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  1. Basing is taking so much longer than I had hoped. First time I have worked with Woodland scenics water effects, so it is a learning curve. Ran into a small snafu, but hopefully it'll clear itself up. Literally.
  2. Just about done with mine. Still have the basing to do, but that will take about a week itself.
  3. I should hopefully be finishing up painting today and hen the basig over the course of this coming week.
  4. Fantastic! I love the soft feel to the paint colors.
  5. I LOVE SQUIGS!!! The one shop I painted for did a squig army once. It had like 150 squigs. Fantastic work!
  6. Mini is glued to a base, should be doing the sculpting on the base tonite. I hope.
  7. This is awesome. Some great links and info too!
  8. Springtime for Reaper! Lol I was just singing springtime for Hilter in my head this morning. As always I'm down for anything.
  9. Just picked up Dragons Don't Share. Still not sure what I want to do with it.
  10. Totally dig your style. Drawing is such a weak point for me. Fantastic work, really.
  11. One of my favorite minis. Nice job. I'm actually painting this mini up for the Wamp Wyrd contest.
  12. I'm on the edge of my seat to see the winners announced! There were so many great pieces entered!
  13. I had one in the store, my Mangu Timur I painted, but it seems to have dissapeared. Oh well.
  14. I have been painting for about 13 years and literally painted thousands of minis. I have even won a few random awards including best painted army at a GW event. I've done paintings for my friends and church, but never really felt like an artist until I was on vacation in Myrtle beach with my wife. We were in a random shop and the owner asked if I was artist, simply because of how I looked. That wasn't the moment though, it was later when I was talking with my wife about how I thought it was funny and that I'm a paint by number guy. Then she looked at me and said "You are an artist." It was that moment. I really started to embrace the idea after that. I love what I do and always will. It really meant alot to me because my wife is an amazing artist and she has won numerous honors and contests. So I highly respect what she says, and the fact that she will take constuctive critism from me.
  15. I'm in! I will see what I have sitting in the drawer I would like to send to someone and send the info tomorrow. Also I can also say that I love getting minis painted by someone else no matter what the quality. It's just fun.
  16. Not to derail this topic, but I am definately going to be pouring super glue on some cotton q-tips for fun. Don't worry I will not be telling my wife where I learned how to do that.
  17. Well here is my entry for the Wamp forum Avatars of War contest. I am reasonably happy with the result. There are some truely amazing entries over there so if you haven't yet, go and check it out. Still playing with doing different things with mettalics. Trying to give them some color in the darkest recesses. My camera skills still suck, but I'm working on it. LoL. One other note, I am also working on trying to do actual color schemes using the colorwheel. I think it went pretty well. I think the pink flower on the back of the totem is one of my favorite parts.
  18. CashWiley, thank you so much. I know what it's like to have to part with a figure like that. It was tough sending mine out too. You did a fantastic job and I love it.
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