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  1. Set a course for sector 970

  2. I just gave in a bought it since several other friends were playing it and the guest passes don't activate for a while. Just a heads up, it's 32 gigs on the HD... not so much of a problem since I have .95 terabytes, but still that's a lot for a single game haha... I'm waiting during the loooong install, but it looks cool. I'll post my initial reaction tomorrow.
  3. So, is it back to business as usual? And by business I mean Saturday paint day :)
  4. well looks like Wargames is having a delay... but on the upside they've finally shown an actual figure and not a bunch a renders. Lars, if you have the time, could post pics next to some common Reaper or GW figs like space marines to compare the size? I;m thinking Warlord's look a little to 'Heroic' for what I'd like to collect for historical, but I'm unsure about the quality of Wargames and haven't seen enough to make up my mind...
  5. While enjoyable, I was fighting falling asleep the entire time... It's nothing to write home about, not terrible, just not spectacular.
  6. I'll just add that I didn't think of going that direction either haha! The beetle is pretty sweet. I feel the rider looks a tad bland in comparison since he's only flat blue, red, and black. The glyphs on the base really add some character to him... hope you do it to all of your gnomes. I'm kinda having trouble with my BSG too... I've taken a kinda generic route and made them blue with red-ish weapons/gear and not sure if I like it. Can't wait to see the rest of the little guys!
  7. haha he's looking pretty good! Where's his squad? :)
  8. I've been kinda swamped with a new project, and my friend just got back from college yesterday, so we've already managed to miss the majority of ReaperCon, but we were both wondering if we can still get in for the last day to melt some minis and check out some of the new stuff, and of course buy way more metal than we actually need :) So can we still nab tickets or such tomorrow, and there's gotta be some cool stuff left for us to check out right? Thanks -Jesse
  9. Honestly it's not that bad of a place haha... There's a lot of places in the North Texas area and they're all pretty nice. Weather isn't that bad, just mind the hail or you'll have a million tiny dents in your car like mine...
  10. Well I just gave away just how limited my knowledge of Roman fighting forces is... Still since I'm just collecting right now I'm basing my decision on which look better :) There doesn't seem to be any real pictures of Wargames Factories minis yet... Just some nice zBrush and regular renders. I'd like to see how the actual minis come out.
  11. So the question is, what miniatures are the ones to go for? Warlords look crisper and more detailed, they also look a little more stylized and perhaps larger than Wargames. They also seem to be more interchangeable to where you could build and convert them as easily as a box of GW figs. Wargames Factory look nice and more realistic, but not as detailed. From the zBrush renders of them they look pretty purposefully designed and it looks like arm swapping and such will require some more work. Warlords will be a bit more than $30 for 30 figures, and Wargames Factory $30 for 48 figures. Who wants to be the guinea pig? Maybe we'll luck out and you can intermix them to add a good bit of variety. I'm thinking I might go for a box of Wargames Factory, seeing how the box art has suckered me in :) (I'm a sucker for dark photoshop paintings with a good sense of movement)
  12. Well I gave up Macs after OSX came out. I felt like I had child locks on. Windows isn't amazing, but it gets the job done. Besides, Macs only difference in performance was the PowerPC and that was falling behind so much they switched to x86. Now, there's almost 0 hardware difference between the two and I can get a machine that's much better than what apple will sell me for way less. I'm getting into graphic design, 3D, and animation and for less $1k I can build a massive workstation compared to anything Apple can give me, it's more of the ascetics than what's running it that will sell it, that and OSX. Also here's something interesting on the games situation... Valve owner Gabe Newell said recently that Apple would approach them and Valve would be excited to work with Apple, then those people from Apple disappear and new ones saying the same thing show up and it repeats. It adds a lot of weight to the idea that Apple is the one who isn't doing jack.
  13. Yea, the good side being you don't have to wait... Some one suggested that they do some outsourced work, like how reaper does work for other companies, so that it's not just eating money when not in use. As for playing 40k with different rules, we were thinking of making a 40k game with RAGE after we modded the normal 40k rules and force organization to make a ship-to-ship boarding action game. It's on the back burner but we'd love to do it some time. Like I said we all love the minis and the universe, but hate the company.
  14. Let me jump on the band wagon... I went to a Historicon in '94 as a little kid and bought a Dark Angels squad, a box of plastic marines that became blood angels, and that's when it began. Back then I feel they were still more of a mini company than money company. I still like the universes, warhammer and 40k are still great, almost all of their models including some of the LOTR ones look good, but the way they do business is too hard to get around. Pricing by worth in game rather than cost is really annoying. Honestly, 5 plastic terminators for $50? are you kidding? There's less sprues than a 10 man squad and I won't take excuses about production. I keep hearing that they're having trouble making drop pods and some tanks and infantry in plastic, but considering they have their own tooling facilities in in country and utilize modern methods/software their staff is grossly incompetent or they sit around and lie about what they're doing. Game wise, they jack around with the rules all the time and either over complicate or over simplify them far too much. It often feels broken and the only time my friends and I had fun playing was in very small sized skirmishes. Now their making the game as huge as possibly and in our opinion the rules broke at 2000 points let alone the 3 or 5 or more thousand point games they want you to play now. I'm so tired of GW blundering around ruining their own games. I'm not very interested in Warmachine/Hords, I like some of the models but from watching it play I'm not attracted to it. Most of the other games are too cyberpunk for me to be interested in also. There's no game like 40k and sadly 40k isn't even 40k anymore. Well, that's my 40k rant, I'd still play it it if it wasn't so expensive and mis-managed...
  15. Blue is the museum and green is youth hostels for the museum? The WC cube denotes toilet, other than that most of the numbers I clicked on seem to tell someone who was in it or what is currently in the room, one of them had a scale model, stuff like that. My German's not that good, but if you find something specific I might be able to translate it, though cutebutpsycho could probably do better.
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