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  1. hooray! according the the twitch q&a, i'm likely going to be delayed 🙂 i wonder if we could make a forum badge for that? TBH, i'm not concerned about the potential (likely) delay. a couple of weeks won't do anything except delay the dopamine hit of unpacking, sorting, and taking inventory of the box.
  2. For miniature games, I'm usually bringing enough for the table. And maybe the next table over. I've lots of minis and lots of terrain. For RPGs, I tend to be a guest player. I'll have minis for my character, including companions and mounts. I may have maps or terrain if the characters controls significant recurring vehicles. If I'm asked to bring something terrain wise, I'd be happy to do so. As it was noted above, even the request gives out information that the gm may not want to share.
  3. TBF, I wasn't speaking for anyone else or saying their anxious feelings were irrational or offering comfort. I was explaining my basis for why I'm not overly concerned about the delivery of Reaper's KS. Just speaking about me. Not about anyone else. Let's keep the straw golem off the table. A couple of months late on KS delivery is pretty common with KS. I've had some KS turn out to be frauds, some only partially deliver. Reaper's communications has been awesome on all their kickstarters. They may be late, but I know where they are.
  4. I'm ok with hubs shipping as they are ready. I'm not in a race. I'm Wave 3. I was in early and should have made Wave 1, but KS was having credit card processing issues and delayed me. A petty part of me is angry about missing Wave 1. The minis will arrive when they arrive. I'll follow their tracking anxiously, but I'm not concerned about other backers getting their stuff first. It's not like I don't have a table full of minis being painted and a considerable backlog of stuff. The thing I'm looking for most is 9328 black indigo.
  5. Vallejo texture paste is really cool - better than the citadel technical paints in many ways. The Vallejo is basically paint and texture together and is like a thin peanut butter. Huge Miniatures makes a product similar to the vallejo texture paste, but in smaller jars. I've not tried that yet, but it looks pretty similar. If you're really on a budget (have lots of minis....), wood filler isn't a bad route either. Doctor Faust did a video on that and a couple of other techniques. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijED-Sh0ThQ Actual sand can be used, but the scale do
  6. For the bubbles by the nozzle, check your gaskets there. By cranking down on the fittings with pliers, you may have crushed the gaskets. Since you can sent water through the brush without problems all day long, I don't think it's a pressure loss. You might have paint getting somewhere it's not supposed to be, the paint may be too thick. You could try some needle juice on the needle, but a newish airbrush shouldn't need that unless you took sandpaper to it.
  7. I think this might run afoul of posting commercial links. The forum thread about the kickstarter should be ok and should give you what you need. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90717-secret-weapon-miniatures-pre-painted-bases-kickstarter-relaunch/&tab=comments#comment-1927012
  8. Secret Weapon had/has a kickstarter for textured bases that were/are quite nice. Their molds just got delivered a couple of weeks back. Their pledgemanager is still open for the next short period of time.
  9. With that info, it definitely sounds like paint issues. Tip drying is fairly common - I think it's been mentioned earlier in the thread. If when you're clogged, you have goop on your needle tip, try adding some flow improver to the mix (sparingly - 1 drop per cup full). My advise at this point would be to shake the crap out of your stynylrez, then (using a mixing cup), cut it 50-50 with water to start with. Try sending that through the brush. It's likely to come out watery. Then, adjust for thicker paint in small steps until you get something that goes through your brush easily yet pr
  10. Yeah, that's a lot of bubbles. It looks like you're losing pressure on the quick release. That's not a huge surprise. If you remove the quick release, you'll get rid of that pressure loss. You do have pressure loss around the nozzle. Assuming the needle is in and engaged, that does seem to be a lot of pressure loss there. Though, with the trigger in that position, you shouldn't have any air going into the airbrush. Did you run air through the brush before taking the photo? Pliers though is probably overkill. Usually you should be able to just finger tighten thing
  11. 40psi and a large needle could just about move peanut butter through an airbrush (hyperbole). something is up either with the brush or the paint/primer. the soapy water for leaks is a good place to start. take the brush apart next time it's clogged. where is it getting clogged? my guess would be you're getting drying around the head cap and the nozzle. try some flow improver. you need very little (like 1 drop per cup full of paint). it's like jet dry in your dishwasher -- it makes the paint less likely to stick to the airbrush.
  12. I try to thin things down at least a little bit for an airbrush. Especially vallejo. I even thin stynylrez about 4:1 water and a drop of flow improver. This page: https://myairbrushcompressors.com/10-airbrush-problems-and-solutions/ has a really good "why is my airbrush sucking" cards. https://www.myairbrushcompressors.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Airbrush-spray-pattern.jpg if you look at what's coming out of the airbrush and moderate accordingly to the suggestions on the card.
  13. Clear 25mm / 40mm / 55mm rounds. either flat or beveled. The Line of Fire bases that corvus belli is making with line of fire marks molded into the base are cool too, but i suspect they might have IP protection. Regardless, they're REALLY specialized bases and aside from CB games may not have much appeal.
  14. Sort of on a whim and sort of trying to support a business who I like, I ordered a vex airbrush compressor. I already had a small cup vex. Putting the two together would be a good test. I've previously been using my Paasche D3000R (another good compressor). The packaging was good and the compressor arrived aok. There's some cardboard to remove from inside the shield and some Styrofoam spacer protecting the top. Included in the box was two hoses one long (~10'), one short (~5'). I wasn't expecting the 5' one and might have been a packing error since it's not listed
  15. I did some research as I was curious, and gifted the one I'd painted. The data card for the guardian beast lists it's base size as giant. Giant translates into a 50mm (2") base. 2" is what I'd remembered it being, but 50mm is close to 40mm; that's what trigger my curiosity. One thing to notice is the guardian beast is based diagonally. It's sprue is longer than 50mm. Again, I don't have one handy, but the sprue is probably around 60mm or so. It won't fit on a 2" round and would need a 70-80mm round base.
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