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  1. i imagine if they can demostrate enough sales, Reaper would make one. i'm not personally interested with a whate/lighthouse combo. maybe a standalone lighthouse, but that's a big item.
  2. nicely done. i too would like this model in metal.
  3. It is a Vought Corsair. It's a somewhat later model based on the structure of the canopy and the rockets. The corsair had a very long, pretty broad life. The US used them through the Korean War. France operated them during their colonial wars in the late 50s and early 60s (including Vietnam). Interestingly, a corsair scored the last piston plane on piston plane air to air victory in the "football war" between El Salvador and Honduras US Navy US Marines UK Fleet Air Arm France Aeronavale New Zealand Air Force Honduras Air Force Argentine Navy
  4. Vallejo has a new "Foldable LED Magnifier". It's basically a ring LED light with a magnifier. It's not too shabby. I'm not sure it'll replace my OTT lamp though.
  5. I generally use a jeweler's saw and snips to cut off integral bases when I choose to do so. With a dremel, I'd be afraid of heating up the minature (metal) or gumming up the blade (plastic). I've not tried to be honest though. Have you encountered those problems?
  6. you should still wear a mask for the particulates. you don't want to breathe in paint. to set the stage though, i've never had a great sense of smell. that said, i've never noticed a smell of stynylrez. does it go bad?
  7. She looks really good; red can be a hard color to work with. It's always frustrating when minis are slow to tell you what their favorite color is.
  8. At this point, I've backed 66 projects. I've 6 that are still in development/production that I'm hoping will still deliver. - JourneyQuest 4 (partial) - Age of Antiquity - Coyote & Crow - Blue Planet: Recontact - Ginny Di's Library of Witticisms - The Art Of ... Volumnes 1-3 I've a couple I'm concerned about: - Carbon 2185 Terminal Overdrive (company cutting back staff) - HD Bases by Secret Weapon Miniatures (company closing hoping to hand off fulfillment) I've a couple that are fraud/failure: - Starfinder Mas
  9. There is a QRCode on the Core box that ultimately leads to https://www.reapermini.com/kickstartergoodies -- a 404 error page. New content incoming? Or typo on the redirect?
  10. TBF, it's also the first KS they've fulfilled in the new building. Lessons learned from previous KS fulfillments may not apply at the new building.
  11. At times I still think about a bucket of brown liner. Realistically 4-8oz bottles. But I also understand that it's creating basically a new product line, with new packaging, probably requiring new machines..... generally something entirely not-cheap(tm) to do. I suspect it's not economically prudent.
  12. I hate to dim that smile even a little, but be aware that the prices will not be at the kickstarter level; they'll be higher than kickstarter, yet lower than retail from what we've been told. KS5.5 is going to be a last chance for the people who didn't put anything into their pledge manager to do so. If they still haven't after 90 days or so, their pledge will be considered a donation. New backers and old backers are welcome to place orders (i'm not sure that's the right word) as well at the KS5.5 prices. Reaper will take all those minis requested and then
  13. I'll dogpile on Ginfritters. I've used them personally and they're quite good.
  14. hooray! according the the twitch q&a, i'm likely going to be delayed 🙂 i wonder if we could make a forum badge for that? TBH, i'm not concerned about the potential (likely) delay. a couple of weeks won't do anything except delay the dopamine hit of unpacking, sorting, and taking inventory of the box.
  15. For miniature games, I'm usually bringing enough for the table. And maybe the next table over. I've lots of minis and lots of terrain. For RPGs, I tend to be a guest player. I'll have minis for my character, including companions and mounts. I may have maps or terrain if the characters controls significant recurring vehicles. If I'm asked to bring something terrain wise, I'd be happy to do so. As it was noted above, even the request gives out information that the gm may not want to share.
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