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  1. My E Coli infection has cleared up, the stones are gone, and my kidney function has improved. Baby is doing fine, but because of my MTHFR my OB is having me go in for weekly Non-Stress Tests just to be sure everything is ok. He doesn't think anything is wrong, he just wants to be cautious.
  2. It was listeria contamination, which is much worse, and I have an E Coli infection of the kidneys which isn't caused by food poisoning. On another note, I also have a large stone in my right kidney....Ugh...
  3. Got a Na' Kaat Female Dragon Paladin in there??? If so...DIBS!!
  4. I've developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, which is fancy talk for kidney failure caused by a severe E Coli infection. I've been on a heavy dose of antibiotics, but I've only got three doses left and I've had no improvement in symptoms. I see my OB tomorrow, but I may have to be hospitalized and put on dialysis until I deliver, or worst case scenario, be induced. I don't know how I got it or how it got so bad so fast. I'm scared of the possibility of being induced 10 weeks before my due date, but if she truly is safer out then in, then I'm ok with that. I just can't catch a break...
  5. Still kinda washed out. Try turning your flash off and putting a light to the left and slightly in front of the mini. Or shoot the mini by a window and use the sunlight as side lighting. (really the best way to get any depth in a photograph) Shoot either in the morning or in the evening before the sun sets. Anywho, I'm off-topic. The mini is gorgeous!!
  6. House by Frank Paretii (spelling?) is good, Sinner by Ted Dekker, Obsessed by Ted Dekker, and Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker. Can you tell I like Ted Dekker?
  7. I plan on making my own food. I can buy fresh veggies and fruits for about 75 cents a pound. Steam them, toss them into the blender, and Voila! Baby food! It's cheaper then processed baby food, and you know EXACTLY what's in it, and since you can buy the ingredients in bulk, you can make baby food in large batches and freeze individual portions (those really small tubberware containers are great for this). When baby needs fed, just toss one in a pot of water and heat it up the same way you heat up a bottle.
  8. I'll start. I wish I had known how bad my back would hurt later in pregnancy. OUCH!
  9. LOL I can't draw worth crap with this little Mac's touchpad. Fun game though!
  11. OOOOH I like this mini! Where can I get it?
  12. I'd suggest, for realism's sake, to make the leather appear more worn and broken-in. Shiny new black leather creaks to much to be useful for a thief.
  13. I just thought I'd share some of my work with you guys.
  14. 6 year-old finds parents dead Please pray for her.
  15. I remember a puppy I had who got hit by a van. She would have lost all four legs, so we had her euthanized. I understand your pain. My thoughts are with you.
  16. Is anyone a member of the SCA? I'm thinking about joining, but I'd like more info about it.
  17. Nolatari


    That is the first SCAdian reference I've seen on one of these pages ;). Yup, he's a member of the Kingdom of An Tir. His get up is quite similar to that actually, except with black hair and Woad warpaint.
  18. AHAHAHA!! That made my day!!
  19. Nolatari


    Reminds me of a SCAdian friend of mine...
  20. So, at 22 weeks 6 days, I have reached the point of no longer being able to see my feet while standing up.
  21. I know how to make it fit on a wine bottle! Find the center of the block, cut a hole the same circumference as the mouth of the bottle and 1/2 and inch to an inch deep...stick it on the bottle and VOILA!!
  22. I once painted a Prince Danithal miniature for a friend of mine. I had painted it just for fun originally but never liked the look of it. When my friend said he liked it, I stripped it and spent MUCH more time repainting it to look like his D&D character. This, however, is freaking EPIC!
  23. Oh, I had no idea that was there O.o
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