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  1. Thank you all so much, miss seeing all those I would normally see at ReaperCon
  2. Put in my vacation request, though they cant do anything with it in the system for a few more months...
  3. asking for a friend... what is the max size of a diorama? I know ive seen it somewhere before. but I don't remember where.
  4. same here... in times past, IF I had time I would stay for the raffle and leave immediately after, if its going to be mixed in, Ill just leave earlier... I also found information concerning activities to be lacking
  5. I guess I've been subconsciously doing that for years now, swag bag makes it to room and doesn't leave until we head home
  6. considering they only pick one of your entries to judge...
  7. Unfortunately, the con has gotten to big to leave anything unattended, not a complaint, it just comes with the territory...
  8. Maybe not a gold, but I have a couple of ideas bouncing around in my head
  9. Sorry wasn't able to make any of them
  10. Pulled into my driveway in T-Town at 4PM, a few slowdowns thanks to the ever present construction on I-35, but all in all was a pretty uneventful trip back.
  11. The Good? All of it! That being said, it had to be good as I didn't even know I was going up until about 6 weeks ago. I had a brain fart and failed to book a room, thus leaving me out in the cold (or in this case, the heat) but thanks to EvilCleric and Inarah, a room was acquired and I was able to soak in another ReaperCon. The Bad? The was no contest entry, no classes and no gaming, but that's ok cause I enjoyed just sitting back and painting miniatures, playing pinball and having conversations with my friends. Ill be a little more diligent next year concerning the hotel EDIT: a few other things, found some great food and coffee shops. Juicy Pig BBQ, Thai Ocha, Jupiter Coffee, & West Oak Coffee. Also hit Recycled Books for the second year and walked away with some pretty nifty stuff
  12. <<<MOD>>> A friendly reminder that animated GIFs are not allowed on Reapers Forums. <<<>>> Sorry about that
  13. In the past, one could pick up tickets and badges Wednesday evening, is this still going to be an option? if so, what is the time frame? I ask because I may have to visit some family on Wednesday evening and would like to work them in around getting the swag.
  14. will you will post here if they open up more rooms?
  15. If I was flying solo, that would be an option
  16. yeah, no rooms at the RC rate... on my budget, that extra 280.00 gonna hurt :(
  17. I dont know how I missed the hotel reservation info, and now there are no rooms left :( what was the reapercon rate?
  18. Been watching NCIS, the Rookie, Are You Being Served and Barney Miller. Just started watching Whiskey Cavalier (so far so good). Recently finished up a couple of serials (The Crimson Ghost and the Masked Marvel), going to start on a couple more (Flash Gordon and Green Hornet)
  19. Ive always had issues with traveling around and storing my mini painting tools, a few years ago my brother gave me a soft sided tool box that mostly worked, but was still lacking... last week I think I found the one that will suit my needs. its another soft sided tool box, but it has three compartments inside allowing for better organization. Let me introduce you to my new AWP HP Ballistic Nylon Tool Bag #522522 from Lowes.
  20. Yay, time off for Reapercon approved! (I requested it as soon as the dates were confirmed, but the system at work wouldn't let them approve it until now)
  21. Started on this around Thanksgiving, finally finished it. spent hours doing research, redrawing and tweaking the floor plan, would see something in a frame and have to rearrange things. Rick’s Café Americain
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