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  1. THAT'S IT! thanks. been driving me nuts forever. maybe i will have to keep an eye out for one. i want to paint one just to say i did it.
  2. Awhile ago i came ago the largest dragon miniature to come about. I remember it having a slogan about "it's so big it has to have it's own site" or something like that. Does anyone remember the site? Or is it defunk. I don't remember it ever even going up for sale. was curious what ever happened to it.
  3. well, i had a really lazy day yesterday. painting wise, anyways. I spent most of the day getting things together to move.
  4. i kinda like to use a pale flesh with just a drop of green added to give them a sickly pale green feel. then i slowly highlight by adding more and more straight flesh color to the mix, until i am highlighting with pure flesh tones. Gives and interesting feel. Another look i like is a bit more tan feel to them. I am currently finishing a mini with the pale green flesh look and will be posting pics soon.
  5. i will probably finish mine tomorrow. then send it out on tues or so. yup.
  6. hmmm.. clever. i think this will be my new quest to get the most realistic and yet simple way of making razor wire. i see what you are saying though. is a bit different that i first thought. I definitely don't want a razor tape look. Edit: I went ahead and did some more research on the topic and came to realize how misinformed i was about what i was looking for. Here are some simple images illustrating the differences between barbed and razor wire.
  7. cooper When traveling at a subsonic speed during the last one hour of hypersleep, which vector of the Romulan nebula will suffer the wrath of the impenetrable quickening? And for extra points, how many wraths till the nearest molton? Be specific, this is a real question
  8. Here is my awesome ms paint rendition of my thoughts while at work. This is why i paint minis and not computer art. LoL 1.) The basic idea is to use thin plastic card and stiffer but yet also thin wire. You would take the plasticard and cut little razor shapes out of it. Just like in my vivid image. The squiggles below the razor shape is an idea of how the wire will be twisted. You could hold the two pieces of wire in a pin vise i would imagine. or a table vise. 2.) This pic is supposed to show how i would want the razor shapes inserted into the wire and you were twisting it. 3.) This is the basic idea of how the wire would look when done. Obviously you would want everything tight and secure so you don't get jiggling of the razor inserts. Then you would glue and paint like normal. I don't know if anyone else had thought of this idea or not but i was at work killing time and so i thought i would vomit this up before i forgot my idea and never even get to try it myself. I would try it as soon i got home but i am currently packing to move by march 15th, and most of my supplies are MIA. Some more thoughts; considering the size of the wire needed to keep it small for 28mm i'm thinking this idea may translate better in 54mm and bigger. but i will however try it for 28mm. thoughts, bashing, encouragement, banning from the forum? p.s. i'm so clever P.S.S. I also posted this at skullcrafts.com Edit: English edited so i no longer sound like a valley girl.
  9. wow for only one month of painting it looks like you're doing great. If i may suggest black lining would really help define the miniature.
  10. Another tip i have used for speed painting is after you CLEARcoat the mini line it. I found that the clear tends to let the ink/wash run into the cracks easier and stick less to the paint.
  11. wow. that is crazy. i played for a couple days on the freebie account. it was kinda fun, but got bored quick. the miniatures keep calling me back for more painting over any other hobby. LoL. p.s. is that your eye? my avatar is my wife's eye. didn't even realize someone else had already used an eye like that. sorry to seem like i copied ya. stare down!
  12. thanks for the comments all. this was painted and sold such a long time ago i don't think i have any rear shots. (ya pervs ) anyhoo. i will check when i get home from work. i am currently trying to get back into high quality painting again. I had fallen into a niche where all i was painting for about 1.5 - 2 years was just table top speed quality. i am one of the painters for a local mini shop out here and mostly just did that. However I am currently working on a number of pieces that actually take me longer than an hour right now. Can't wait to get them done and post some pics. But i can tell you that at one of the minis is Marthrangul. About 90% done. well back to the boring day job.
  13. as to add on the heat source thought. They do make bulbs that only are supposed to give off heat for reptiles. So there is no light, just heat. I think they are made of ceramic and can bee purchased at just about any pet store. One of those with a cheap silver, metal work light shade may be pretty useful. Probably make the working environment terrible warm though. just a thought.
  14. wow. i must say that is an awsome bit of info and the chemicals and making the mini rigid. thanks!
  15. here is a hulk repaint i did. Just painted it black with a brush. Then just painted like normal. I use scotch tape on the base to protect the letters and markings. then spray clear coat like i do for any other miniature. I have a guy that i repaint heroclix every so many months. I am currently working on the Hellboy box set i will post pics when done. One point of advice is don't be afraid to paint on extra details. If you ever look at St. Petersburg painted 54mm figs from russia alot of the detail they have are not even scultped on such and necklace, eyebrows, and all the little stuff that gives a figure character. I do realise that 28mm is very different scale but you get the idea.
  16. well, i hit up the mini store this weekend, and bought a new mini to work with. something i hope fits pretty well within the parameters i have been given. and i promptly, primed and started painting only to have it be the most hated paint job i've done yet. luckly i was only like an hour into it so i promptly broke out the 100% acetone and stripped it down to bare metal. and started again! This time i got the exact feel i was shooting for and couldn't be happier. Now to get it finished.
  17. i love the feel of this mini. old and worn and very menacing. makes him feel unnaturally old, if ya know what i mean. like he spent many months on the battle field. love the way the red doesn't make me want to go blind.
  18. well somehow i lost the arms for the mini i was gonna do. so i will be starting later than i expected. so off to the mini store this weekend to pick up a new mini.
  19. here is an orc i painted like 2 years ago or so. figured i would just go ahead and post some pics of stuff i painted awhile ago. i think this was my first attempt at NMM.
  20. wow. thanks for the super quick answer. that's kinda what i thought. will get to work on mine tonight then. thank goodness i keep a healthy supply of unpainted reaper minis around that house. (much to my wife's dismay)
  21. well i got my assignment. one question though. should i contact who i am painting for to okay the mini i want to paint for them. or should i just do it and ship it out? not sure if the whole point is that it's a surprise or not?
  22. now that i have no more comission work going on, if another exchange gets going i would very much like to be part of it. sounds like a lot of fun.
  23. I use GW flesh wash slightly watered down. Seems to give a really good shading for gold for me.
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