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  1. Well I cannot view a mini closer than at least 12 inches away from my face. I found these amazing http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=AO5QJAO7MRJC5 You can get right up to 9.75 X magnification. Could not paint without my 8.5's LOL. Flaill
  2. Sounds good to me I will do that on my next bones. Thanks for the tip
  3. Well I have had 5 bones minis now in the last 8 months that are chipping and cracking. I am not being rough on them as I handle them the same as I do my metal or resin gaming minis, but I don't know what to do anymore lol. My FLGS told me that no matter what, acrylic paint will continue to get a little more brittle with time. He said this also applies to primers, sealers and such. As being an avid painter and gamer I bullet coat all my minis. But even from the start I went a little lighter with the primer painting and the bullet coats because of the flexibility issues. Well my FLGS decided to not carry bones after his initial first batch and absolutely despises them and he loves and carries everything Reaper makes (well except bones). I just wish in the future Reaper would rework the molds and make all the minis the same consistency as the clock work dragons wings. I Know the price would rise but for me that's not an issue. I like a more rigid minis. Not trying to be a Debbie downer as I love Reaper and there minis but I thought I would just add my experience with bones minis to the discussion.
  4. Hmmm not sure I guess I will have to try it out XD. Thank you Flaill
  5. Hey I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into my questions. I thought that the bones and the LE used the same material. Witch they do not as the bones miniatures are way way more bendy. Even when striped clean of paint the LE miniatures are a lot more durable in terms of flex than the bones minis. Are there any plans to make future bones in a more durable material like the LE miniatures? And finally is there any way possible to strengthen the bones material so they are less flexible? Thank you Flaill
  6. very nice man BUT i am sorry I DAMAND MORE!!11!!!!!!. lol j/k great stuff keep em coming . flaill
  7. just pure AWSOME! keep it up man stuff is looking great!. flaill
  8. WOTC plastics are pure ans simple BAD lol. I dont mean to offend anyone but its saddly the truth. Heck even the hardcore followers of the game had repeated this many time. The sculpts are bad the scaleing is bad and well u cant really stip the paint off either. I have many but i will not use em but they are great for the yung ones to throw paint on and play with . flaill
  9. GOSH BARNINICLES I JUST WANT NOT STORM TROOPERS AND A NOT BOBA FETT since knight models did not keep the star wars licsene. REAPER GRAB THAT LICSENSE STAT!!111!!!! lol. Just imangine for a second 50 bones storm troopers people would eat that up like pizzy topped with 20 dollar bills with the prices of bones and the WIDE variety of the star wars ubiverse it would set the miniature comunity ablaze i am sure.People want big battles but the prices on knight models were insane .Imagine trying to do the battle of hoth with thier stuff . I always hear peeple saying "damn if the troop types had been done in plastics i would go nuts".Just look at the after market.Peeps grabing tones of ppp wotc garbage and repainting that very pathetic line of minis, and when they were being produced ugg in blind blisters . And lets face it the sculpts are horrible, some of the worst ive seen and the inconsistancy of scale drove alot of peeps away and they still did well. star wars need to be done justice for the wargaming community PPPLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE reaper i would buy 30 AT LEAST of each troop type and tones of others , aliens and what not. OMG and the vehicles i just makes me sad that bones would be an amazing route for star wars. OK OK I am rambling now, just reading some off the IP responses made this jump into my brain AGAIN lol. flail
  10. Whoa skimming threw this thread one thing pops into my head, I am sorry if this was discussed alread But all this talk of copy right stuff makes me wonder how the hell does otherworld miniatures not get bent over and taken to town with miniature sculpts taken right out of the 1 st edition monster manuals. I mean most of them or not just using the idea but IDENTICAL sculpts of the illistration and using the names of some more rarer pictures along with the minis? How have they managed to stay outta trouble. Just check out otherworld minis and it looks like the 1st edition MM's in 3D lol. flaill BTW there beholder is the most accurate mini to date for illistration to mini i have ever seen. P.S is the first edition material open game to mini companies?
  11. AWSOME keep up the good work ! Loving this WIP thread. Flaill
  12. very nice i like it alot.seems to have great character and the colors work very nice. flaill
  13. Sweet job man it just full of character big time. LOVE the red armor instaed of the green i think ima steel that for my Circle bank if you dont mind . Keep up the thread bro MORE I DEMAND MORE!!!11!!!!! lol j/k flaill
  14. The HD miniatures are pretty damn nice and you have done a great job on this mini.Keep up the good painting and show us some more HD . flaill
  15. Wren lol thats so cool and it works GREAT thank you for saving me many unwanted hours of prep work .I was also told by a friend today he applies a very small amount of super glue glue with a tooth pick and after its applies he says blow hard on it and spreds the glue so thin at the edges of it that you will never be able to tell that there is any at all, and the smothness is like glass. Thanks again for the heads up Wren . Flaill
  16. Heisler i know this is not just on reaper figs but since i love reapers minis so much i was just wondering. like i said as i did not notice this nearly as much on my older reaper figs.All miniature companies have these issues some more then other. You are right Inarah reaper are amazing at replacement along with other issues anyone might have, a deffenite hats of to them. I GS slush and polish and whatever needs to be done.This post is not aimed at insulting reaper in anyway i am just curiouse is all. I guess im am just getting lazier with age lol. sorry if anyone was offended that was not my intensions. Thanks all for the replies Flaill
  17. I really like the painting of the cloak you have done subtal but still very diffined. Also nice color choices, works really well together. Flail
  18. This is a question for the reaper peeps.For a while now i have been noticing alot of surface irregularities on your minis. I know pitting is due to the coolong process but is there any way of dealing with it better.i have been getting an ton of minis with wayyyy more pitting then say 5 years ago. I really do hope you at reaper can up your QC on this problem as i have been noticing alot more of this on my and other miniatures from reaper at the local gamming club.This has acctually started alot of debate as of late. Another thing, it seems that alot of minis are what seems to be tearing from the moulds as some pieces the alloy seems to stretch out as if it was trying to cling to the mold as it was being released. Now my reapers from around 5 + years ago have nill issues like this and besides mold lines are flawless castings? Has somthing changed at reaper HQ, Just wondering and NO i am not flamming or trolling i am was just wondering and hoping to get some info on this . Thanks for listening Flail
  19. LOLyou are all very lucky i am at a point wher its 6.0 readers and climbing every 2 years lol.I can see a miniature pretty good at arms length but any closer and forget it lol, but i will never stop painting i will just keep uping my magnafacation!!!!!!!! But to the question at hand. Nothing less then an optivisor do not cheap out on magnafiers or light IMHO. I wear my 3.5x opti with 4.0 readers underneath for detail and it works great , even with my horrible vision. now next year if i can only mount soom high strength binoculars on my forhead head Hmmmmm . We take are eye sight for granted and dont know how lucky we are till we lose it or start losing it Flail
  20. Hi i was just wondering if its ok to post a ( Looking to buy) thread on the forums? thank u in advance. flaill
  21. Hi i was wondering if ALL the bones on kickstarter will be sold after the drive is over.And if so when will we start seeing them. Thank u for your patience .SRY lol long time forum reader and very very few posts =p. Ernie
  22. awsome ,thanx for the replies guys.well i got the rulebook and some minies ordered i think i will enjoy the game alot. flail
  23. hey gang ,i was a member of these boards from the opening day lol but lost all my info .well i re registered and i could really use some help with the warlord game. if anyone can take the time to answer these questions i would really apreciate it.and in advance i am sry about bad gramer and such plz bare with me lol. well my first question really ,what book do i pick up to start my venture down the road to warlord? is the current edition rules going to be outdated with a new edition soon? do i need the faction books of the armies that me and my wife will be playing? and i was wondering can i proxy a miniature(s) from DHL for a char or unit that i am using in warlord?and is it tourny legal? can the characters from the mercenaries army be used in any army?(i think it would be cool to use some of them lupins with the darkspwn or other faction.) i really hope some of u can fill in the answers,but if not thats all good as well i am just glad to be back on the boards again. reaper keep up the good work! thanx in advance flaill
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