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  1. Heh - somebody told me "wait a minute, there is no such thing as a free lunch!"


    I suppose they are correct, as you do have to play to get it. Or you could hope that *your* door prize (everybody gets one) is the $100 gift card to Red Lobster...


    Incidentally, if anyone wants to sponsor a player, I'll send their door prize to them.

  2. Each year, Walter Reed Army Medical Center personnel do a fund raising drive for Army Emergency Relief, which is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping soldiers and their families with financial problems. This year, to help the fund raising, a local store has agreed to host the First Annual Flames of War Charity Tournament - we thought it would be appropriate, since AER was incorporated by the Secretary of Defense in 1942.


    I would appreciate it if y'all would help spread the word to stores in the region, or let me know who is around so I can contact them. You can click here for the tourney flyer for details, but in a nutshell:


    48 player slots

    Over $1500 in prizes

    Free Lunch


    Hope to see you in June, but if you cannot make it, you can always sponsor a player - PM me for details.



  3. any suggestions from guys who have dedicated rooms about specific set-up?

    Best advice is to plan the whole thing out before you start, and to keep one part of the plan open for the things you are guaranteed to forget.


    1. Build a cable run into one wall (a channel with access ports at the top and bottom of both sides of the wall, so you can add cables/hoses/whatevers at a later date withough drilling)

    2. Install a fan port in case you take up airbrushing.

    3. Install excessive amounts of track lighting on separate switches.

    4. Install a small sink, or get a portable camping type.

    5. Check your garage circuit breaker for capacity.


    If you are doing the work yourself, pay a pro to give it a once-over when you finish.

  4. Perhaps in Taltos, the word "musician" is interchangeable with "fitness trainer"?


    Seriously, however, the purpose of a musician on the battlefield is to coordinate movement. It doesn't make you *actually* faster, it makes you *effectively* faster by removing the slight delay inherrent in determining the right time to move. Dwarves, for example, base a lot of their mobility training on the non-verbal commands, so are a lot slower to react when they have to wait for the voice commands.


    Now, that's just my personal take on it. Bottom line is that it is just fluff. They had to come up with a key word for the effect, and settled on "Musician" by popular tradition. You could just as easily call the upgrade "movement coordinator" and get the same effect - so don't let your imagination get limited by the phrase, nor get wrapped around the axle about the details.

  5. I thought as much, but we cannot find an official post as yet. Is there one?

    The Stun interactions (in it's various permutations) was asked about in the August questions-of-the-month list. The list hasn't been answered yet, so we are still waiting.

  6. I believe that one of the problems lies in the fact that the editors are also involved in the development and in the playtesting.


    An external editor (one who is fluent in the rules, and can be trusted to stick to the NDA) is the best solution to this.


    Additionally, they could allow playtester review of final changes (between final playtest and print) and just accept the extra week or so of delay.

  7. From the Errata & Clarifications, SAs stack unless they specify otherwise. Beasts may gain bonuses from other sources (be it spell, others' equipment, SAs, etc), as the source specifies - Beast only prevents equipping, not benefitting.

  8. i can get a 3G with 1GB of ram and a 512 video card for 900.

    1 gig of RAM is fine, but make sure it is a single stick and not 2 sticks of 512K - that way you can easily add more later.


    For shooting games, the video card is more important than the processor - for example, my 2GHz with a top-line card runs better than my 3.5GHz with an okay card. There are a bazillion variables to consider, based on the type of gaming you plan to do.

  9. Well, as long as the injury isn't to a body part used in dance, then she can ignore medical evaluation with no possible compromise ot her ability to dance for years to come. Surely compounding a knee problem by avoidance is the best course a dancer could take.


    Sarcasm aside, she needs to get treated if necessary, or the decade you estimated could dwindle to nothing with further injury. If she doesn't want her parents to know, she can file through the instructor's insurance if his action was indeed witnessed and attributable.

  10. But 2 consecutive failures to 2 consectutive rounds of ranged attacks would cause said model to retreat !?

    Two or two hundred makes no difference, unless you are out of cohesion. There are 3 ways to retreat: fail a Discipline check while shaken & out of cohesion, effected by a Fear/Scare/etc spell while shaken & out of cohesion, or failing a roll to leave close combat while shaken.

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