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  1. Could a friendly neighborhood moderator add a poll to this thread, with a request that only people who plan to play in the tournament vote their faction? This way perhaps folks who have several factions can choose a less-represented one so we get more variety...
  2. As an employer, if I was silly enough to hire somebody simply because they had a related degree, and then found out they were not interested or could not perform in that field, I would get rid of them too. Providing jobs is not a social responsibility I acquire when I have a business - I have performance measures to meet, and use personnel assets to meet them. An employee who uses more of my business assets than their productivity warrants, be it time/money/space/whatever is on their way out the door. Now, as a LEADER, I am aware that employees' perception of management is a large factor in performance. If I motivate an employee, or make them feel like they are a valid and important part of the work, they are generally more productive, and I get more out than I put in. By the same token, if I allow one employee to not pull their fair share, the others' productivity will (on average) go down as a result of them seeing the relative benefit of apathy. Now, in your friend's case, it looks to me like they were looking for a reason to fire him, and your friend may or may not know the reason(s), and may or may not be telling you. However, the Fair Labor Board can tell him if the reason was valid, and whether or not he has a case for wrongful termination. On a separate issue, recent legal changes allow people in your area to file for an exemption to the law that requires you to remain in the area. If one's exemption is approved, people are permitted to move to an area with a better job market instead of staying at a bad job in a sucky job market.
  3. The "5 point discount to all but these" was a fast way of getting the info out. In the Errata & Clarifications, it lists the correct value rather than a discount, so if you refer to that it won't matter.
  4. Someone who plays an Undead army.
  5. No, it goes into the synergy of the faction. Basically, the Faction SA is intended to give you the same amount of buff that using other faction's models to fill your capability gaps would.
  6. 1:4 is the ratio of elites to total number of troops. 1:3 is the ratio of elites to non-elites. Both mean the same thing. Note: models with elitist attitudes don't alter the equations, no matter how much they feel they should.
  7. Whether a single model is killed by one model with First Strike or by 4, the result is the same - the effective difference is that you can choose which one after you see which ones you nail. For the opposed roll, you're only on your last damage track if you were there before the attack - damage doesn't kick in until the end. If you happen to have the Duke or an Angel engaged...well, you paid good points for that Dis 9.
  8. Chrome, you're my hero. That analogy is dead on - uses a common reference, is easily translated, and can be logically extended to the game without much of a leap. Now, can you do one to replace "it's like chess"?
  9. Cav Actual is not misleading at all. I coined the Term it is a Battlestar Galactica thing. Adama never Calls himself Galactica one he always is refered to as Galactica Actual which is were the term comes from. Besides we could just refer to CAV as what it is CAV :) Since CAV 2.0 isn't out yet :) But as for me I will use CAV Actual. As I said when I first used it on Mil-Net it is the Battlestar Galactica comeing out in me. "Actual" is a callsign reference to a unit commander (well, in the here-and-now) - if Galactica used it, they borrowed from "history". I have heard Marines use it, though us Army folks normally use "6" for the same purpose.
  10. I don't remember seeing any discussion on this one, did I miss it? Do we have a reasoning behind it? Point me to a thread somewhere? I'm assuming its a game balance thing, but I figured the cost of cavalry in the cost/benefit consideration would be the actual point cost. I'm assuming the modifier to ranged attack directed at cavalry is similar to modifiers to ranged attacks against other larger-than-human things. Now I have to go re-work all my cavalry troops... Remember, it only applies to models with the SA: Cavalry, not to cav models in general. It was not discussed on the forums before - it comes out in the Necropolis book. Matt covered it in his monthly rules email, the first use of the Preview category. As for the reasoning:
  11. Heh - perhaps a local could check with the hotel about using the conference room.
  12. Actually, I disagreed with my previous statement a few posts later. The text of Mercy indicates (in my opinion) step C rather than step G.
  13. I suppose you would consider it that way, but only for one model per activation. Additionally, it requires success on an opposed Dis roll, where failure becomes "auto-heal enemy".
  14. Heh - yup, better go first. If it used the unmodified stat, it would be the only thing in the game to do so.
  15. I received the email today covering the second set of official answers for April. The Errata & Clarifications page has been updated, as has the PDF. There is also a new category...Previews. Now, to save you a mouse click: 1. When models on Super bases attack, having any portion of its base against any portion of the target's base counts as Valid Base Contact. 2. An AoE spell that cannot affect the friendly Model will not cause that Model to become Shaken. 3. Prince Danithal has SA: Mage 2/4. 4. All Spectral Minions are all part of their own troop. No card is added to the initiative deck, as they always activate right before the End Phase. 5. SA: Reach cancels the effects of an enemy model's SA: First Strike. 6. If a model declares a Movement Action against a model that has multiple Discipline-check-causing abilities, the attacker takes each test separately. Any failed test results in the loss of the declared movement action, though the model may use another Movement action (if available) to try again. 7. Models with SA: Cavalry count as two models towards the troop's total size. Models conducting a Ranged Attack against a model with SA: Cavalry gain a Ranged Combat Situational Modifier of -2. 8. During a model's activation, using Innate: Draining Touch does not require the caster to use a Cast Spell Combat Action. Until the end phase, when conducting Melee Defensive Strikes, the caster's MAV is equal to it's CP. Quite the juicy batch - and a fast turn around. Thanks, Matt.
  16. 1. Mostly - you can have multiples of captains/sergeants unless their datacard says Unique. 2. Yes - you can mix Soldier types within the same troop.
  17. Most spells do their thing once, unless the spell description says otherwise; Speed doesn't eternally buff you, Ice Shards doesn't continue to shred you, Firestorm doesn't continue to burn...
  18. Doubling the number of attacks doubles the effectiveness of your attacks, regardless of the DV of your target, and gives you a chance to inflict multiple damage points. Linked, however, caps out at one damage and gives a decreasing return (as compared to doubling number of attacks) as DV lowers. For example: Needing to roll a 10 to hit: a reroll takes you from 10% to 19% chance to hit. 2x attacks takes you from 10% to 20% comparable enough. Needing a 6, reroll beefs you from 50% to 75%. Doubling takes you from 50% to 100% (chance of no damage averages with chance of double damage), clearly better. Needing a 1, reroll doesn't help - automatic hit. 2x attacks gives you two auto hits. So, from a mechanics point of view, you have steps of usefulness: nothing --> Linked --> more attacks. Which stat the designer chooses is a measure of the desired relative power of the combatant, and gives him a tool for faction balance. Corresponding fluff is easy, if you are willing to accept that stats will not directly equate from CAV1 to CAV2.
  19. For what it's worth, the Errata & Clarifications document is a single page PDF. Of that, only 13 points are Errata - the remainder being clarifications. I'll read a page to have superior rules.
  20. SA: Linked is a way for a model to scale effectiveness against high-DV targets; it doesn't help at all when you need a 1 to hit, but it doubles your effectiveness when you need a 10. It is not tied in to a physical representation on a model. Fluff-wise, it could represent saturation of an area (lots of barrel capacity) or specific technology( long-range tracking arrays). Multiple barrels, on the other hand, don't necessarily mean you fire more - they could be a design feature to compensate for slow cycle rate, or built-in redundancy, or specific-range optimization, or a host of other things. Fluff is nice, but game mechanic is king.
  21. SA: Mercy either works or fails in the combat resolution step, while SA: Tough triggers during the target model's next activation, so the two will never conflict.
  22. No, they don't get the Faction SA.
  23. Heh - I was looking at the question from the other end of the barrel. Got it now. I agree, Mercy prevents the damage while Pain Cage ignores it. Nothing to My hunch: no defensive strike for a successful Mercy, because Mercy triggers when a model "has inflicted", and combat resolution steb C states "attacker inflicts one point of damage" as well as the above point. From a fluff perspective, this makes it a "sparing" instead of a "resurrecting", and also reinforces the errata that Mercy only occurs during an attacker's melee activation. Goldeneagle, you just scored some good points with this Abn GI for a quote like that. Question added to the May list.
  24. EDIT: reversed my opinion. My new revisionist history version: If it succeeds, I don't think so. If it fails, they definitely do. It all depends on whether Mercy resolves in step C (which I believe) or in step G.
  25. Nope, the abilites happen at different times. Mercy triggers when the Crusader nails a model, Pain Cage triggers when the Darkspawn nails a model.
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