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  1. So, CFP and the Target lock require separate actions. I had assumed that the CFP was part of the Target Lock, similar to when you perform EST. In the case of a pather (no IA, attacks as I recall), is the subsequent target point roll considered the second action by itself?
  2. When a model is benefitting from another model's target lock via EST, and it makes an AOE attack, does it have to center its target point on the locked model? Basically, how does it benefit from EST since it doesn't actually target the locked enemy model?
  3. The rulebook lists specialty actions as non-repeatable. Does this mean one SA total may be performed per activation, or does it mean only one SA of a specific type may be performed once per activation. For instance, may I ECM Pod and EST with a single model's actions during its activation? On a related note, if I target lock an enemy model, would models within the affected area benefit from both CFP and EST, or would I have to choose one or the other?
  4. That helps, thank you. And, I found the steps for resolving the defender's attacks, so its alot clearer now.
  5. So we're used to games that use area terrain, which is an abstract concept. Cav seems to support literal terrain features, and actual LOS. The problem is that Woods don't seem to quite fit as defined in the CAV rules. They confer cover which makes sense and easy to understand given the rules for such modifiers. A model at least 25% concealed by a tree would gain light cover (since no rules are given for trees as area terrain). But, according to the rules, woods also confer a movement penalty? This doesn't seem to make sense, since you can't actually place a model where a tree is. I was curious how you guys play it. Do you use a foot print like you would for area terrain- to show where the movement modifiers begin/end? My roomate and I were half way through a game (using area terrain- footprints with moveable trees) when we realized, as his scorpion went to fire through a stand of trees (that we had removed all the actual trees from) that there weren't any area terrain rules .
  6. Thanks, that makes sense (though I wish the rule book communicated it as clearly). We've been playing Warmachine/Hordes primarily for the past year so we've gotten used to a very litteral and strict reading of the rules. Doesn't seem to mesh well with CAV.
  7. Could you point out the rules for defensive strikes in CC because I can't find them. And actually, it says if you conduct a close combat action this activation you can not move. So why can't you activate after being charged, not perform a cc action, and just move via the passage on pg. 80 I quoted earlier. To be honest I'm totally confused by CAV's close combat rules. Contact with Enemy Models (pg. 80) says a model's move action immediately ends if there is B2B, which to me reads as if you could never move out of B2B with an enemy (combat or not) as your move would end as soon as it began. Contradictory to this is Leaving B2B Contact (pg. 80), which would seem to always allow you to leave B2B (again CC or not). Also, the CC rules say that you repeat the combat steps until either defending model or the attacking model is destroyed, though I don't see the rules for the defender attacking back (and if this was the case wouldn't either you or the enemy be dead when your next activation comes around?). Could someone please clear this up for me, I'm new to the RAGE system, and its nothing like what I'm used to.
  8. So my gaming group just started playing CAV and we are a little bit confused by the way the activation rules are written. It says that models using the same type of non-repeatable action must conduct them at the same time. Does this mean that... 1) If an activated CAV in my armor group moves then makes a ranged action, all of the other models in the section must make their ranged action from where they are, without a chance to move first and get in range. or 2) The models are just considered to be making the declared attacks at the same time, though they may move or perform their other action before actually resolving the attack. Also, must an activated model perform both of its actions before another model in its section can perform an action? For instance, could I move my Tiger, move my Kahn and use its EST, and then perform a ranged attack with the Tiger?
  9. Where are you guys getting that a model can't just break from combat? My rules say that a model can just declare a movement action to leave (pg. 80 under Leaving B2B Contact, from the downloadable rulebook). My gaming group was wondering about this, we just started playing CAV .
  10. Hi, my gaming group just started playing CAV, so we'll probably be asking lots of questions over the next few weeks. The rule book doesn't state whether a model needs LOS to prform a target lock action on it. We had assumed that LOS was required, were we doing it wrong?
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