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  1. mikem91

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    For the first time in a long time, I don't have anything very late on kickstarter. I've received Scion 2, and the Infinity RPG (just about 3yrs late) this week. Well, aside from Starfinder minis, but I've mentally closed that down even if ND isn't saying they're dead yet. My open projects are: Expanse RPG (Jan 2019) - pdfs have been sent. physical copies immanent (so i've been led to believe) Your Best Game Ever! (Sep 2019) JourneyQuest 3.5 (Jun 2019) - waiting on phyiscal media, but digital delivered Tsuro: Phoenix Rising (Sep 2019) Life of the Party Vol 3 (Nov 2019) heading to the printers Dry Erase Game Tokens (Jul 2019) I've a pdf pledge in for Odyssey of the Dragonlords, but that closes tomorrow.
  2. KS4 regret #1: i should have pledges for a second set of the dungeon tiles.
  3. mikem91

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    I'm getting prices in GB pounds as well. I imagine it's just the lineage of the site showing through. I expect it'll be fixed shortly.
  4. I received my rewards today. I've just finished inventory. Only one item missing (emailed help already). I had the odd paint label (no biggie) and had an extra 315 but missing 314. I'm not going to sweat the aliens though. Given the volume of the shipment (25#) I think that's a damn good success rate.
  5. i think the postman decided not to deliver mine today. they just left a note to pick a package up at the post office after 9am tomorrow. though it could be something else still.
  6. mikem91

    Notre Dame Cathedral is Burning T_T

    I count myself fortunate to have been able to visit it beforehand. This is a tremendous loss of history and culture. The spire falling was terrible to watch.
  7. mikem91

    Metal Bases?

    I recall those as well. After some google-fu to statisfy my curiousity, the sku for these bases are early in the 74000 series. 74006 was the sku for SMOOTH BASE SQUARE 1 INCH 4 IN PACK according to my pdf of casketworks 19. 74007 was a 1x2in base with a similar recess. 74005 and 74005 if hex is more your flavor. Those are long discontinued though. I came across a listing on ebay.ca, but they're looking very, very scarce.
  8. mikem91

    1 inch dry erase rpg tokens

    backed. i've made some of thing personally, but the price is worth the labor savings and materials.
  9. That's a good recommendation and one I've thought of already. But underbed is already occupied as are most areas in the closet. I think they might live in their shipping box in the storage room for a bit until I can wrap my head around the volumes involved.
  10. in the middle of many people receiving their bones, i am filled with dread for how-am-i-going-to-store-them-all... what have i wrought?
  11. there's a chicken butt comment in here somewhere...
  12. mikem91

    Bones Catalog

    I worry about what government list I'll get on for buying a "Book of BONES"....
  13. I went looking for a copy of a OOP resin figure. Annoyingly, every hit was either already painted, or very likely recasts since the offered price was well below the original retail and everyone of them is from Hong Kong / China / South Korea. This frustrates me. Distracted by Kingdom Death FWIW. I guess I'll need to wait for bones 4 to show up for my retail therapy.
  14. mikem91

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    do the wizkids preprimed mini reposition similar to bones? or just bend and hope?
  15. get a personal cloud device (like western digital my cloud). keep one at home. keep one at a remote location like a friend or relative's house.