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  1. So the arms fell off when i was giving her a final wash before the primering. Fun, fun. So hopefully I will have her primered fully tomorrow. I cannot believe how painfully fragile this mini is. I hate having to glob two part epoxie into small areas to reinforce the tiny joints.
  2. Lol. A little more progress. Decided to make her kinda leaping off a brick wall. Will cover it in vines and stuff.
  3. Well I will be posting all further work in progress stuff in one thread to keep it confined. So I took a break from the hippocampus, because I gotta figure out the basing. In the meantime I am working on a project for a coworker. It is Aurora Numen from warmachine. I will painting her in the style of Gift of Orzhova. So without further ado, here is the wip. Here we see all the fun little pieces. So there a ton of fine little joints, so I used a tiny little bit and as pins I stripped a bit of stranded wire and twisted three strands at a time together. The pin spot on the wings it literally just thick enough for the twisted wire. I figured put this clamping setup after much frustration. After about a week of assembly and headaches, she is together. I will be making the base to look sorta likea roof ledge or something like that. Typically I would have painted in seperate pieces, but there are sp many I was more afraid of damaging the paint job, than my brush not fitting into spaces.
  4. I actually use a table top belt sander and just hold the base flat against the sanding surface. When it gets thin enough I can just use a x-acto to trim away the remainder. I also use a jewelers saw if needed.
  5. I saw this earlier. I would love to get my hands on some of those to paint, but they are a bit to expensive for my taste. Especially for a game I will never play. Even for the add on options it would be $70 for two minis I sorta like, let alone any of the ones I love. That being said it does look like a high quality product.
  6. That is probably one of the greatest comments ever.
  7. Initial coat of lavender down. Gonna do some transition work on the face.
  8. Well here is my first work in progress. This a cool mini my wife loves. She is pickin the colors on this one It will be very pastel in nature by the time it's done.
  9. Bummer. All I really care about is the minis anyways.
  10. Did anyone catch if they come pre assembled or do we have to put them together. I want to put them together myself, for painting purposes.
  11. It is definitely a loony mini. I love crazy goblins.
  12. I wanted to keep it mild, but I do agree it is a bit boring. Live and learn. Lol. I appreciate the input!
  13. As always critism and comments welcome! Always looking to improve! Photos skills are slowly improving too. Shooting in RAW really helps.
  14. I am a sucker and got in because I wanted some of the exclusives. I could care less about the game.
  15. Man. I would love to just have some of those minis.
  16. Paintergeist, thank you for the kind words! As for the minis they are plastic. I used Krylon grey spray primer. I have sinced switched to Vallejo surface primer in grey. I love it. As for the colors that one is a little tough. The tan/gold would be varying shades for ochre and some brown for the darker areas. The wings are shades of cool grey from 20 to 1. Where 20 would be the base color and 1 would be one shade from pure white. The reds are a random mix of reds and browns I have. The blues are middle blue shades from 20 to 4. I use Cel Vinyl paints from cartoon colour.
  17. Very nice. I have the crushed glass snow and still like using baking soda myself. If you add a teeny bit of light blue to the glue it can make the snow feel deep.
  18. A little of both actually. I would complete all the tan/gold color on one guy before moving onto the next, because of the blending area sizes. But for like smaller color areas U would do them as a group. Probably have about 50 hours from sprue to sealant on these. I also pinned everything except the wings with plastic styrene rod. I have started using a wet pallette recently and I love it. I highly recommend it. I also don't typically do groups or armies anymore. I like to focus on single pieces. When I did commission work I always did armies as a large group. However I used alot of different techniques for armiea than I do single figures.
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