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  1. hey everyone it's been a while these are three minis i've painted since my first one the rat was the second the ranger was the third and the fire wizard was the fourth where i did some experimenting with GW paints wasn't terribly pleased with the results currently working on a dwarf but it'll be a while til i finish em don't have much time since i joined the fire fighter academy i apologize for the kind of crappy pic. quality lost some stuff during the move so i didn't have the same equipment i did for other pics
  2. that is simply amazing it looks great! the color scheme works really well, it gives me ideas for my table top game only instead of a guild hall making a bar for the good ol' fashioned bar brawls
  3. awesome work on that the face detail is amazing
  4. great looking mini the blue and gold work really well together
  5. beautiful work i love the wounds great coloring on those and i like how the ground looks all gooey
  6. that's a great piece i really like the shadows on the sword and the sign is a nice touch wow one sitting this is the first piece i've seen of yours just wondering how good a piece looks when you take your time on it
  7. very nice i really like the eyes and the level of detail
  8. Hey everyone this is the first mini I have ever painted. It's from the Learn to Paint Kit 1. Overall I think it looks pretty good for my first attempt And the Back it's a little blurry the cam was fighting a little There are a couple of spots where the primer came off and the paint didn't want to stick, but overall I'm pretty pleased with how it came out but I'm open to suggestions and such I don't have a website so I couldn't figure out how to post pics because it won't let me do it with a myspace link Thanks *edit* ok i put them up on photobucket hopefully that fixes the prob
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