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  1. JG/RR

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    The Dragon bust from Reapercon is not Argents head, it is a version of one of Ma'al Drakar"s heads.
  2. The Blacksting base was designed to "visually" belong to the ruins, and it does line up with various DDS parts, but not meant to be anything specific.
  3. Julie and I designed a lot of the terrain to fit with or compliment the Dragons Don't share diorama. The terrain wall from Blacksting does match with the Dragons Don't share ruins. The large flat terrain piece with the raised circular base for the well was originally sculpted to fit in the puzzle piece section of DDS that the Dragon base slotted into. We have not seen a production piece yet, so we don't know if the locking tabs made it through the molding process. Bob
  4. JG/RR

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    To Xiwo Xerase, if you are referring to the class on Friday at 10 am in room #1, it was my class on the other side of the curtain: " Diorama building tips". I am leaning toward teaching it again next year if there is enough interest. Bob Ridolfi
  5. Check the Reaper Christmas promotions thread, the pictures of the rouge and reindeer are still there.
  6. JG/RR

    Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th

    Thank you Breegull for the positive words about my dragon sculpts. Narthrax works well as a dragon in flight if the support pins on the feet are removed and he is affixed to an appropriate flight stand. Hope this helps. Julie
  7. JG/RR

    Minis we would like to see

    Pack #03456 has a bear, a wolverine and a hawk.
  8. JG/RR

    Narthrax - Blue Version

    Beautiful work, as always. You know, I have a spot left on the shelf next to the Red version you painted. :) Julie
  9. JG/RR

    Chibis: 1532 Esme, 1533 Jack, 1534 Patch

    Those are fantastic! Thank you for such a great paint job on some fun sculpts. Bob and Julie
  10. JG/RR

    More new metal releases!

    Thank you for the kind words about the sculpt, Wallapuctus, and welcome to the boards! She was a fun sculpt and the artwork plus the detailed description helped to bring her to life. Glad you liked the finished product. Bob
  11. JG/RR

    More new metal releases!

    It seems like a long time ago that I worked on that figure. If I recall correctly, since I can't find the notes, and I don't have the green, the left hand is holding a second, regular style whip. I believe she has a bow and sword strapped to her back. Hope this helps. Julie
  12. JG/RR

    More new metal releases!

    The figure of Amrielle was a DYOM mini. I don't have the original notes handy, but she is holding a whip that was discribed as being made from the bones of a spine if I remember correctly. Julie
  13. JG/RR

    OnyxGuenhwyvar's Finished Minis

    That Fire Elemental is really beautiful! I was looking forward to seeing what folks would do with the transparent Bones. Great job! Julie
  14. Our friends at Midnight Syndicate have launched a new project at Kickstarter to produce a live show. We have known Ed for years and have listened to Midnight Syndicate music CDs while creating many of the sculpts we have done for Reaper. For those of you not familiar with their music, try looking them up on youtube and have a listen. Their music can be a great source of inspiration while doing creative endeavors like painting or sculpting, and mood music in the background for your gaming groups. They are good folks and we wish them success. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/524932304/midnight-syndicate-live-the-ultimate-halloween-con Thanks for your consideration, Bob Ridolfi Julie Guthrie
  15. NIce paint jobs, but none of those figures were done by me. Are they being advertised as my sculpts? Julie