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  1. Well I am glad to see you have him safe and sound! Those barbarians at the post office worry me......lots. I'm very honored that you will be using his colors to paint your army by. To answer your question the skulls were very simple. Games Workshop Bleached bone with Chestnut ink wash. You reclaim the Bleached bone bits you want, and then hit the teeth with Skull white and do a light highlight of Skull white on the very raised portions of the skull itself. The horns on the demon skull I painted Chaos black and then varnished for the shiny look. Thank you all for the very kind compliments. It was a treat to paint a figure that I had no plans to paint at all, but it works well for someones army. Hopefully he will kick some serious @$$ for you in the future!!!! God bless and happy gaming to all!
  2. That is worth thinking about! A whole were creature army instead of just a Lupine army. Very nice. It would be pretty cool if Reaper came out with a before and after blister. You could have rules for Lupine models in human and in Lupine form! The humans wouldn't be as strong but they could use more equipment or cast more spells! Great ideas, even though the Halfling werewolf is just creepy. An ogre werewolf would be a beat stick! I think a giant werewolf would be pushing it. Thank you.
  3. Alien four was a disgrace. No one wuss slaps a queen and gets away with it, NO ONE! And all other Alien movies bow down to the greatness that is Aliens. I will be buried with a copy clutched in my cold fingers.
  4. Darth Maul chewing up a cubic butt ton of red shirts would be pretty sweet.
  5. I did think about doing that. It would kinda emphasize that there is a 500 pound werewolf in the armor. I just wanted him to be as fully encased as he could be. But I am thinking you are right. The muzzle bit needs to go. I was wondering if the sword was large enough for you? Thank you for your feedback!
  6. Newest one. This is the armored Lupine. The hardest part was the bloody muzzle bit. I still don't think I have it looking right. This is another photo, so I apologize once again for the crappy quality. Also there is a great deal of detail missing from this drawing on purpose. I'm gonna do all the shading and lighting effects off the armor digitally. So I really can't have all those ink lines to show light reflecting and curvature.
  7. I would like to see: A female angel in plate mail armor. Preferably if she has a flaming sword. Paladins on all the various mounts they can have as divine mounts for D&D. Paladin on a horse. Paladin on a Lion. Paladin on a hippogrif.
  8. Tomarrow I should be able to post the Armored Lupine warrior I drew up. He looks fairly nasty.
  9. Sweet! Thanks for the information! I was worried I was going to have to have a Lupine army lead by a human. That would be very lame indeed.
  10. Okay guys, I am on the confused side. The Lupine Lord model. On his stat card it shows that he is a unique captain. In the newest Casket works it states that he's a Warlord for the Mercenary faction. Is his data card been changed to read that he is a Warlord?
  11. Ha! I say the filthy Predators stole the tech they have, and enslaved smarter creatures to instruct them on the use of it. We can really only speculate about the Aliens as well. Since they breed with other races differently, they have an infinite amount of diversity available to them. I'm also certain that the movies just scratched on the surface of the structure of Alien hierarchy.
  12. Thank you very much! With the bow I was looking at making it look as raw as possible. I was trying to convey that these guys are still werewolves and not bow makers. Just like a hunk of a tree with metal tips so they don't wear out. I should next week have another put up!!!!
  13. Here is yet another crappy snap shot. This is of my Lupine Ranger/archer/ranged attack guy. Again I will get my scanner back online and you can have these in nice clean formats and actually see the full version of this one. I had to cut off a bit of the bow. I would like some more feedback on what you guys would like to see. I can then whip up some more concept art and maybe that would get some blood pumping around here to try and push some more Lupine figures!
  14. Well, I not a reader of Scifi, so I never knew the book existed.
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