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  1. IIRC, the majority of repairs are done by nanotech, so a repair vehicle doesn't need to look like a current-day recovery vehicle would. A simple cargo truck (to stock base materials) with loader arms to position the nano+materials modules on a damaged area, and you're good to hook.
  2. Yeppers - the people make it worth the trip. For those in the DFW area, I will probably be making one minis run looking for miscleaneous FoW stuff - which store would you recommend?
  3. What does having two weapons have to do with it? The datacard says no such thing. If you are going to proxy, why limit yourself?
  4. Ummm...people stop paying attention to what you have to say? (yes, I realize you were joking, but the answer remains)
  5. It's not the scope I dislike, it's the scale. For example, if I am running a 750 point force, and you get your dragon for two turns, it could easily be Game Over. How about toning them down and balancing them: 10. Goblin Skeeters (one per 500 points) are out to instigate. Starting in the middle of a non-deploying table edge, they are under the control of whoever goes first in the first turn, then alternate control in future turns. 1. Af you roll "Pouring Rain" as an event, each turn you roll a d10 and add it to a cumulative total. When the total reaches 12, the 1/2 range and 1/2 flight move applies for that turn, and on the following turn ground movement (on and below) is at 1/2 speed. 7. Ebb and Flow: The magic storm rages. At the end of the pre-game phase, roll a die. On 1-5, a -2 modifier applies to all Mage spells. On a 6-10, a +2 applies. On following turns, the modifier follows the pattern +2/0/-2/0/+2/0/etc. 2. A Contest Above: same as for Ebb and Flow, but applies to Cleric spells. 8. Traitor: if the traitor is activated (switches sides), the original controller gains victory points equal to it's points cost. Activating a traitor is optional. With the above, there is some randomness, but also balance. I like surprises, but what I don't like is to play a perfect game and get jacked up because of a single die roll that effects the entire game.
  6. He's not referring to the content, he's referring to the delivery. Putting it in all caps is considered rude by many, akin to shouting. Not making the subject descriptive leads to a waste of time. I think the point boils down to: talk about whatever is allowed by the boards - just be a polite and effective communicator.
  7. It's not glossing over facts - those facts are not in the scope of the game. From what little information is available on the web, it seems to me that the game is not sociopolitical simulation - it is a wargame. That Avalon Hill will be using plastic figures instead of cardboard chits is great - I like the viual effect, and I like to use 3D miniatures on a 3D battlefield. Now, if they were to give SS troops suppression rules for a multi-year campaign, or have scenarios where Wermacht troops would root out Jewish resistance units, then that would be tacky. However, for a basic battlefield without political elements, how does the time period make it tacky? However, some of the paintjobs I've seen on pre-painted plastics...now THAT'S tacky.
  8. Random effects work fine in games, as long as they effect both sides equally - some of the effects can really jack up certain forces. How long would an Elven archer force last in the pouring rain? A spell-heavy force in an Anti-Magic storm? Perhaps allowing each player to bump the roll by one, or pay a penalty to negate the roll...
  9. As a wargame, the focus is on the battlefield. You can have a completely legit German army without the SS, and you can have the SS on the battlefield without addressing the non-battlefield stuff - without the mindset/politics, the SS are just troops.
  10. Thanks to all that looked for me - Ladystorm found them at her FLGS.
  11. Flames of War is 15mm, though, so the commons/uncommons could be a good way to set up starter or loaner forces. Sell the rares to finance the rest...assuming they follow the standard mix.
  12. I am trying to track down some minis for Flames of War, which is less than simple from Bangkok (even though the manufacturer is only 4 inches away on the map) due to shipping delays, and my usual sources are out of stock. However, I am going Stateside for ReaperCon. If somebody could bring 3 blisters of US-560 (75mm Pack Howitzer) to ReaperCon for me, I would gladly reimburse you, and buy you a steak dinner for your trouble, or a pile of metal Reaper bases, or something. Please PM me if your local store carries them. A bunch of Paras need some arty support...don't let them jump without backup!
  13. Okay, is that an honest question, rules lawyering, or trolling? Or perhaps merely a punchline, couched after a not-seriously-meant bit of lawyering?
  14. Nope, as per the text of Teleport:
  15. Yup, it's the cliff notes version. Doesn't mention that it it a Nihilismus spell and such, but has enough to use it in play. The cool fluff stuff is in the Necropolis book.
  16. Every item on the page, without exception, came directly from Matt. The only ones making a first appearance were the six answers and two previews from the monthly questions I compile and email to him, as listed in the "questions from April" thread, which he returns for me to update the page with. For all but those 8, you can do a forum search for Reapermatt in the Warlord categories and get his direct quote. If you are not willing to take my word for it regarding the Monthly Question List, I suppose you could PM Matt and ask him if he would mind my forwarding his approval email to you. Failing that, call it unofficial and ignore everything that is not in the official Errata post. In a perfect world, every time a question came up, Matt would answer/verify it and forward it to the webmaster, who would immediately update the official Errata page. However, Reaper has a limited amount of resources, so they allow others to help take up the slack. I have made my opinion known on various Warlord questions as they come up here on the boards, and am sometimes wrong. However, I do not put my opinions on my Errata & Clarifications page: everything there is directly from the game designer. Use it, or not, as you see fit. Now, because my little monologue will constitute threadjacking if I don't get it back on topic: Original source: the monthly update from Matt. Board notification: Official April Answers.
  17. Because tonight, I'm too lazy to look it up and quote it. It was previously posted on the boards. I put the page up because the Errata page on WarlordHQ is not yet finished.
  18. Solos are also immune to All Alone.
  19. Does not shake them. Errata page in my sig, section for "Spell Casting".
  20. My opinion? Either you wasted your college money or you are wasting your potential. I am willing to assume you could do so much more, but if you are willing to stay in your current job rather than move to a better one, I would guess that the emotional cost of moving exceeds the emotional cost of staying. From that perspective, your job is fine, and personally I don't believe a higher-paying job is necessarily more valid. My personal opinion is that a college degree doesn't make you qualified, unless your degree is in one of the rare fields where book learning directly translates to practical use. If you have nothing else to judge a potential employee on, a degree is better than nothing, as it at least means you are trainable. That is why I prepare practical evaluations and proficiency tests when I hire contract employees - it doesn't matter what you know if you can't apply it.
  21. ...and inside of Crusaders, it is too dark to do assembly work. Anyway, Overlords also have some really nice miniatures with only minor assembly required.
  22. Easy fix: you print the Errata & Clarifications pdf, or you go to the corresponding page to view the change log. The information there is directly from the game designer; if you can find a ruling that I can't attribute to Matt, I'll get a plane ticket to wherever you are and eat a copy in front of you. Now I agree, a simple link on the official Errata page would solve it for the lawyers among us, but I also think that anyone who takes the stance "there is a blank errata page on the website so I don't accept forum posts by the game designer as official" is, in my opinion, being trifling. The resources I linked to do all the work for you, so I would rather have the Reaper team working on the game than fixing trivialities. It would be different if the information wasn't readily available, but as it stands it is only a click away.
  23. In step C, "the attacker inflicts one point of Damage, which will take effect at the end of the Close Combat Resolution Stage". Mercy triggers off the "Inflicting", which is how it is worded in Step C (and goes on to say it is applied later). However, Now, personally I feel that you should still get the defensive strike, as the apparent intent is that all the scrappage happens at the same time but was listed as it was to make the procedure clear, but having the steps in the sequence they are indicates otherwise. If the steps were: C) Attacker and Defender attempt spankage C1) how to resolve attacker C2) how to resolve defender Then there would be no conflict, or it could be cleared up with "steps C and D happen simultaneously, even though they are listed sequentially". At this point, though, I think we're down to opinions. I agree with you on the intent but not the wording, and this question is on the list for May, so I'll step out of this one now.
  24. Nope, errata (link in my signature) made it only melee attacks on the Crusader's activation.
  25. One thing that matters in the strength of the bond is the ratio between the two parts. To get the best mix, waste a lot - the more you use, the less small differences in amounts will effect the bond.
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