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    I think you did really well for a first diarama. Just a question- what would happen if the figures were reversed? Would the dragonman be flying up to get the human who is looking slightly down? Keep up the good work, you're improving all the time.- Wesley
  2. Thegn Beretun

    Airbrush technic

    How humid was it when you did your spraying? There have been many posts here discussing this same problem with priming in humid conditions. At least it sounds like the same problem. Humidity seems to leave a powdery surface to the paint. Hope this helps.- Wesley
  3. Thegn Beretun

    Tanned Skin Triad + RPP 19068 sunburn skin

    Reaper Pro Paints are compatible with Reaper Master Series Paints according to other posts. You might take a scrap figure (one that's going to take a bath, for example) and try mixes on it. I've considered mixing the three shades of tan skin, etc with the same amount of another color to get the base, highlight and shadow. The RPP 19069 Suntan is also a bit darker and redder than the RMS tans. Let us know how it works out, and post pictures!- Good luck, Wesley
  4. Thegn Beretun

    Help with 2010 Convention Sophie

    Okay, does that take care of everyone? If not, PM me as I have a few extras. Wesley
  5. Thegn Beretun

    Help with 2010 Convention Sophie

    Okay, does that take care of everyone? If not, I will be at Reapercon on Saturday and could pick up some there. Assuming availability, of course. PM me if you want me to check it out.- Wesley
  6. Thegn Beretun

    D&D 4th ed Fast Crawl question

    So, this is meant for beginners to D&D 4th ed, too. Thanks
  7. Thegn Beretun

    Solarwind Dalena

    Wow! Excellent skin tones, and very smooth, too. I like your color choice as well. Nice metallics, too, bronze or copper? Keep it up and keep posting, please. -Wesley
  8. Thegn Beretun

    Base size for DHL models

    Okay, I've been painting all these models, and now I'd like to play the game, but I am wondering about basing DHL models for Warlord. Specifically, models like the Bugbears and Gnolls that don't really fit on the standard bases without having their toes hanging over the edges, etc. These models were not specifically made to fit these bases, unlike WL models, so what do we do? What is the Official rule, that is? I really like the idea of using these races as cannon fodder for the Reven forces. Oh, and I'm talking about the ones that are listed in the Army Builder area of this site and thus hav set stats. Thanks, Wesley
  9. Thegn Beretun

    Surprise Brush Find

    I accedently found a set of brushes in Hobby Lobby yesterday I thought might interest others here. In the area near Testors Paints was a set of six brushes with short handles, some with pointed tips, some with flat tips. Most interesting was the brush size 1 with an angle of about 45 degrees which might come in very handy for hard to reach places. The set cost $4.99 plus tax. Hope you find this useful. Wesley
  10. Thegn Beretun

    02151 Starmane and 03245 Korgug

    Well, here are a few pictures of my latest unicorn Starmane and Korgug, Bugbear bully. Hope you like them.- Wesley Oops, looks like I need to touch up a couple of dings.
  11. Thegn Beretun

    02151 Starmane and 03245 Korgug

    Thanks for the compliments. I base coated the bugbear with RPP Leather Tan, shadows with RMS Muddy Brown, highlighted up with RPP Desert Tan and RMS Amber Gold with glazes of RMS Tanned Leather. The hair was Chestnut Brown, highlighted with Oiled Leather and glazed with Chestnut Brown. I like to base coat with RPP paints, then use either RPP or RMS. I hope this helps.- Wesley
  12. Well, I finally finished this one- I think. He's an elf named Baeldrinahar. Hope you like him. This was my Summer Contest entry. The "Cure for the Summertime Blues"? RAIDING! Especially warm places like France.
  13. Thegn Beretun

    Summer 09 Painting Contest

    The "Cure for the Summertime Blues"? RAIDING!! Especially warm countries, like France. This is my entry for the contest.
  14. Thegn Beretun

    Something a little different(1/6 scale head paintjobs)

    I agree with the comment about the second heads's eyes, but that should be fairly easy to fix. The rest of the head looks great! I really like the greying hair- it gives him character. OOps, I almost forgot to comment on the first one. He looks great, lots of character. Keep it up and keep us posted.-Wesley
  15. Thegn Beretun

    First Reaper Mini (I think)

    Looks great! I can't wait to see the finished scene. Reaper does make more marines- there's one with a mini-gun that reminds me of the movies Preditor and Terminator. Some more marines are at the Asylum, so I'm sure they'll be out soon. One looks like he has a flamethrower or something. Keep it up and keep on posting!
  16. Thegn Beretun

    First miniature ever.

    Great first mini! As Ishil says, work on your highlights and shading. If you can make it to a Reapercon, the classes are a great help as are the Learn to Paint Kits from Reaper. Plus reading a lot if the Work In Progress section of this forum or any tutorials from other sites. Then experiment to see what works best for you. Keep us posted on your progress! There used to be a thread on first mini's here somewhere, if you can find it you might be suprised the level some of us started from.-Wesley
  17. Thegn Beretun

    My First Reapercon

    For those who stay for the auction, in the past it has been okay to pool your Reaper Bucks to try to get a special offering such as the paint sets. I'm guessing that's still the same. Definitely bring all the Swag point you have as the have swapped them for Reaper bucks, and as at least partial payment on t-shirts, etc. See you there-Wesley
  18. Thegn Beretun

    2688 Jaatu, Jungle Warrior

    I don't remember ever seeing this one here, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of mine. The metal is a bronze color, and I used the dark skin triad. Hope you like him. Thanks for looking-Wesley
  19. Thegn Beretun

    3232 Auberus half elf warrior

    This was an experiment in blue metallics. Hope you like him. Thanks for looking-Wesley
  20. Thegn Beretun

    3232 Auberus half elf warrior

    I wasn't thinking Superhero at the time I did this, just trying to match the sun emblem on the shield. You're right that it is too bright. Were you thinking of a dark brown wash or a lighter brown wash? Thanks for the comments.-Wesley
  21. Thegn Beretun

    PC numba two!

    Regarding the hair problem from earlier, I've had some good results using rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip to carefully wet the mistake and a dry one to remove it. You have to be careful that it stays where you want it. I've had to do this on faces several time and it works okay. You do still need to prime again with brush on primer of some sort after stripping. Sorry I didn't catch this thread earlier, I think you are doing great. Love your color choices. Keep it up and keep us posted on your progress.-Wesley
  22. Thegn Beretun

    Jinsu Babe

    This figure comes from Dark Sword MIniatures, and she's really called Jinsu Babe (Parkinson Masterworks#3). I used the golden skin triad on her. I know that my eyes need some improvement, and the metals are too clean, but maybe she takes very good care of her equipment. And yes, she's been practicing on the poor rabbit at her feet. Hope you like her and thanks for looking-Wesley
  23. Thegn Beretun

    02816 Thomas Hammerfist

    This was an attempt to weather plate armour. Afterwards, I noticed the missed mold lines. Ooops. Anyway, here is Thomas Hammerfist. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking-Wesley
  24. Thegn Beretun

    02060 Onastaa

    This is my version of Onastaa. I did use colors similar to the CRAFT article, but using RMS paints. Let me know what you think-Wesley
  25. Thegn Beretun


    I've found that a simple glaze of mid-tone can help even things out a bit. There are some really good hints around on The Craft and works in progress areas you might find useful. Photos are better than some of my earlier ones. Welcome and keep trying. Lots of people here will give you help- if you hare a specific problem you can post in the WIP part of this Forum. You'll usually get lots of hints. -Wesley