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  1. The errata document changes him to Mage 2/4.
  2. Exactly. For example, when the Hounds come out and their card says "may be led by an Alpha" or some such.
  3. Forward compatibility. Future SAs or equipment might trigger off Ronin.
  4. Thank you for bucking the trend by sculpting realistic-sized weaponry. I also like how the lean and slight arch give a dynamic sence in a subtle way.
  5. SA: Cavalry does not imply the definition of Cavalry any more than Reach means you have a long weapon or Undead means you are returned from the dead - they are just catch phrases to reference the SA. The trait could have just as easily been "bulky" or "arrow-resistant-and-needs-his-space", but to sound nifty and memorable they pick a word. It came out first for cavalry models, so Cavalry seemed appropriate. The effect seems appropriate for Garr, so they gave it to him too - the alternative is to have yeat another SA that does the same thing but with different fluff. Multiplied by however many instances come up, it would be a huge list of redundant SAs.
  6. I REALLY like to see metallics used on miniatures - it's a nice change from the NMM craze.
  7. It's in the Featured Downloads section of WarlordHQ. You have to be registered on ReaperGames to get to it, but that's easy stuff.
  8. Irrelevant fluff: archers have a limited amount of Seeking Arrows to take care of the around-the-corner shots. They tag folks when they peek around corners. They have rangers just off-table to get the angled shots. There are holes that aren't visible in 28mm scale. They are just firing marker arrows for the off-table siege artillery. The buildings are illusionary. Trained attack squirrels go in after the arrows. It's a magical world, sometimes strange stuff just happens. Mechanically, you are correct about the fireball - it works like a hand grenade, where everything in LoS to the target point is effected. For the volley (just like for Firestorm), LoS to the target point is not required, though cover applies based on the direction of fire.
  9. Exactly. The challenge is to develop a rule of thumb (like "stunned models are treated as in play, but cannot perform actions while stunned") rather than a specific ruling. Otherwise, you end up having to make a bazillion rulings on similar situations.
  10. One of the August questions sent in for review was regarding Tough, but included the question listed above: "Do stunned models have any active effect on the battle?" I phrased it that way, and threw in some for instances, so it covers things like the above, triggering Breaker movement, maintaining cohesion, etc. We should have an answer soon.
  11. There are, additionally, three other pending questions relating to Stunned models - one of them wraps this one into it.
  12. Correct. When the August questions come back from Matt, I wil add them to the 17 that have been ruled on in various posts recently and do up a shiny new PDF.
  13. I recently started playing Flames of War, and from the get-go I have encouraged others to paint as they like, as I feel playing is as much the point for some as accuracy is for others. As a matter of pride in my Airborne heritage (AbnGI, ya know...) I have my Paras painted and organized accurately, but did that as an issue separately from the game, though it has overlap. This weekend, I heard someone giving a new player the third degree about "that unit wasn't supported by those assets, and that camo scheme was only used by the British in North Africa. My response was to ask what would be the historically accurate camoflage for a US unit that disbanded in 1942 to use when fighting a Russian force that activated in 1943...
  14. Hmmm...as a non-combat action, can they then be declared/resolved separately?
  15. Purely fluff, IMHO. The feeding refers to the life force. The whole blood-sucking thing came around because they like the taste.
  16. The original poster mentioned 27 pages of fluff - I am confident in his counting ability question.
  17. You can put a link in you signature that says "here are pictures of stuff I have for sale/trade", if you want.
  18. Yep - you can't team up to determine the winner, but you can team up to determine a loser. An answer to that is to determine the winner by victory points rather than last man standing.
  19. Ack - you're right, I forgot about Treebeard. Okay, how about "the first Mage/Cleric with Scry Shot"?
  20. Yep, Hex's Reptus were awesomely painted. I filled up a 1 gigabyte memory card with GenCon pics, then put a couple on a little card. Near as I can figure, someone on the GenCon cleanup crew is now the proud owner of four hundred and twelve digital pics of miniatures-related subjects. Sorry, Hex, but yours were on the AWOL card.
  21. Actually, I only mentioned the ones that we haven't seen datacards for yet.
  22. Well, the Reaper booth at GenCon had the "GenCon 2005 Early Bird Copy" of the Reven book for sale, so I figured I'd do a quick review while I wait for my flight. First up is 27 pages of fluff/artwork - this includes a language guide, in case you needed to know how the Orcu verb for "to make (a person) a concubine". Next up is the army list. It has several minis we haven't seen yet: *A Cav Goblin, and captains both Lesser- and Half-Orc. *A low-power goblin mage and a pair of Heroes *Bull Orc Berserkers, Goblin Rangers, and Harpies *A giant-base Solitaire, and Warlord's first Cleric/Mage combo Most of them are fairly low-powered, so no signs of power creep! Reven get some more flexibility, rather than nifty abilities. Thirdly is the magic/equipment section. Nothing major, just some nifty tweaks (and an answer to burrowers). Fourthly, there are the sub-lists. Bull Orcs and Goblins each get their own SAs, with the Goblins getting three unit variations only available to a Goblin sub-list. Awesome implementation, and even specifies that they use the same Goblin models as the normal list, so no extra minis to buy! Lastly is a pair of scenarios, that use special rules instead of just modifying the victory conditions. Good stuff. Anyway, my flight is about to start boarding, so y'all (yes, my part of Texas uses the apostrophy) have a good day.
  23. Ranzadule took first with Freelance, Hexxenhammer took second with (some awesomely painted) Reptus. The two Reven sub-lists are for Goblin Only and Bull Orc Only.
  24. In the Goblin sub-list, all leaders get Mob/# (or improve it if they already have it). They have a GenCon-edition Reven book out, you know...
  25. Testor's Model Master spray paint doesn't eat most styrofoam.
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