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  1. Wow! That's a lot of work. Great paintjob, especially love the glowing eyes. Julie
  2. No Siri, the dual function of the wall was never mentioned before today, as a matter of fact I had to clear it with Ron to post about it here since the Hakir stuff had only been teased up to this point.
  3. The two sides of the wall are just meant to give the players a thematic choice. Either the "normal" or "evil" side could be used, depending on your game.
  4. For those of you who don't like the skeletal sarcophagus on the wall, remember that the wall has two sides and is reversible. Bob
  5. Don't worry Siri, she hasn't stopped doing Dragons ( check out the 2 new wyverns in Bones 6), she just had other assignments for this Kickstarter. You should see the one she currently has on her desk 🙂
  6. I don't know how well the busts did in the last Kickstarter, we do not have access to sales figures, and we weren't able to get copies to see how they turned out. I think Julie took a lot of unwarranted flack for those things. It would be fun to see what she would do if left to her own devices. Bob
  7. The original bust concept was for easily cast, affordable starter busts for the instructors to use in their painting classes, specifically for blending and painting hair. They were never intended as high end sculpts, just affordable busts so painters could branch out and try something new and fun without spending a lot. I don't believe that concept was ever covered in the Kickstarter text. Bob
  8. Looking really great, I especially like what you are doing with the horns. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Julie (greenusers on Twitch)
  9. When Ron and I talked about designing this set, we thought it would be fun to add some "bonus" victims. I sculpted them just to be extra elements, they don't actually have a designated spot on the kit. The slot they are attached to helps with the casting. They are designed to either lay around or hang from wherever you want. Hope this helps, Looking forward to seeing what people do with them. Bob
  10. If you are looking for a cheap set of starter sculpting tools, check your local Fry's/Kroger grocery stores, or one of their affiliates for these. It's a manicure set, but the tools could be useful for light sculpting and conversions. The current retail is 2.00 usd,, found in the seasonal section.
  11. Derek, that is absolutely beautiful. You always make my sculpts look good.
  12. Beautiful paint job and wonderful freehand. In response to Krassling about the pose of the mini: The pose comes from the Pathfinder book cover, Julie Guthrie, Bobby Jackson and I were asked to recreate the Iconic cover of the two characters fighting the Red Dragon. Bob
  13. I was asked how the Treasure of Blood Reef resin figure goes together since the octopus doesn't have an integrated base. Ron wanted the octopus as a separate piece so it might be a bit confusing. Three tentacles interact with the pirate figure. The highest tentacle on the right curls over the treasure chest and the highest tentacle on the left curls over the pirate's right shoulder. If you put it in that position, there is a third tentacle that should butt up against the pirate's left boot. Of course you can assemble it any way you want, I would love to see what you decide to do with it.
  14. It looks like this year we will be teaching basic putty classes, 2 "Sculpting Details" and 2 "Sculpting for conversion and repair". I also will be teaching a "build a scenic base" class. At this time it doesn't look like we will be teaching any advanced classes like the Sculpting Armor or Dragon relief class. Ridolfi
  15. Thank you all for the replies, keep them coming! It really helps us and other teachers know what sculpting areas of interest are out there. Since there seems to be a lot of interest in the Sculpting ARMOR class, we will add it to the "probable" list. Because there is so much to cover in this type of advanced class, it is really important that only experienced sculptors take this class. Last year we specifically stated in our submitted topics that it was for advanced to intermediate students, and we still had beginners signing up. We originally left this class off of the list because most of the feedback we got at the Con was requests for beginner classes only. The Sculpting a Dragon relief class should accommodate all skill levels. The concept for this is high relief, but it could be used for flats as well.
  16. Hello everyone, this is Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie. These are some of the possible Sculpting classes we plan to teach at Reapercon 2020. These are just thumbnail descriptions. All these classes are hands on. Sculpting Details: adding details to a figure, including but not limited to: pouches, belts,buckles, straps, etc.. Sculpting for Conversion/ repair: pinning,repairing, gap filling, texture matching, etc.. The following are classes we are thinking of teaching if interest is high enough: Sculpting hair: various hairstyles, beards, etc.. Sculpting fur, feathers and scales: practice on a sample figure. Sculpting a Dragon Relief: could be used as a wall or shield decoration or a stand alone pendant. Advanced Sculpting Armor: adding armor bits to sample figure. (This is for intermediate to advanced students because of the amount of information covered). Any other sculpting only class ideas that you would like to see taught are welcome. Keep in mind that these are 2 hour classes.
  17. Actually it was Julie Guthrie who sculpted that Skeletal Dragon, (I watched her do it.). :)
  18. Love the paint job, but I can't take credit for that sculpt (but I would love to :)). I believe that was sculpted by Gene Van Horne. Bob
  19. The Dragon bust from Reapercon is not Argents head, it is a version of one of Ma'al Drakar"s heads.
  20. The Blacksting base was designed to "visually" belong to the ruins, and it does line up with various DDS parts, but not meant to be anything specific.
  21. Julie and I designed a lot of the terrain to fit with or compliment the Dragons Don't share diorama. The terrain wall from Blacksting does match with the Dragons Don't share ruins. The large flat terrain piece with the raised circular base for the well was originally sculpted to fit in the puzzle piece section of DDS that the Dragon base slotted into. We have not seen a production piece yet, so we don't know if the locking tabs made it through the molding process. Bob
  22. To Xiwo Xerase, if you are referring to the class on Friday at 10 am in room #1, it was my class on the other side of the curtain: " Diorama building tips". I am leaning toward teaching it again next year if there is enough interest. Bob Ridolfi
  23. Check the Reaper Christmas promotions thread, the pictures of the rouge and reindeer are still there.
  24. Thank you Breegull for the positive words about my dragon sculpts. Narthrax works well as a dragon in flight if the support pins on the feet are removed and he is affixed to an appropriate flight stand. Hope this helps. Julie
  25. Pack #03456 has a bear, a wolverine and a hawk.
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