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  1. I haven't played around with the current version of the 3.x data file recently, but it never struck me as having any issues/difficulties with it. What sort of changes/modifications have you made? With the release of the 1.2 stats, making the changes to the data file should not be too difficult simply using the editor that comes with Army Builder. As well, adding additional abilities/equipment/etc. shouldn't be too difficult either, as long as the file was set up to handle it. I've haven't played around with with data files since 1.x; I did a lot of work on the Chronopia file. That being said, I'd have no problems playing helping out with the current files. If you want to drop me a PM Id be interested in getting a copy of what you've got.
  2. Thanks for the update Kit - muchly appreciated!! AJC
  3. I think that this is a great new feature and a great way to wet our appetites for upcoming releases. Any chance that you might be able to include some concept art along the way? AJC
  4. And now you can upgrade to CC3 Another program worth mentioning is Fractal Mapper V7.0 by NBOS Software. While not quite as "robust" as CC2, it is a pretty versatile program. An added bonus is that a number of the various "add-ons" for CC are standard features within FM. AJC
  5. Another system you might want to consider is "A Game of Thrones" by Guardians of Order, based upon Martin's Fire & Ice series. I'm not familiar with Pendaragon, bu the AGoT system is very "gritty" and I think it would suit an Arthurian campaign. Regards, AJC
  6. Primarily because of the art/design. AJC
  7. Wow!! Lots of comments... I've always approached BT as a boardgame; I don't think that it really compares to current mini games in any sense other than one can use minis to represent his/her mechs. My only beef with BT is that the mech designs seemed to plummet after TRO3050 came out - this is one of the things that has always appealed to me about CAV. One of the things I find intriguing about this announcement is that this has been in the works for a couple of years (gleaned from the BattleChat transcript), and they have kept their plans very quiet. Now, they're announcing a major re-investment into the market with major plans to promote and support the game. Note that ultimately the proof will remain to be seen until August. When it comes to CAV, the minis and designs are simply amazing (and yes, the game is pretty good too... ). However, it has taken a loooong time to get where they are today, and that was when BT and DP9 (recently) were in the dumps. For me, a major factor in playing/collecting a game is the fluff and background - something that BT has in abundance, but that CAV is lacking. Hopefully the pending release of CAV2 in the near ( ) future will be the start on much more CAV-goodness to come. Just my $0.02 worth... Regards, AJC
  8. For those interested, Classic Battletech is being "re-launched" at Gencon in August: Classic Battletech Announcement Not too sure how I feel about this; love the game (archaic though it may be) but don't like a lot of the minis (CAV has better designs and sculpts). AJC
  9. Thanks to all for their suggestions (both mini and game play)!! AJC
  10. What "kind" on mini are you looking for - fighter, thief, wizard, skeleton ? AJC
  11. Was wondering if people could throw out some suggestions as to possible minis to use for a hexblade character (most likely a half-elf)? Thanks in advance, AJC
  12. Check out "Gavin, Warrior Thief" (DA2857): AJC
  13. Thanks for the lead - this is exactly what I've been looking for. Regards, AJC
  14. Thanks - I haven't used Fantization in a while, but always had good experiences with them when I did. I've found recently that stuff coming up from the US seems to take FOREVER to clear. AJC
  15. Was wondering if anyone could recommend online stores (based in Canada) that maintain solid inventories of Reaper miniatures? One of our local FLGS just closed down - the owner found he could make more money playing poker and that after 12 years, he'd lost his passion for the business. I am aware of a number of solid online retailers in the US, but would like to avoid the hassles associated with cross-border shipments. Thanks in advance, AJC
  16. The "regular" troopers that come in the Yu Jing boxed set stand as high as a GW Space Marine (which have always been undersized... ) I haven't picked up any of the "larger" mins yet either, but the new Yu Jing "robot" looks pretty impressive. AJC
  17. Here is another large dragon from Magnificent Egos: Razorwing I thought I'd seen a mini comparison somewhere, but can't find it at present. Based upon price alone, I can't see it being any larger that Reaper's dragons. Here is another from Darksword Miniatures: Golden Dragon of Chaos (There are a couple of other dragons offered by Darksword that look quite good) There is a mini there for comparison (true 28mm I believe). Again, similar to what others have posted, I think that we're seeing the limit as to how big these minis can get and still be "reaonably" afforable. AJC
  18. One thing that Reaper is doing well is that the minis for each of the new faction books are being released at a pretty good pace. At the same time they are still releasing the remaining minis for the other factions (yes I know, not fast enough for those Darkspawn fans). While I'd love to see all of the books out sooner, I'm pretty impressed with the schedule they established and are trying to maintain. AJC
  19. It's too bad that we don't have very many online stores based out of Canada up here; it would make life a whole lot easier for me if I could count on a reliable Canadian online retail store that stocked Reaper products. Note 1: there are good Canadian online retailers - not trying to slight anyone . However, their primary focus tends to be on other products and/or manufacturers. Note 2: I'd love it even more if I had solid local retail support; as it stands most of the stores in the K-W area focus on GW with minimal/periodic support of Reaper products. AJC
  20. Temple of Elemental Evil is also one of my favourite "classic" campaigns. If you're interested in something my "current", I suggest you look at The Shackled City which is a compilation of adventures that ran in Dungeon Magazine over a period of ~16 months. This campaign is designed to take characters right from 1st level to 20th+. AJC
  21. You might also want to take a look at the new book our from Malhavoc by Mike Mearls: Iron Heroes. My understanding is that the intent of this book is to provide rules/framework for "low magic" campaigns where swordplay has a much greater focus, providing a much grittier setting. AJC
  22. The "Xeph" are a race detailed in the Expanded Psionics Handbook. The link below is to an excerpt on WotC website giving a brief description. Expanded Psionics Handbook Excerpt You can problably find more info by doing a search there. Regards, AJC
  23. I'd like to second this request, even if the hi-res images were only available in a compressed file. AJC
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