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  1. I would like to see Giant Centipede Giant Ant Giant Beetle Giant Bee Giant Fly Charles
  2. I also use Zap-a-Gap for smaller pieces. For the larger pieces I prefer JB Kwik. Its a steel epoxy that sets in about four minutes. Everything should be pinned before glueing. Charles
  3. I was wondering what kind of prep work I would need to do to paint a Legendary Encounters fig. Will the acrylics stick to the plastic without primer? Should I dullcoat after painting? I am not looking for a major repainting but just doing some changes to individualize the orcs and put a wash on the skeletons. Charles
  4. 1. Giant Ants 2. Giant Centipedes 3. More Scorpions 4. Giant beetles Charles
  5. I also would like to see some giant ants, beetles, centipedes, and more scorpians. Charles
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