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  1. From a mechanics perspective, the bonus clearly applies to both of the back-to-back models - they meet the definition. From a fluff perspective, they both know their backs are covered by a model that specializes in covering backs, and can focus on the offense. Seems fine to me, no "lawyering" necessary.
  2. Yeppers - they also each provide a Support buff. Pairs of Reach models can carry a nice little danger zone around with them. Personally, I picture Reach not as "I have a long weapon" but rather "I am trained to guard somebody's back, allowing them to focus more on offense".
  3. If you go the the Warlord section of ReaperGames.com, there is a link for the errata & clarifications (last menu item).
  4. Errata PDF. Doesn't have the May update included - I will update the PDF when I get back to Bangkok.
  5. The front-side contact refers to the friendly model's front, not the enemy model's front.
  6. No problem - it takes a while do develop fluency in the Geek language. As for the Crusaders, it lists: Crusader Squires Lady Jehanne Lady Devona Lady Jocelyn Acacia Garr, War Dog Alpha War Dog Pack Hound of Judgement Mother Superior Kristianna Sir Brannor Sir Danel Heme Isarah, Priestess of Shadarzaddi Khasya, Hospitalier Sir Daman the Impetuous Templar Heavy Cavalry Ivy Crown Skirmish Foot Ivy Crown Light Lancers Guardian Beast For the Nefsokar, unless the Lancers are field medics, it looks like there are 3 Khamsin cavalry units.
  7. The "Guns! Bring up the guns!" rule (listed in the Raziq PDF) covers this.
  8. Casketworks 18. Your FLGS should have it, or can get it. Reaper also offers subscriptions, and they send a copy with box set orders through their online store. Which faction were you curious about?
  9. I play The Good Guys - freelancers, using Dwarves, Elves, and Crusaders. I would probably play Crusaders as a faction, but I feel that they are tactically inflexible. That may be changing: Templar Heavy Cavalry Ivy Crown Light Lancers War Dog Pack The recent Casket Works lists the models through 14272. Lots of nifty-sounding stuff in there...
  10. When I do house walls, I use foamcore with sandpaper glued on. Once you find the grit you like, it saves a lot of time and doesn't cost too much.
  11. The target of an attack is the one who strikes back. This applies five ways: 1. If the target of a ranged attack has Defensive shot, it can shoot back. 2. The target of a melee attack can make a single melee strike against any enemy in base contact. 3. If the target of a melee attack has Warmaster, it can perform a number of melee strikes equal to #MA against any enemy model(s) in base contact. 4. The target of a spell attack can make a single melee strike against the caster if it is in base contact with the caster. 5. If the target of a spell has Defensive Magic and a spell that can be cast as Defensive magic and is in range, it can cast the spell at the original caster. If multiple cases apply, the target must choose one - you can only make one defensive "whatever" attack per activation.
  12. Are they crippled? All depends on how you want to use them, and boils down to personal preference and opinion. A question to ask is "are they worth their points". Many folks feel that flyers are still worth fielding, which would indicate that the errata may have "crippled" a particular usage rather than the models in general. ...and the +1 modifier for elevation is a range buff, not a DV buff.
  13. Heh - you're right, the spells do it to themselves:
  14. Why not, now that we know what they do?
  15. If you mean for the tournament: If you mean for general play, nothing posted so far prevents it, and we know what the 2 previously-unpublished Special Abilities do.
  16. Inside cohesion is a much safer place to be - the only Retreat condition that applies is failing a Disengage while already Shaken. @ spiritual_exorcist: Fearless has some bonuses while in cohesion, which is what makes it useful. Immunity to Fear/Scare, and able to fail a second Disengage attempt without retreating. I agree that it is not an SA that comes up a lot, but is occasionally useful.
  17. From a fluff perspective, part of leadership in a professional military unit is knowing your troops, and knowing the unit-specific battle drills that let you function at max capacity. You may be able to inspire me, but to lead me takes more. From a balance perspective, it keeps the MegaUpgraded UberCharacters in line.
  18. To combine the various factors, how about: The last model in a troop becomes Shaken, and cannot perform a Rally action while it remains the only model in it's troop. All Alone does not apply to Solos.
  19. To avoid threadjacking, the All Alone issue is being discussed on another thread.
  20. The first page of this topic hit both sides of the argument pretty well, so I'll leave it at one quote:
  21. I have a Vale Archer that made it about 32 inches, but that was after finishing a move at the edge of the table. I originally favored "Half MOV while not flying and no modifiers smaller than x1", but am content with the current one as it gives an across-the-board standard.
  22. I added the bold to illustrate why I agree with Mchish2 - I read that as the model has to be in the troop that causes damage. The Mercy errata may get a further tweak, as this effectively means a model can offer Mercy from across the table.
  23. The compilation has also been posted on the official Warlord site, the Errata button is under the Help menu.
  24. Currently, I have two gripes with the Battle Nuns: the name and the model. That covers the name. For the model, though, on a hunch I swapped out the swords for more slender versions with smaller hilts (similar to the Elven ones). Dramatic improvement! Completely changes the feel of my Initiates (both problems now solved) - I'll see if I can dig up the mod photos I took before I gave them away...
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