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  1. Actually, you HAVE to compare them individually, because they can be fielded Freelance. What you have to consider within the faction is synergy with the Faction SAs.
  2. Swiss refers to you playing against opponents with the same win to you playing against opponents with the same win/loss ratio as you. Round robin means you play a set number of rounds, rather than be eliminated when you lose. The two can be combined.
  3. I am not a print specialist, nor do I play one on TV, but here's an idea I have been kicking around. Place white, red, blue, and yellow squares off to the side of your gradient - when balancing colors after the shot, they can give you a "true" reference. The white is to help the cameras, some of which look for a pure white for auto corrections. Any of you artsy types have an opinion on the effectiveness of this?
  4. If he chooses to not use significant parts of his available troops, some of which are the strengths of the faction, he can't legitimately say the faction is weak - it would be more accurate to say his army composition is weak... Warlord favors balanced forces over one-trick ponies. If he is going character-heavy, there are a very limited number of opposing forces that it will trump (that rock-paper-scissors thing). If he doesn't want to use many troops, no problem - but he shouldn't complain about losing a long-distance race when he brought a quarterhorse because there was "no fun in normal riding horses". If the viable styles of Necro forces don't cut it for him, he might want to consider a change of faction (or just go Freelance).
  5. The Nagendra also have 360 and Ranger - and from reverse engineering the point costs, Warlord places a lot of weight with Ranger and the extra Mov.
  6. Right click on your map, select the strike from the menu that pops up, click execute. The strike craft are standing by, and hit the afterburner and come on in. Submunition artillery rounds could be loitering ballistically until their targeting is activated, at which time the jet assist kicks in and brings them to battlefield level at supersonic speeds. The orbital lasers are already warmed up, and just need to shift focal points. Plenty of fluff possibilities. However, I don't think there is a need to define how long a round is - my personal preference is to call it "as long as it takes to do what you are doing at the time". Keep the scale flexible and scaling, and you don't have to worry about technical or physics conflicts. Hopefully, the mechanics remain foremost, then the fluffers follow up.
  7. Target for Vampiric Feeding? You want the Loot points? You converted a new Corpse marker you want to show off? You want to be out of cohesion to bait models with Shock into charging? As for the duration of Embrace, there is no precedence for a time limitation on delayed effects (same for Hold or a broken Bindsoul), so it seems to work like "bestowed" Equipment. Or perhaps it is simply missing a "the next" part of the sentence. I'll add it to the next batch of E&C questions for Matt.
  8. I agree with Gus on #4 - it's not a combat action, so there is no precedent for doing them all at the same time. Regarding #5, there is no Discipline test that occurs just for being out of cohesion, it just opens you up to a couple more potential Discipline test triggers.
  9. In this case, they are gloating because there is no such rule. Personally, I like it that way (the rule, that is, not the gloating).
  10. I've never seen such a rule - that's why I support from beside with an extra attack and a +1 rather than from behind with Reach for just the +1. Interesting...we have always replaced it with tokens or dead markers, as the rules state that if a down model is preventing movement to shift it out of the way, but I can see your point.
  11. You can still field your own archers - the Adept rule says only one of a specific datacard, not only one Adept. Another retroactive reason I like Freelancers...
  12. The only thing that doesn't stack is equipment-with-equipment.
  13. The problem, if it exists, should be balanced from a game mechanics perspective first - the fluff can follow, as any ruling can be fluffified in an artificial environment. Adjusting the mechanics to match the fluff is a dangerous road to travel, as balance becomes more subjective, and is easier do disrupt when people have different views on the "intent".
  14. Congratulation, SE, but not for making 1000 posts. As usual when a 1K thread starts up, I did a user-name search. It came up with zero "filler" in the entire first page of the search results. So, congrats for maintaining quality during your quantity!
  15. Yeah, I figured Kit worked some manual mojo on it before to get it to accept my APO address. BTW, which province covers Maryland? I'd like to start keeping an eye on the balance of power for my soon-to-be stomping grounds.
  16. Assuming you mean Coup de Grace rather than Corn Dog Gravy, then you normally have to be base-to-base for it; the Critical makes no difference. There are exceptions (such as Firestorm), but all the exceptions specifically say they can do it at range. Edit: ack, I missed that Qwyksilver already answered this...
  17. They stack, as only equipment does not stack with other equipment. Confirmed here.
  18. They stack - confirmed in this thread.
  19. Everything stacks but equipment. Monthly questions to Matt covers it.
  20. Just got the most recent batch from Matt. No errata this time around, just some clarifictions: 1) Multiple equipment buffs do not stack, as per the equipment rules. Combinations of buffs from equipment and/or other sources (standard buffs, spells, special abilities, equipment) stack unless they specifically say otherwise. For example, a model with Cavalry, Deflect, in light cover, and attacker is climbing would have a -5 debuff to Ranged Attacks. 2) If a conflict exists, 2nd printing Rulebook takes precedence over 1st printing errata. 3) The "+1 to the next Minion roll" from breaking a Bindsoul doesn't count as an Equipment buff, so it does stack if multiple Bindsouls are broken. 4) Models may have an Innate spell that they could not normally purchase (such as a Neutral character with Innate: Spectral Minions). 5) When a model with SA: Defensive Shot is targeted by a Volley, it may perform it's defensive shot against any model that participated in the volley. For those joining us since the last batch was released, I compile the list of questions discussed on the boards that do not have a clear rule precedent, then periodically forward them to Matt Ragan (the lead designer for Warlord). When I get the anwers back from him, I combine them with the list of questions he answered on the boards since the last set, then post the listing. Later on, I update the text for the Errata & Clarifications document. This time, though, the compilation will wait until the 1st-to-2nd printing scrub is complete...hopefully soon.
  21. Well, I will be moving to the DC area in a couple weeks - finally getting back to a country with other-than-games-workshop stores! Anybody happen to live around Fort Meade with some good FLGS recommendations? On another note, my account profile won't let me enter a new address - has anybody been able to change their state?
  22. Soldiering, and nothing I'd rather be doing. 15 years down, 11 to go...NCOs lead the way!
  23. I recommend DupliColor automotive spray primer - auto parts stores carry it, sometimes WalMart. Awesome stuff. I set up a line of minis, then sweep across them lightly from four diagonals, above/front, and above/back. Start spraying before you reach the first mini, and continue past the last one (don't start or stop the spray pointing at a mini).
  24. I changed it to match the mechanics. With square bases, you can only get two bases in rear contact, plus four more on the front. If you use a 90 degree arc for the round base, you can only get one back and five fronts. Use my 120/240 degree scheme, and you can get a max of two rear and four front, to match the mechanics of the square base. Mark some pennies and you'll see what I mean.
  25. Round bases came up in an old thread. However, while I prefer round bases for skirmish-style games, I love that Warlord uses square for one reason: when Reaper does a regiment-style version of Warlord, my current miniatures will be forward-compatible.
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