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  1. This is hands down my favorite gelatinous cube ever.
  2. Here is a Sanguinary Guard I painted up for fun. Ended up putting way more time than I cared to. I am reasonably happy with how they came out. I learned alot in the process of painting these.
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I made the tentacles out of apoxie sculpt and after painting I used two part epoxie from guerilla glue and tamiya red ink to tint it. Had to work in small batches because it starts to set in only a couple minutes. I have to try and retake the pics. The blood has a nice see through property that the pics don't show. I also hollowed the base and used cork to make the stonea and filled the rest with blood. Rofl at the comments, also.
  4. Might as well chuck this in here. I will try and get some better pics over the weekend from more angles. Still trying to figure out the pic taking thing.
  5. Well after moving and some much needed meds, I am back to painting and more focused than ever. Totally loved this piece and still hate taking pics of minis. I love macro photography in nature and wish it was that easy. LoL.
  6. Fantastic work! What mini is that gator? I love it!
  7. Well I am pretty sure there goes another $100 some dollars out of my wallet. Still resisting the urge to push the pledge button though.
  8. Well, after a bunch of coats it seems to be holding better. My paints have some funny characteristics sometimes and I wonder if maybe it was just a bit too thin right out of the bottle? Oh well, at least I am learning alot of new stuff and feel much better about my buttload of KS round two minis that I ordered.
  9. This thread has been so darn informative. Thank you all so much for you input. Alot of my worries about bones have really been allieviated.
  10. Thanks, Last Knight. I will take that into consideration
  11. I think I will try the reaper brush on primer. Now to get away from my anal need to seal everything. For the thicker less flexible pieces, I know it will be fine, but I worry about the more flexible pieces. Like the wings on the patherfinder red dragon, which are like rubber pieces. LoL. I guess it is gonna be a whole new learning experience for me. Thank you everyone for your input. I will continue to experiment with the paints I use and see what happens. To clarify, I don't mind buying new paint to add to the collection, I just didn't want to have to rebuy all new paints just to paint my kickstarter bones. Either way I have plenty of time to figure it out before next November!
  12. Pingo, I have used these on plastic, resin, and metal minis without a single issue. All primered of course. Also, I do use these for flat paintings. Laoke, I did not thin the paint. Cel Vinyl paints usually have a pretty nice smooth consistency all by themselves with very little thinning needed. I will thin them out for wet blending and stuff like that though.
  13. Hey all. I finally got moved into my new house and finally have a dedicated art room for myself. I have beem dying to get back into painting again and got all setup. I had a few bones sitting around and just dropped a nice chunk on the new KS, so I thought I would start practicing with them. I have been painting for about 14 years and have never had an issue like this before. I knew that some spray primers can make a bones mini sticky, and that bones are designed to be painted directly. So I proceeded to clean the mold lines and washed it twice with soap, water, and a toothbrush. I let it dry over night. I gave it an initial coat of paint this morning at about 7 am. Later after it had dried, at about 2pm I gave it a second coat. I noticed that anywhere i touched it even lightly the paint would wipe right off. Well after the second base cost had dried, I tested it again and the same thing. Any thoughts?I know I prepped it properly, cleaned it just like I always do, and other than priming treated it just like any other mini I have done. I am using Cel Vinyl paints. They are a vinyl acrylic copolymer paint. I really don't want to buy new paints until these are gone. I have about $700 tied up in these paints and have used them for years without issues. Any suggestions for maybe a primer that works really well with bones?
  14. Fantastic! I love the crawling dragon look.
  15. 1.) How could you not love that? 2.) Also one of my new favorites: http://www.youtube.com/embed/eELH0ivexKA
  16. I did notice that my other background made the white balance issue so much better.
  17. Actually that yellow jacket was only a few inches from the lense. A 105mm Nikon macro lens. It was a cold morning so it was really slow moving.
  18. Painted this up for the spring cleaning mini exchange. Once again I was super happy with the paint job and frusterate with the pics. I used woodland scenics water effects for the basing. Also I included a picture of a yellow jacket that I took, to show that I can actually use a camera. LoL.
  19. Alright. Painted mini is shipped out, with a completely random mix of older minis I had in my collection. Hope the receipent doesn't mind stripping a few minis of black paint. Dusty, I will be sure to post pics once I get them painted. However at the rate that I paint it might be years. Lol.
  20. I got this! Thank you! It's fantastic! On the shelf next to the other exchange minis I have received in the past.
  21. Well I am late in getting this done. The basing layers took so much longer to clear up than I thought. Hopefully will have this shipped out monday at latest.
  22. Hopefully I'll have everything done and pictures taken this weekend!
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