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  1. Finished up MARTHRANGUL, GREAT DRAGON. He is the old school pewter version. I started him like 8 years ago, or so, but hated the paint job. So I decided to show how I worked through fixing the painting and basing on my twitch. He weighs about 2.5 lbs.
  2. Love the colors! The tiny trees are fantastic touch.
  3. Been a loooooong time since I posted anything here. So hoping to get back into the swing of things. Here is a commission I did for a client. Client chose the colors for this one.
  4. Quick bump for anyone who wanted to grab a Fire Giant Queen and join us in painting together!!
  5. Yes it is happening this year, also.
  6. Fantastic! This will be my first Adepticon, mainly just going to compete in the Crystal Brush, and hangout to paint.
  7. Hello! Long time no posting. I have been getting back into painting as a regular thing, so I hope to be here more often! Anyways. I hope I picked the correct category of the forums for this. So I have put together a group painting even during the course of Adepticon at the group hobby area. We are going to be painting a Fire Giant Queen, bones or metal. It is open to anyone and just a great way to meet other painters and see how we all interpret the same miniature. Just grab a Fire Giant Queen, prep her, and bring her. I have not signed up for any events other than the crystal brush at adepticon, so I plan on being at the hobby area alot. I'll probably have a little sign to make it easier to find those of us who are doing this together. This is a super informal, pop in and out as you can, kind of thing. Mostly just to meet other painters and have a good time. If this is not cool, I apologize.
  8. So I backed this one, but they just went quiet at the beginning of Dec, and haven't posted anything since. Normally I don't care, but kinda frustrating when they are posting on facebook quite frequently.
  9. Yeah, that is true, and does kinda suck. I also am having a problem getting an answer about a promise from the indiegogo campaign. In the first indiegogo campaign we unlocked a special mini for all backers during the second campaign, they keep saying that they would update the faq since day one, and haven't. They said it would be done yesterday and still isn't. Kinda frustrating. Makes me a little nervous about it. I know during the first campaign I received two of one mini instead of another and never got a response when I contacted them about it. I just hope they aren't flaky when it comes to customer service. Again the minis were fantastic, and the quality was second to none.
  10. I can honestly say, these are some the best minis I bought in a long time. There is so much love put into every step of them. I couldn't care less about the game, I just want more crazy goblins!
  11. I actually got in on the indiegogo campaign, and it was fantastic. Shipping was smooth, and the quality of the minis was fantastic. I still have them sitting waiting for me to start on them. I didn't even think twice about getting in on this. I am so stoked to get them.
  12. I know they talked about how they had to change the original names of the minis. Most of the changes to the actual minis were pretty minor. I know they had to change the wolverine mini's claws into something else.
  13. I wonder if maybe they learned from the Disney cease and desist enough, to make enough changes to the DC ones that it wouldn't be a problem. I am thinking this would probably fall under parody laws.
  14. They have been working on these minis for months. I have been following them for a long time waiting for this.
  15. Some really wacky goblins in the style of comic heroes. I already backed this. Brik-a-Brak
  16. I received mine at the end of last week. Really happy with the minis. Way better than the pictures showed, IMHO. I am glad I got in on this one. I bought them just to paint up certain ones. I did come across organizing boxes from Broken Token, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.
  17. Wasn't planning on it, but really loving the stretch goals. Already pledged. Woo
  18. I shot Tre a message about mine, and he took care of it. He said i should have received mine already, also. Tre's customer service is top notch!
  19. Well I am in for: Mystic Planking Graveyard Forest Arcane Ancient Wraithstone
  20. I am still waiting for my rewards. On the edge of my seat actually. LoL.
  21. I don't know if it was discussed anywhere in the project commments, but I'm curious if the "extra" bases (from stretch goals) for each set are a sort of Kickstarter bonus compared to the eventual retail release. I definitely agree with that thought. I will probably pick up a few extra sets in the pledge manager. It is a ton of bases for the money. If retail is $22 a set, and we get two sets for $22 (or $20 depending on the pledge), that is a much sweeter "exclusive" in my opinion.
  22. I don't get why they hold out until the last hours to post a goal. I would have thrown more money in had I seen the last goal they posted. I am glad they unlocked it anyways. I always kinda feel like if they showed all the goals to unlock before the last few days it would help the funding. I wonder which other designs they had in the wings waiting.
  23. One thing that worries me about this is that they posted that a mold takes $10k to make, and then suddenly released 6 new bases at $60, another at $65k and another at $70k. So 14 (or was it 16?) molds at $70k. Are they going to stretch themselves to thin to do this properly and in time? Or did I miss something?
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