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  1. I had a bit of a roller coaster today. + My box was delivered! - Somehow there's a drywall screw in the box - Drywall screw went through the side of the box and into Dark Depths + no minis damaged A machine screw might make sense figuring it came from a package handling machine. A drywall screw though? I'm trying to think of a non-intentional way that would work.
  2. Hooray! Shipping notice received with expected Saturday delivery.
  3. Hmm. I really liked Stonehaven's elves. A little sad they're not in the kickstarter. But I'll watch this. I've got a couple of days to decide. Mostly because I've been swamped lately and haven't had my printer going for a minute. I think if I manage to get the printer going again, I'll definitely back.
  4. Almost exactly what I was thinking about. I need my post-reapercon purchases to clear before I start experimenting with it though.
  5. Very nice panel lines. They really make the models pop.
  6. I was playing around with my airbrush yesterday and had a thought. I use small metal dishes for mixing paint before pouring it into my brush. I think they're called "stainless steel palette" or something similar and are about 1.25" diameter and .25" deep. The thought was: I'm leaving a bunch of paint in the palette. Has anyone tried using a hydrophobic spray coating on their mixing dishes? If so, what was the experience?
  7. Thanks. I wasn't thinking. I've removed the link. Google LED lighting strip. You should be able to find something suitable.
  8. usb powered strips of leds are readily available from many vendors. hook those up with a power pack you'd use to charge your phone and you're in business. Cold glue of your choice to run the leds around the inside of the box. Something like: [link removed]
  9. I hadn't thought it would happen, but I've received phase 1 shipment from Archon Studios. It's not in retail packaging, but I'm ok with that. The sprues came in a clear plastic wrap with the direction sheets in a separate ziplock bag. It's been a long road, cost more and took longer, but I think I'm going to call this fulfilled.
  10. That is an interesting read and does give a little more insight into what's going on. TT says they did pay SW, so there is/was a license. How that all falls out at this point is going to be up to the lawyers and the language of the agreements.
  11. Apologies if this qualifies as thread necromacy, but Paizo dropped me an email with a code to redeem at paizo for the kickstarter minis. There's apparently a charge for s&h, but that's not clear when the charge will be applied. I might need to go into my mental bin of things I never expected to fulfill and pull this KS out. https://paizo.com/community/blog/v5748dyo6si2i?New-Wave-of-Starfinder-Masterclass-Miniatures&utm_campaign=793445_Starfinder Kickstarter Group 1 Backers&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Paizo Inc.&dm_i=4XTJ,H085,762V1H,1TSY3,1
  12. That's some good truth you're laying down. Thanks for the thread link.
  13. At Origins this past week, I browsed the TTCombat booth. I saw some nice kits, but it didn't feel right to buy them. I think TTCombat may be on my pass list unless/until this situation gets sorted. At this point, I don't think it can be sorted 😕
  14. Update from the Kickstarter. It's news, but not really news that means I'm likely to get my mitts on the bases I pledged for. 😕 ~~ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/secretweapon/hd-bases-by-secret-weapon-miniatures-0/posts/3520768
  15. I concur. Seeing a color render as a preview is ok. But if it's the only image ever advertised, it's deceptive. I've had enough time where I'd thought a color render looked ok, only to see it at the FLGS and just put it back on the shelf. So many are just hideous. Like minis I painted when I was like 9 using testors paints. They're not something done at a professional or really a commercial level.
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