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  1. The real problem is right now alot of people are only buying 1 game to participate in. We use to have 10-14 40k players on Saturday and the last 3 weeks there has been 1 game of 4 players. The last time warlord was played a friend played against me with my kids reptus army. We use to play small games every Thursday, but we have not played iin months. I elected to play it at home. I did get 4 more players to commit to the game, but it is so process. It is a great game and far superior to the other mini games. Many 40 k Players have said it is a better game, but have so much invested in 40K they feel as if they play Warlord they severe the bonds of their 40 k groups. The other Mini games such as Hordes, War Machine, Necrumundo are all in the same boat as far as our local store is concerned. We are actually getting more Hero Clix scenario players than the other games combined (5 on 5 Battles) on Mini game night. I still will push warlord to find players, but it is sad when Me and my son play 2400 points apiece games against each other, it is so much more fun with other players different armies and strategy.
  2. There are alot of new data cards for minis,but i don't gave a clue what they look like to even proxy them in. I know that it is not poosible to so green, but would it be possible to get concept art or possibly a detailed written description. My son is anxious about many of the new Reptus cards.
  3. With all the new data cards the increased the number of hits on most characters it seems as if it affects magic effectiveness. A spell that did 1 damage track could on average half kill most creatures now is much less damaging. Spells in general cost alot before and now the cost is the same much produce less in relationship to the target character. Is it possible I missed an update on this topic. What it seems like spell casters that are offensive will not be used on most occassions.
  4. I recently just started to get into Warlord in the past few months. I have played a few other miniature games, but this is by far the best game I have played. In just the past 2 months my 14 year son and myself have built 2200 point armies in just character points. We have got 4 of our friends to also start to build 2000 point groups. the problen with getting players is the lack of knowledge that the game exsist. I have been in many game stores and a few conventions over the years and just in the past few months got a demonstration at a family night at a game store. Warlord is a great game that sells its self with it being in the public eye. I have been at a few demos and have seen the vast majority of people showing a great deal of interest. The more these people see a player base the more players will join in the game in the future. Demonstrators need official Warlord posters to be posted at the stores and the company needs to advertise in gamers magazines and at conventiions.
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