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  1. Could a mod split this off into a "stacking" topic? Anyway, the only rule regarding stacking is that equipment doesn't, because it says so in the equipment section. The errata even clarifies, as I quoted before, that skills do unless they specifically state otherwise. It has been clearly stated in various examples that multiple buffs can stack; the only exception to that is equipment (because it states so) or skills that specifically state it (like Scrye Shot). I have never seen a rule that says you only get one situational modifier, so until I do, in games I play I will continue to allow all stacking other than equipment.
  2. Warlord works fine with round bases, but you have to mark the front arc (2/3) and back arc (1/3) so the rear attack bonuses/penalties work properly.
  3. "Effectively a superior Deflect", which is a description, is still a different SA than Deflect. My take, YMMV.
  4. which means? How I read if you buy improved protect for a model with cavalry SA you'd get the +1 to DV but not the deflect bonus since the model already recieves it from its cavalry SA Two different skills mean two different bonuses, and skill bonuses stack. +1 buff for Deflect, +2 buff for Cavalry, total buff of +3.
  5. *Equipment* bonuses don't stack. *Skill* bonuses do, unless they specifically say otherwise.
  6. If the original post referred to A Change of Heart, the Orba Sinhan ability which converts a datacard to Mercenary/Neutral, she is no longer Necropolis; same in a Freelance force. However, it still needs to get looked at for Necro players that use her. I'll hold any further comments until I check Thule, rather than speculate.
  7. Aysa is not learning a spell, she has an Innate (the definition of which is an ability that works like a spell). Regardless, though, the specific rule (Innate) overrides the general rule (spell description), as is standard in Warlord. I don't have my Thule with me - are Bindsouls classified as equipment, and therefor subject to the "no stacking bonus" rule?
  8. Personally, I like 500 point games. I have also played 5,000. It works fine at both, and every where in between. Note, though, that the huge games will go slower now that all archers are Adepts - there used to be huge attrition in the first couple of turns from masses of shooters.
  9. The spell description doesn't say only evil can use it - it just says that a Grade 3 evil Mage can purchase it. Aysa has it as an Innate, so doesn't have to worry about the purchasing part. As for the "free" part, there are two things to consider: 1) She pays in advance, as she is 127 points for a poor mage. 2) At CP 4, she will average 0.9 minions summoned, and cannot attack the turn she does it. Altogether, I don't consider her overpowered. YMMV.
  10. Up there with Godlike? Sergeant Major, of course.
  11. It's not an optimum tourney format, it's a format that allows one administrator and one table to do a tourney. In the past they have run it as a free-for-all, with the winner of each game advancing to the finals on the last day of the con. If you are setting up a tourney for it's own sake rather than just as a presence, go for a standard tourney format.
  12. Unless you need to start packing up early, why would you want to lose players? Anyway, with round robin, you don't have to play everyone, just play whatever number of rounds you have time available for.
  13. Starmada (with a free demo version at Majestic 12 Games) has a bazillion customizable traits, with a custom ship creation system built in - there is also a ship-creation worksheet available on the site for download that does the math for you. I recommend downloading the worksheet, as the formulae are occasionally complex, to maintain game balance (which it does a good job of). Quick play, and the traits follow a common pattern in application (differing in the details) so the learning curve is reasonable. And Centurion was a cool Sci-Fi tank game...
  14. I'll throw my hat into the "Starmada Rocks" ring. Great flexibility, and plenty of ports already done up for various backgrounds. And you can finally settle the Star Wars vs Star Trek controversy...
  15. As another note, round robin allows more players more games than elimitation, and if you are going to count points anyway why not go for RR. Same overall time spent, same number of tables required, but the newer players, or the ones who are not as competitive, don't get knocked out after the first game. It also allows you to try out trick armies and get a representative feel rather than potentially only one try.
  16. I also see no point in artificial limitations. 750 points is good, as is 1000. I like round robin, with cumulative points difference to determine the winner.
  17. I don't have the Necropolis book in front of me for the spell text, but:
  18. Remember, though, that some munchkins are a product of their environment. If their introduction to role-playing was with a combat-oriented DM in a fighting-heavy environment, then they would adopt the tools necessary to survive - a well rounded character on the battlefield isn't much fun. Don't be afraid to tell them what you don't like, or they may never realize the difference. Give them a chance to grow, and develop a situation where the growth is useful, and see what comes of it. If it doesn't work, either accept it or boot them.
  19. I like the first roster better - more flexibility, and an extra card draw.
  20. Personally, I use the tokens-in-a-cup method. During deployment I use a deck to demonstrate the "standard" way, then shift during actual gameplay.
  21. If you introduce a min/max character into a standard setting, you will have broken results. The solution is to take them out of their element. They have the uber weapon combo? Send them to a costume party or ball. They one-shot dragons? Feed them a stream of insignificant critters. Having a hammer is no good when you don't have a nail to hit - deny them the nail. Then again, using the hammer in new ways is what makes for satisfying role-play.
  22. Nope, just like the Reven Warcry, if effects both friend and foe.
  23. With the "fluff" preface, you nailed it in one.
  24. Wow! Where do you get those? From typoville - it's corrected now, but the statement remains the same at 50. As for the 90-day delay, I'm perfectly happy to play against faction books as soon as they become available, or with a minimal (a week should be sufficient) wait time to allow for any typos to be fixed or corrections to be made.
  25. Good point! My bad, I missed your intent before.
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