out in regards to the air vees. When the metal "truescale" models came out all of the CAV players at the time were pretty happy with the size so if that's any indication... And has any thought been given to having the models be say 3" above the table rather than one? That could make the aesthetic more pleasing as seeing all those aircraft waist high to a CAV is a little...odd. Essentially they are cruising around at hundreds of miles per hour 15ft above the ground.
  2. No. I am asking what size the In universe tanks are, so that I have some idea how large the models will be when they are rescaled in Bones. That way I know what to add to the Kickstarter for tanks. So far I only know the Despot will be 37mm long. Which is perfect. But the others I have no idea as I do not know their in universe dimensions to be able to calculate their final in production dimensions. I have asked that question and the answer I recieved was 2" +- .5". Since there is a pretty huge difference between 1.5" and 2.5" when representing vehicles I am trying to do the math myself to get a better idea. But I need the actual in universe dimensions to do so. In the JOR 1 and JOR 2 it list the height of each tank. In the past, It has been commonly accepted that the Dragoon, Dingo, and Wolverine were the tank models in metal that "set the bar" for what true scale should look like. Obviously, the APCs and such are smaller. Where did you see that the hull on the Despot will be 37MM? If that is the case it matches the metal one that we currently have. The hull on the Wolverine and Dragoon are pretty much 1.75" long. Girot do you have a Wolverine or Dingo that you could get pictures of next to a Despot? If the Despot is actually going to be 37mm then the other tanks may be shrunk or the size of the Despot may be retconned. But for the most part all the metal vees that were sold 1 to a pack in metal are pretty much on size wize.
  3. Hey, I need to convert a .rtf file to a .pdf. Anyone know of a good freeware or shareware program?
  4. This may not be entirely accurate. While most of the cards I've seen kept the main function of a unit some varied greatly. They may in fact have some other units that now serve those purposes.
  5. Be careful using that pic of the Despot to compare the plane to because that tank may be too small. The Wolverine or Dragoon are probably better examples.
  6. Now that's how a Despot should look next to a Dictator.
  7. Also Windows 8 isn't bad if you run a Windows 7 GUI emulator on top. It's actually been really stable for me and runs/reboots fast. Just my 2cents.
  8. Are all the bones models going to be done in true scale? FREX the Chieftain, it had a small and larger scale sculpt. If we order it through the Kickstarter will we be getting 2 of the larger or smaller tanks.
  9. I think what you need to do is ship them to my place and let me evaluate them over the next ten years or so. At that point I'll let you know how to break them up into factions
  10. Any word on container two? It's been mighty quiet.
  11. I think another reason more gamers are looking at this as opposed to collectors is a lack of unique models. For those of us who are gamers, we can see a value in having duplicates of the same but the collector might be saying, "meh, why do I need four of each?".
  12. Close enough for government work yes. 10mm is generally accepted as N Scale.
  13. About 12 models per side in CAV1 and 2. Assuming all CAVs. I get what some of you are saying because there is more stuff to look at and factor in but Smoking Wreckage does hit upon a solid point as well. The mechanic is still basically find all my mods +/-, add my RAV, add my 2d6 roll, check MOS, determine damage (which is very solid, There is a to hit component thrown in for the range but it's pretty basic). That was almost exactly like CAV 1. So let's try and address things like Vil pointed out. If the weapons Hard and Soft degrade equally why list Piercing in that way. We have a chance here to tweak, poke and prod these rules to make them a solid set. CAVboss is there a way to determine which SAs are already figured into the datacard stats and which are not?
  14. Cool looking stuff. I actually just ran across this. Love to see how the despot scales next to the Wolverine.
  15. I forgot about that. There are what, 250 more?
  16. Grrrr. Stuck at $120k. I really need to find a job to get away from the internet.
  17. None of our prototypes were pre-glued. Confirmed. I love the fact that they can be pulled apart like this. It makes them easy to transport and fun to play with. Pow Pow Pow Pew Pew Kaboom
  18. So what's the word CAVBoss? Will the Despots be scaled up?
  19. Girot they never made a true scale despot though so you might be careful posting it.
  20. Yeah to me it's not the usefulness of the model just the aesthetics. I've just never cared much for the Archer or Katana. I do like the Despots and Dingos.
  21. I feel ya a bit Vil. Not in quite the same boat but most of the recent CAVs are kinda so so for me. I want my Hawk VI, Butchers, Duelists, Mantis', and Knights.
  22. Why in the name of all that is holy would you split the doors right down the middle?
  23. You won't be disappointing. I loooove me some Dingos. :wub: http://www.reapermini.com/InspirationGallery/dingo/latest/
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