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  1. I saw in the Bones III KS thread that we could order more then 10 (due to changes in the ks terms), I'm trying to add more then 10 and it hangs at recalculation (already have 10 add 2).
  2. CAVBOSS has been quite open, no argument there. I think that 'refreshing' is an overstatement ;-) The thing that annoys me quite a bit is that this issue got dragged up months ago (again), it was discussed with CAVBOSS, I didn't read the conclusions, but given the timespan I assumed things had been decided and we would see it in the KS. When the KS FAQ said 10mm (1/180), the assumption was that they decided to rescale everything consistently. Half way through the KS we find out that there's no decision been made at all. It gives me the impression that we aren't being told everything, that of course leads to assumptions and to date those assumptions have been wrong. It's not an issue about size of the molds or costs. But then we get some really strange story about 'large' vehicles detracting from the CAV element, asif we the customers can't make that decision for ourselves, we can't choose to not use vehicles we think to large (which I doubt many would). We now have 3 days to go and we still don't have a decision. As I said, I have pledged and don't expect my pledge to change due to whatever exact scale they decide on, but I can really understand it if others either want to know that before they throw money at the KS, this indecision is hurting the KS imho and makes it difficult to endorse it to others because I can't in good conscious say that it's 10mm (1/180) and explaining the situation isn't going to make people want to pledge if they're interested in the vehicles. If folks really want to play with smaller vehicles they can buy the older metal models directly from Reaper, folks that want to play with the correctly proportioned vehicles can't do that if the Bones version isn't correctly scaled. If the JOR stats are no longer relevant, make that clear in the same FAQ as the scale question. CAV is a combined arms game with a focus on CAVs, Mecha that aren't as tall or as small as the competition (BT/HG), it's been that way forever. CAV could also cater to the BT crowd by using a bigger scale for their CAVs, the vehicles might have been kept small because of blister sizes, but oddly enough that also meant that suddenly a lot of the vehicles were also compatible with BT scale wise... It feels like that the folks currently in charge of CAV want to change certain aspects of the idea/game/universe, either by making CAVs seem bigger, make the combined arms element less important, etc. Maybe I'm completely wrong but with the reactions I've read this is what it adds up to in my book and that imho isn't a smart idea, it alienates older CAV fans and confuses people new to CAV to no end. That the rulebook is not part of the KS is already confusing a lot of folks to no end, even if it's been repeated many times...
  3. That means a 1/180 model would need to be 24mm high. If it's not, then Reaper is flat out lying with their KS in the FAQ. I could initially say that it might have been a mistake/oversight, but how long has this discussion been going on here (again)? I'm more then a bit annoyed that this kind of crap wasn't ironed out before the KS, I would think that this is one of the first things you figure out when you start a KS that's supposed to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for miniatures... This isn't rocket science! Why weren't folks as critical of the first two Bones KS? Because a small Orc or a large Dwarf happen, not all people are equally tall or short. When was the last time you saw a short Centurion II driving around? CAV is an established IP were they already stated out a lot of the vehicles with dimensions. It's not just about not living up to the established dimensions, it's also about physical impossibilities. I'm not talking about impossible designs regarding physics, I'm talking about access hatches on the Despot that a normal person wouldn't fit through or a cockpit that's obviously to small... Will this stop me from buying 20+ of every vehicle? No, but I'm pretty nuts, folks less dedicated might think differently and drop their pledges. Future sales might also suffer. And I still don't see any reason why this discrepancy in scale should be made, it's not the cost, it's not ability, it's some vague misplaced idea that it would do a disservice to the CAVs... Madness I say! CAV certainly isn't the only Mecha game with scale issues, BT is a total mess and even Heavy Gear has some rather large consistency issues. CAV now has the opportunity to be different then the competition, changing to the correct scale after this KS is completed is a very expensive project and I don't expect to see that happen in my lifetime (and I intent to be around for another 60+ years) if ever.
  4. Did the Despot have it's measurements noted in any of the previous CAV books? If so, what were they?
  5. If it's only about representation, then use folded paper planes to play your games. But Reaper is a miniatures company, the few games they make are to sell more miniatures. If you say the miniatures are 10mm (1:180) scale, make sure they are. If a subrange isn't the same scale, be darned sure that you make that clear right from the start, put warning labels next to the pictures. If it's not the money and only about the possible perceived size and focus of the miniatures, I call BS! Mostly Reaper makes miniatures for Fantasy RPGs, that was the focus of the Bones KS. RPGs are about the heroes doing things, they are the focus of the game. So why are there so many monsters that are far bigger then the hero miniatures? Why isn't everything only 30mm high if it only 'represents' something? Imho that's because the focus might be on the heroes, it's also what they do, they slay monsters. The bigger the monster the bigger the accomplishment. The same goes for CAV, if it was just about big stompy robots, there would have been handweaving and there wouldn't be infantry, vehicles of aircraft in the game. But folks want combined arms games, because no matter how cool big stompy robots are, so are big tanks, large infantry formations or a squadron of Thunderbolt lookalikes mowing the CAVs with their rotary assault cannons... If people want to play with big aircraft, let them, just like you let folks play pure CAV formations. If folks think that the Tsuiseki is to large on their table, they won't play it, they'll deploy smaller aircraft, they have the choice. But the folks that want to play a large aircraft in a game of CAV Wouldn't have that option because the powers that be decided that we wouldn't like big scary aircraft in our CAV games. Now, I don't want to be hostile, but that reeks of a large amount of arrogance about what we do and don't want from a game, especially when the company wants folks to give (lots of) money up front.
  6. If you don't use Mk.1 you don't need a canopy. While lying down on your back, feet forward, might improve your tolerance to high G forces due to acceleration forward, it doesn't really help with High Gs due to maneuvering. You don't want to have a nasty kink in your neck while laying on your back and trying to look forward. Not to mention that controls will be a pain, because most of the time your arms would be fighting gravity and rudder pedals for the feet would be unpractical. I think that pilots would try to dive bomb who ever thought up such a design. Now, if it was some sort of Direct Neural Interface that would control the plane you could dump the pilot in some sort of fluid that would mitigate high G forces and lying down wouldn't be a problem, but again, you wouldn't need a canopy. If it's not feasible to produce models in 10mm (1:180) scale, then don't market them as such!!! That's what we call misleading the consumer... We have other companies that make 10mm (1:180/182/188*) scale models in hard plastic and in resin/metal, from infantry to pretty big dropships (4"+) and consistently scale their models, Hawk Games is doing pretty good and really young compared to Reaper miniatures and they didn't have to KS their hard plastic line of minis. Spartan Games is also getting into the 10mm market with Big tanks, huge walkers (4-8") and correctly proportioned aircraft. Should I be spending money there instead of this mishmash of oddly proportioned scaled minis? I was under the impression that the vehicles would be correctly scaled for these new molds, now I hear that this is not the case? If it's a money issue, ask for more, if it's a packaging issue, buy bigger blisters! I'm really wondering if Reaper wants folks to play BT with a couple of CAV minis thrown in or folks to play CAV with all CAV models that don't look oddly out of place... Don't get me wrong, it doesn't have to be correct to the mm, but a tank being 15%+ to small gets noticed, planes that are only 1/3rd the size are obvious. @Girot, if your not an employee and just a fanboy, you might want to start with that info before folks start reading your take on the situation. Might keep peoples blood pressure at reasonable levels ;-) @Foxden Racing, this Mook actually studied aeronautical engineering (you know, designing and building airplanes), didn't finish it, but enough has stuck with me to be a Mook+ regarding this kind of stuff... ;-) *note: Different companies have different definitions of what 10mm scale entails, Reaper 1:180, Hawk Games 1:188, Spartan Games 1:182, the difference between these scales is so small that it's hardly noticeable. dp9 uses 1:144 for Heavy Gear and those models are almost 25% bigger then 1:180 scale models and that is very noticeable...
  7. Keep in mind that the Warthog wold be over 3.5" long, and that is indeed a tiny cramped cockpit, the Tsuiseki does have a comparatively longer cockpit, but the only way a pilot is going to fit in there is laying on his back or belly. Besides that position being horrible to fly a combat plane, what is the use of a canopy the pilot can't look out of? 50% bigger would fit and it would still be smaller then a Warthog... Even the Despot is small at ~7m in length (hull). Sure in the future they make everything smaller, but even people?
  8. Sorry, but no. I look at the infantry and I look at the Tsuiseki and my mind says "Something is off here!", it actually takes a bit of time to figure out what exactly, but that infantry figure is never going to fit into that cockpit. It looks to big to be a drone and to small to be an actual plane to be flown by human sized beings. @2" it's more 1/285 sized (aka. 6mm), fun if your primary goal is to sell to BT fans, not fun if you want your CAV fans to have a consistent scale... As for looking huge, planes are huge, they just aren't massive like CAV's. Planes tend to be pretty thin, a problem if you only look straight from the top of the model, not a problem when you look at it from an angle as happens at the miniature wargame table.
  9. I thought/hoped that this was already decided to go with correctly scaled aircraft, especially after the KS states: People are going to be very disappointed after they receive their KS pledges and find out that the fighters aren't in scale to the other models...
  10. Wild speculation follows: Well... With possibly 35 designs in the KS I would think that they might do another KS after the current KS has become available for sale and has been sold a month or two. They could use the sales of the Bones CAV to make new molds, but that would probably take a long while to get the rest over...
  11. I knew about the Dictator and the Scorpion in 28mm, but the Despot is kinda new for me... I would like some 1/100 CAV models for 15/18mm gaming, a Despot in that size would be awesome!
  12. Epic was 6mm, if that was all that accurate is a whole different question, part of the problem is the larger minis for 40k over the last 25 years (the original 28mm beakies are a lot smaller then the current ones... Also keep in mind that 6mm is generally 1/285-1/300, while in this case 10mm is 1/180, that's a big difference in scale.
  13. You need 40 for that Halberd battalion with command lance... ;-) That's because you keep playing with geezers! Besides their decreased reflexes, they need more time reaching over those beer bellies and the end is nearer for them ;-)
  14. Push harder! Use your head! No paying in favors! ;-) @Titus: I'm from the Netherlands, I doubt we have many if any CAV players, a handful of BT players, and Reaper minis are quite rare. Didn't you guys have Drager og Dæmoner as your national RPG? I'm ordering a ton of CAV and suspect that I'll end up with ~€2,75/CAV (€1,35/vehicle) inc. shipping & VAT/import fees, which is a pretty good deal imho over here. On the other hand I'll probably have enough CAV to last me a live time (and then some)...
  15. 'Huge' in the gaming market, D&D as a RPG had ~6 million players in 2007, in 2004 more the 20 million people had played the D&D RPG. The big difference with a company like GW is that each person playing their game spends a lot more compared to a RPG player (often just the PHB even if that), so a company like GW with 40k/wfb generates a lot more revenue then a company like WoTC with D&D. While such stats might differ with each region, as a gamer that is very immersed in both 'scenes' I notice that while there's overlap with th RPGers and the miniature gamers, if they're not in both groups they don't notice each other. There are tons of RPGers that don't play with minis, there are still tons that do. Just look at the number of people that backed the first two Reaper Bones KS or the Dwarven Forge KS, now compare that to something like Battletech. The first print of the BT starter boxes was around 20% of the number of backers for the Bones KS and a lot of people haven't even heard of KS or don't buy through KS. CAV Bones is also a Mech heavy KS at the moment, so it'll sooner appeal to BT fans then Dropzone Commander or Firestorm Planetfall fans. MechWarrior Dark Age was burried very long ago, so the fan base is currently relatively small or you need a lot of new players, both make the CAV Bones KS a lot more 'difficult' then the previous Reaper KS. Don't know where your located, but here in the Netherlands you have a lot of folks that came into RPGs and aren't into or even know people who are into miniature wargames and vice versa. You also have the Boardgamers, the cardgamers, etc. There is overlap, but even then knowledge about communities outside their interest zones is often very little. Talked to an old friend that's been a D&D fan for over two decades, but only recently learned about Pathfinder (and that's supposedly the same 'group') also only recently found out about Fantasy Flight Games. But he did know about Reaper as a miniature manufacturer, but didn't know about the whole Bones KS thing. Also the first two KS ended up with 200+ minis, currently we're at 42 minis with this KS... Sure the CAVs are a lot bigger then your average Orc, but that's not what other people see right away...
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