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  1. Family is always first, so don't feel bad at all. Heh, if anything it gives a few of us more time to knock the rust off and increases the odds of Whiz and others being able to attend.
  2. Bacon card sleeves Now I can play Magic and think of nice, crispy bacon instead of getting my keester handed to me ;)
  3. Hrmm... the games that I cannot be without... Checkers Munchkin Killer Bunnies Munchkin Quest Settlers of Catan Blokus Tsuro Khet I certainly don't have that many board games, but I'm a sucker for expansions or new variants for the ones I do have. Being both a comic book geek (Wednesdays are the best day of the week) and a Magic player, my disposable income tends to vanish rather quickly before board games are brought up.
  4. I can't help but notice that Dilvish has gotten rather French.. Does this mean I'm going to have to learn how to say 'Chief Bubble-head' en Francais?
  5. I'm in! And I'll be bringing my dead lead tote along. Anyone else in southern Maine that wants to attend, shoot me a message.
  6. Helltown checking in! The amazing calendar says that I currently have May 28th free of events. Otherwise, I can't do Sundays (work), and most of the Saturdays before and after the 28th are occupied by Magic tournaments or Free Comic Book Day (which translate to 'Work'). If I can manage to make it down, I'll be hauling a tote of minis to swap with anyone interested. I picked up a bunch from friends clearing their Shelves of Shame and Closets of Doom in hopes of an RCON trip.
  7. Repainting a pre-painted figure is a different animal than say the plastics that GW and Privateer Press are using. With any project you want to thoroughly wash the piece with soap and water. For prepaints, I suggest keeping it to mild soap as they can surprise you with being multi-piece if you're not entirely careful. Removing the paint is NOT something I'd try, they tend to melt when subjected to most solvents and the paint itself is designed to stay on through rough handling, even flexing doesn't normally crack the paint unless it's to extremes. After the bath, RMS Brush-on Primer grabs hold of the latest incarnation of HeroClix figures easily, but dulcote or RMS brush-on sealer should be used for more oily plastics especially the clear plastic phantasm type D&D figures. I recommend the latter because you can mix in brush-on primer to make sure you're getting good coverage. Games Workshop or Privateer Press can benefit from a very light scuff sand with a fine grit sanding sponge before their scrub and from there can be treated like puny, pewter people. Just don't soak 'em in your fav pewter stripper as it might not be friendly to plastics.
  8. Bobby Jackson followed closely by Derek Schubert, for me. Really digging Bobby's work for the Pathfinder line now that I finally get to paint Reaper again. I like Derek's minis because they're beautiful, 'nuff said.
  9. Sounds like you should really talk to your postmaster and find out just why these items are being returned. It could be something simple or it could be the people on the receiving end are schmucks and gave you the wrong address. As far as the online postage for eBay, you have to drop those items off at the post office for the zip code you're shipping from. Example being that I can't take our online postage items for the store to the Topsham post office because the zip code for Topsham isn't the same for Brunswick, where we're located.
  10. I was going to respond 'checkers' but then I thought of a couple of ways to do Checkers. I am surprised to see no one has yet mentioned Warhammer Fantasy. I have seen whole WFB armies done with RFs. There is also the much less well known fantasy mass combat game Armies of Arcana. My checkers set is all Reaper minis. Specifically the lil' Death that came with the '07 Christmas Sophie.
  11. Time for a fresh round of cat herding already? Cool! Maine in midwinter's lovely, provided you can teleport like Nightcrawler.
  12. ***Shudder*** It's true. Just attend a typical gaming convention and you'll see it for yourself. How to inspire a guy to hit the gym: "Y'know... I could loan you a sports bra to keep those out of your way, but I don't think I've got one big enough."
  13. Yeep! Sorry to hear about your accident, hopefully the Army gave you a little sterner stuff than the 800mg Motrin the Navy pharmacy doles out like Trick-or-treat candy. Heh... I don't envy you the paperwork though, clumsiness tends to leave a lasting impression on anyone reading your medical jacket. My new doctor still finds my med record hilarious after a year of being my physician. Stern commands to refrain from playing musical chairs end each visit.
  14. Well drats... The thought is awesome so I'm going to have to try it for my Magic players (each can is a buck off entry fee or something). Thanks for the great idea even if I can't participate in your challenge.
  15. As Maine decided to skip summer this year with an extended spring rainy season, I'm betting we'll be skipping the snowfall and heading straight for freezing temps where it's actually too cold to snow. My space heater and I are already good friends, it was such fun the night I turned it on and it read 54 degrees.
  16. I'd have to agree with Kim, the Warsaw Ghetto is the first thing that comes to mind. Growing up we kinda used 'The Projects' to refer to a bad neighborhood because well... the worst ones were the low-income HUD housing projects. Then again, I'm a kid from the 'burbs so what do I really know?
  17. There is an option in the Resolution Center to cancel a transaction because the item is no longer available. I've had to use it in the past when TurboLister decided to get the hiccups and double list a few items. It is however up to the seller to make sure money is refunded, etc... so if you haven't paid yet just agree to cancel the transaction. If you've already sent the money, make darn sure your money is back in your account prior to agreeing to cancel the transaction. As for the feedback question originally asked, I'd say just don't leave feedback and carry on. Karma's one thing, but if I have an item up for 'Best Offer', you can bet I check out the feedback the hopeful buyer has left for others before I even think about the offer. I'm not taking less than asking price and getting stung with low DSRs or Neutral feedback. Even bidders have experienced my scrutiny, I'm a Power Seller on eBay and those DSR scores are next to impossible to correct once they've taken a hit. The track record of a buyer is going to continue to grow in importance as seller get squeezed more and more with higher standards to maintain, options that protected the seller being removed (the loss of shipping insurance, etc...), and those pesky DSR scores. I'll avoid a tirade on Detailed Seller Ratings by saying I don't know a single seller that actually likes them much. At least now I know my DSRs are based on American buyers when it comes time to get my Power Seller rating calculated because of the recent changes.
  18. Awesome! A photo of a painting area that hasn't been spit-shined prior to the picture being taken! Sadly, once mine gets set up again (hopefully permanently this time) I'll probably have a nice neat picture of it before it succumbs to FSS (Flat Surface Syndrome).
  19. There have been a couple of people that have gotten in touch with me because I have one of the paint cases to find out how long it took to be delivered. While I didn't have any problems with getting the product, I will say that I've had a few problems with the case itself. The biggest one being something Dargrin saw first hand at the latest NE Paint Day... I can't tip it on it's side at all unless I want to spend time putting all the paints back into their holders. The other problems will be solved just as soon as I have a little time with a planer. The doors to the compartments stick something wicked if it's slightly damp out and one of the latches needs repositioned because as the humidity/temperature changes, so does it's ability to latch securely.
  20. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It was a relatively quiet day that started sadly (my friends who were visiting from Ohio had to fly back Saturday morning) and was capped off with much drinking and playing of Guitar Hero 3 with a friend. I don't think the cats have quite forgiven me for the Guitar Hero 'til 3am quite yet especially since long load times were spent bugging them.
  21. I had yet another successful boycott of Talk Like A Pirate Day, mostly because it was generally agreed there was something a little more important to celebrate on September 19th. It's been that way for oh... 33 years.
  22. Heh... I'd like to get a dog, but I can't due to renting so I taught one of my cats dog tricks. He sits, begs, and lays down on command and only requires bribes when he's got a fresh audience.
  23. Filters used: Magic Hat Dog Fish India Pale Ale Samual Adams Oktoberfest
  24. Happy Birthday, Rigger! Hope you're having a great day!
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