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  1. If the points are balanced, then yes. I'll take your points in order: Extra abilities: I don't think the Necro sets are overpowering. This is my personal opinion on balance, though, so I can't support it other than subjectively. More diversity: Your best point, but it merely allows a player to find the combinations that work best for their play style. I agree that it can be an advantage, but a slight one at best against a competent opponent. If you try to field the diversity all at once, you end up with dilluted tactics. Less holes: I play with holes in my force anyway, out of my preference to concentrate on specific factors of rock-paper-scissors. My crusaders, for example, don't have any archers or reachers, but have a better than average win %. Same for my warrior-free Dwarves. And my mageless Elves. More spells: using them comes at the expence of troops. If spells were overpowering, a force with wizards would consistently beat one without. Having more to choose from just gets back to the diversity point. Cavalry: definitely useful, but so is a Centaur, and comes at a high point cost. I get more consistent results from a 50-point Fireball than I do from a 46-point rider. Mitigated, of course, by the fact that the Cavalry cool factor ought to play in there somewhere... Bottom line, this week I played games as Elves, Dwarves, and Crusaders against various flavors of Necropolis forces. I won almost the exact same percentage of games against them as I did before they had access to the new toys. All in all, though, we are probably going to have to agree to disagree. I "actually believe" it enough to maintain my previous commitment: in tournaments, I play forces straight from the rulebook.
  2. Nope. Elves, for example, had their strongest point (archery) increased with their faction SAs. Dwarfs got a universal anti-tough; what hole was that compensating for? Nefsokar have the same average MD as most the factions, so why is Sokar Near? The faction SAs add flavor, and balance out the Freelance ability of SA: Versatility.
  3. Well, I'm not Gus, nor do I play him on TV. However, any time my group has a massacre on the battlefield, we replay it immediately with the same terrain and the same forces. If the results come out differently (which they almost always do, unless it was a poor force composition) then it was the tactics or surprise, or that were the determining factors. Early on, we had a lot of one-sided fights. Now, after more than a year of playing, the fights are always close ones unless someone is trying a "gimmick" army that doesn't pan out (barring fluke dice rolls).
  4. True, but if the Wood Elves were a competitive force in the basic rules, the extended wait would be less of a problem. With Warlord, the factions are playable and competitive now. Sure you can; a PDF release of a sub-faction that builds on the core faction book is easy to do, and easy to support with 3 blisters and a replacement faction SA. Power creep is possible any time you release things at separate times, but the "power" only matters if the points aren't representative of the effectiveness. However, Warlord also has a built-in limiter with the Natural Ten rule. Sure, I might play the only faction with DV 20 troops, but when my 643-point grunt gets nailed by a 19-point warrior... Looking at the bang-for-the-buck numbers from CAV vs JOR 1 vs JOR 2, I believe Reaper knows how to maintain balance. Time will tell. Conversely, while the failures went the army book route, so did the only company that has passed the test of time... Perhaps, but will as many people get the book at $40 when 90% of it does not apply? I consider it a good selling point that to play, you only need the datacards that come with the minis. The only thing not included (since the new SA/Spell info is described in the Errata & Clarifications) is the sub-faction lists, but those are your choice to use or not use anyway, and are not a requirement to win. If I needed a faction book to play and have fun, or to be competitive, I would agree. An additional note is that the playtesting for multiple factions goes on at the same time. A look at the recent Casket Works shows what is in the pipeline, which accounts for the inital delays. Development goes in overlapping phases, so initial delays do not necessarily get repeated.
  5. I just received the rulebook I ordered directly from Reaper - I had 3 of the first printing, but wanted to get the second printing version so I could do a page-by-page comparison to update the Errata document text. Now I have four copies of the first printing. Bryan, since there is no FLGS here in Thailand, is there a way to ensure that if I order another one it will indeed be a second printing?
  6. Understandably, there are a bazillion *fluff* reasons both for and against global effects. I'm curious what other folks' opinions are on the *mechanics* impacts. I will be re-drafting The Enemy Of My Enemy, and would like to get input from players outside my normal group. @Frosh- our current wording says roughly "Global effects only apply if the relevant faction is involved in the roll". The exact wording is on my main computer, which is headed for a ship with the rest of my household goods en route to America...
  7. For balance purposes; in a normal game you must field all models from a single faction to gain the Faction Special Ability. When we do multiplayer, it becomes a moot point, as we use a scenario called The Enemy Of My Enemy, which specifies (among other things) that faction abilities that indirectly effect the enemy apply only when the relevant faction is directly interacting. This was most clearly around when two Crusaders went up against Nefsokar and Necropolis. Crusaders effectively lost their special ability, while simultaneously becoming the lucky recipients of debuffing synergy. Personally, I Freelance it anyway, so my team knows they get nothing from me regardless!
  8. Having a faction book only becomes an "unbeatable advantage" if the book contains units/combos/whatevers that make the faction unbeatable. Having read the book, and having played test games with all the new models included, that is not the case. The key is to look at theeffectiveness of the faction relative to a core rulebook force. For example, I cannot use flyers in my standard force; do I automatically lose to a faction that has flyers as grunts? My archers have RAV 1 and 24" range; do I automatically lose to Elves? I have no Mage Warlord; do Darkspawn automatically fry me? The answer to the above is "no". If the new units and rules were unbalanced, that answer would be "yes". The sole advantage gained so far, in my opinion, is that the Necropolis players can now build more distinct styles of forces - less cookie cutter effect, and more ability to form a force that your particular play style can take full advantage of. Play a few games with them, play a few games against them, then let us know your opinion. Reaper has earned my trust so far, and based on my review of Necropolis Thule I am willing to assume they will continue to produce balanced gameplay until I see something that is unbalanced.
  9. Overall, a superior mini.The overall muted efect is great, and the blends are smooth. The weathering looks good, as does the base. I really like the mottling effect on the outermost armor plates. The only thing I don't like is the tubing. The brightness of the blue really jumps out compared to the rest, seeming out of place. Perhaps a thin brown wash to darken the color? edit: ack, sorry about quoting the pics.
  10. A model can still support while there is an enemy in it's rear arc. It just can't support an attack against a model in it's rear arc.
  11. Thank you for using metallic metals! I like the slight blue tint to the steel - looks good, and give more apparent depth, without giving a lacquered appearance. And the hilt gem is downright awesome.
  12. My first recommendation is to prime your minis. Primer is formulated with "tooth", which is the characteristic that allows it to hold better to pewter. Normal paint won't do this as well as a good primer, though a paint that has good surface tension and a solid shell when dry (you can do a forum search for Gunze) will do fine. Second is to thin your paints. Better to put down two thin coats than one thick one; better control, and a smoother finish. Third is that they shouldn't need overnight to dry, unless you are thinning them with a drying retarder. If it takes more than 30 minutes (for unmodified acrylics at least) there is either something wrong or you are using too thick of a layer. Fourth would be to disregard 1-3 if they don't synch with your painting style. If you enjoy it and are happy with the result, then you are doing it perfectly.
  13. More of a general preference than a specific model type: useable weapons. I would like to see bows that don't have the string going through the arm, swords for grunts that could actually be wielded, etc. I don't mind suspending some belief for the purposes of fantasy miniatures, but I also don't see a need to do so just for the sake of doing so.
  14. You can use any models from any factions, as long as you don't have Good and Evil models in the same force - this is a Freelance force. Anybody can use Mercenary models. Note, however, that if you use only models from a single faction, you gain some additional abilities that vary depending on the faction.
  15. Hmmm...I would have thought they qualified as junk food at best. Anyway, one item of note is the sublist that allows for an extra unit of one Adept datacard. Opens up a type of option that could be used for armies that rely on one type of Adept (Elves) for a specific playstyle.
  16. Personally, I think it looks unfinished - but I would rather have that so I can add some smoke effects rather than have the smoke effects sculpted. However, I really like the look of the top half, and am hoping the sizes will match up well enough that I can meld him with the body of a Krung beast for a centauroid...
  17. Yup, one of the many SAs that don't require "invoke special ability" actions, like the free landing included when conducting a movement action while flying. Besides, everybody knows you sprinkle some holy oil on your weapons when there are undead around.
  18. Step "g" of "How to resolve close combat" specifies "All damage takes effect". Same for step "f" of Ranged and step "d" of Magic. Relevant sections are on pages 62-65.
  19. I will be sending in the June questions for official answers in a couple days. If there is an issue that has not been answered, please PM me or email [email protected] so I can add it to the list.
  20. Keep the tool (or whatever you use to push the greenstuff) wet.
  21. Yes, but a fireball will kill them as easily as a scare will retreat them. Then again, the scare is 40 points less...and doesn't allow Tough.
  22. Unless the text has changed in the final printing of Necropolis Thule, that is correct.
  23. Yep - surviving friendly fire is what shakes you. Note: it was also later clarified that an AoE that cannot effect you (Holy Light vs a non-Undead, for example) would not shake you.
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