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  1. Well my mini is just about done and ready for clear coat or three. Now I just gotta throw together my photo station, snap a few pics, and off it goes.
  2. Fair enough. I will try and get one done this weekend on both methods and some of my basing techniques.
  3. I have a few methods when I approach this. Keep in mind I do not do army or speed painting, everything I do is for display. If it is a slotta base rigure (most warlord minis are I belive) I have a jewelers saw that I bought off of ebay for $12 including 144 various blades, and then I cut the slat off the bottom of the feet carefully. I then take a file to the bottom of the feet it get off any of the burrs or uneven metal. If it is really goofy I'll take the figure quickly to my table top belt sander and sand the feet bottoms nice and even. I then use my pin vice to put two small holes either through the feet into the legs or some other appropiate thick spot to put a piece of paper clip into each hole. I leave them longer so I can put them into a cork or other suitable holder while I paint the figure, so I don't touch it. Be sure to test fit the mini to whatever base you want to mount it on. I have found making sure the mini fits the base properly and drilling holes in the base before painting saves alot of headaches. The second method I employ in the base removing endeavor is for the brocolli bases, especially ones with robes, cloaks, accessories, etc that touch the base. Using a saw can get messy really quick and ruin details. So I have a table top belt sander that I will simply hold the mini against and let it sand the base off. Each mini is unique in the way this works so just becareful and don't rush the process. It usually only takes a few minutes anyways. There have been a few minis that I can remove the base completely, but I can get it thin enough for gluing onto a round or square base that not to much blending needs done. Would anybody be interested in me posting a pictorial on either or both methods I use? I use apoxie sculpt for a lot of my basing scuplting that I do, such as rocks, cobblestone, wooden planks, etc.
  4. Just thought I would post that my exchange mini I am painting is almost done. Did a little experiment on True metal mettalics and really shading and highlighting with them, Like I would any other paint color and am super happy with the results. Also working with color theory and the idea that just because I have 120 colors does not mean that I have to use everyone of them on a figure.
  5. What if he adds wings to the T-rex? Just playing devil's advocate, and a little silly.
  6. I was actually just wondering about this myself. Thank for the links and info. I was wondering how carry-ons got treated. Hope to make it to reaper con myself someday. Sometimes living in PA can be a pain.
  7. Going to the LGS this weekend, can't wait to see what they have.
  8. This is a good tutorial that talks about strong and weak OSL. OSL Another good one: OSL 2
  9. I recently found a new use for my table top belt sander. I use it to grind down the broccoli bases on the bottom of minis. Much easier for me to grind down base then to accidently cut into the feet of my selected mini. Plus getting the broccoli base nice and thin makes it easy to glue to a flat plastic base for a unit of figures.
  10. I'm in! I feel a little like a cheater because he was already started, but I have so much to finish on my, Marthrangul.
  11. I'm in. Haven't been around in a while, but finally got a bunch of other nonsense off my plate so I am back in the painting scene. Woo!
  12. Wow. Really sweet for any miniature let alone a first!
  13. HaHa. Thanks guys! Forgot to mention this was my first attempt at NMM.
  14. I am coming back to painting. After thousands of commission miniatures I was sick to death of painting stuff I had no interest in. So I took a couple year hiatus. So I got all my stuff organized and figured I better get all the random crap I have started done first and out of the way before I start buying new minis. Here is a 25th anniversary mini from Wizkids. It was released for D&D. I don't know where i got it, but i've had it for years and it took me forever to figure out what he was even from. So this was basically a warm up for me. I have a bunch of other half finished minis I have to knock out also. Some quality better than others. Let me know what you think!
  15. my photo skills do totally suck. That does account for the metallic being washed out. This piece is about 5" if i remember correctly off the top of my head.
  16. Hey all. Here is a space marine bust i painted up from forgeworld. Was thinking of selling him off but i dunno. I kinda like him. Maybe if i wasn't such a painting whore. Let me know what ya'll think.
  17. one thing you might consider that i like to use sometimes is Duco cement. You can get it at wal-mart for about $.97. epoxy would also be good but be sure to put it on really really light. don't want to weigh the rocket down.
  18. thank for the complements. what i did for the flesh was use Cel-vinyl Flesh 12 mixed with i little cel-vinyl olive green 10 i believe it was. and then progressively added more and more flesh 12 until finally highlighting with just flesh 12.
  19. wow. just wow. you can sculpt, paint and take photos! i envy your skills. great job.
  20. here is a pic from my setup from about 5 years ago. now i have two areas from my stuff. one is in the basement and the other is in the living room. i have a real nice glass top desk i use for painting now. anyways i will get photos of that stuff later. as a side note i no longer use any of those paints. i use almost exclusively cel-vinyl paints. first time i looked at this pic in about 4 years. my how far i've come i will post pics of the newest setup tomorrow.
  21. Today i chose not to eat my leftover pasta that went bad. and ate the rest of the leftover salad instead. normally i would have eaten the bad pasta. and i had like 1/3 of a pound of strawberries.
  22. Well here is my mini along with my crappy pic taking skills.
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