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  1. I've received my KS rewards. mini finish quality is a solid "meh". The grainy texture makes the mini look like it got dusted with talc. It's ok at arms length, but not something I'd be proud of putting on the table. I do wonder if acetone or alcohol could improve the surface texture.
  2. I backed and ordered 2 of my 4 minis to test with. The packaging is solid - i'm very pleased with that. they come in nice tins with foam padding. the material is translucent and a little rough in texture. compared to both LQ and HQ plastics from heroforge, it's as smooth if not smoother than the HQ plastic in my experience. the models take reaper paint without needing any primer, better than bones white does. the material seems more durable that the hq plastic that heroforge is using. i'll pile on with the options being a little lacking for now.
  3. I'll dogpile on the vortex shaker recommendation. I've beaten up a couple of hobart style shakers. the performance isn't that great and the durability is rather low.
  4. the temptation is strong. though i think i'm going to make my save. i'm not really grabbed by the gameplay and really am just after the minis. though it's only a subset of the minis i'm interested in. the $/mini i actually want is high; i've lots of unpainted infinity minis already. maybe at gencon i'll grab a couple. lots of uncertainty still, but i'm ok with that.
  5. North Olmsted, OH / Recess Games / gw, army painter, turbo dork, valejo paints, good dnd books, light pathfinder books, light other rpgs, great board games, gw minis, star wars minis, dnd primed minis
  6. I'm not going to make ReaperCon this year. However, the Reaper Branded Hobby Go-Bag has really caught my eye. If reaper chooses to make that a generally available product, I would buy it with no hesitation.
  7. I've ordered the new and the old CR sourcebooks. I wouldn't mind seeing the CR world. I think Matt does a good job with the world details. I've tried getting into CR though, but the 3-4hrs per week is tough to find time for and I don't find the performances that compelling. They're good, but my mind wanders into other topics quickly enough. Maybe something to try while painting? my mileage varies.
  8. i think you've shown me to be a little ignorant in the way of resins. that's fair. not knowing something is the first step to learning something new. the companies i've used resins from hasslefree, kingdom death, and the company that shall not be named that messed up the starfinder mini KS. how would i distinguish minis cast with more ductile resin from the brittle ones? [fully expecting the mods to split this off]
  9. The brittleness was bad, but had gotten better. the reason i don't have my first two mini from heroforge anymore is from breaks. if i bump a metal or a bones or wizkids plastic off the table, my worst case is usually a bend or clean up an redo a joint that broke. heroforge hq plastic tends to be shards like resin. they are better, but the cost is still rough. I think my biggest impediment is that 3d minis really aren't up to sculptor quality detail and personality. they do fill a gap with genres without good coverage (l5r, shadowrun, and a couple more), but give me metal for my pcs :) (the bumpy steel matrix heroforge has is a terrible surface for painting; the bronze is too pricey by far. i do have a steel matrix one in a box somewhere - i'm really unhappy with that one)
  10. i'm in for a single 3d color mini. it's more for a the novelty factor. i've had a couple of the hero forge minis before. i'm really unhappy with layer lines i've had one them, though they are getting better. in my experience, the minis are more brittle than i'd like too. fwiw, i did get a couple of my edlritch forge minis. slightly translucent. details are a little soft. still lacking in number of options.
  11. I'm kind of excited about this product too. IIRC, it looked like a patriot 105 which you can get for ~$120. you'll pay a similar cost for a compressor with a tank. $250 ish maybe?
  12. FFL is the current license holder. The funky dice system is a little complex, but works. The main issue I run into is mixing jedi with non-jedi. the xp cost to be a jedi or other force sensitive is much higher than what you'd need for competent regular folks. i think it would work ok for an all-jedi or no-jedi party. starship combat is abstract.
  13. i've had success and no tackiness from army painter primers.
  14. the holiday specials are in the store for direct purchase while supplies last. wrapping dragon 1593 appears to be in stock as of this post.
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