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    Awesome... sheer awesomeness. For me, one frustrating thing with the spawn was the lower number of options of models than my crusader and necropolis (only a small group here) counterparts. This goes nicely towards evening the score.
  2. mjstarks

    New Models

    Thanks for the new models, guys. As a struggling darkspawn player, this fills me with much hope.
  3. mjstarks


    Well, meeting some friends for another game tonite. Let's hope it goes well.
  4. mjstarks


    Yeah but Damon and Danel with Smite/1 were running with them. The Crusader cavalry was the main part of my Darkspawn romping. Tough to handle the charge with smite auto-killing a couple fodder a turn.
  5. mjstarks


    That seems pretty decent. Thanks for the info.
  6. mjstarks


    My friend and I just started playing Warlord and unfortunately do not have the Necropolis book. Could someone give me a rundown of the Vamp rule? We have another friend starting who is going to be using Necropolis. Thanks! Mike
  7. mjstarks


    Thanks for all the help; much appreciated.
  8. mjstarks


    Alright... One of my general strategies in the past in miniatures was to try to hit the stronger units first, at least damage them a bit. With Darkspawn, should I focus more on removing the foot soldiers, getting the tokens for the pain cage, then go for a war of attrition with the stronger opposing units? Thanks for the advice so far; the Soultenders definitely appear to be viable as a unit.
  9. mjstarks


    Hey everyone, I'm a total noob at Warlord (just got figs in the past two weeks), but have a decent amount of experience in other table-top games. I'm guess I'm too used to playing Bretonnians in Warhammer, but I've been trying the Darkspawn against my friend with the Crusaders, and I just got destroyed. I mean, it was awful. I took down two models in our 1000 pt game. Some was awful rolling, but that only goes so far. I like the Darkspawn because they seem to be a decent varied force and the sculpts are great. Here's what I got in terms of figs: Soultender Aundine Witch Queen Javolith Ashakia 4 Incubi Warriors 9 Paintenders 3 Isiri Archers 5 Broken Fodder I guess the two things I could use help on are a) general strategy and b) what kind of force should I build with this and are there more figs that are "needed" to be effective. I've noticed my two issues against the Crusaders are a) their high DV makes it hard to damage them enough to where my foot soldiers can be effective and b) in melee, they're almost auto-killing my troops with their elite units. I'm probably not using the Pain Cage well and I've only recently started trying to swarm with paintenders and the fodder. I readily admit I'm not that knowledgable and any help that can be given would be great.