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  1. I tend to use Citadel. I've done blue tac on a pill bottle, that works, but I think Citadel works better. I've got a game envy holder. I like the idea of bottle caps for temporary basing, however, it never really clicked with me. I'm not a fan of the new thinner citadel holders. However, the base with the alligator clip ended tentacles is really quite useful for assembly. It's citadel, so you know it's stupid expensive out of the gate though :(.
  2. Be careful casting items with a thickness to them. UV light doesn't penetrate very far. If you just poured resin into a potion bottle and put that in the sun, I'd be concerned that you'd end up with a shell encasing uncured resin. Said uncured resin has a habit of causing models to fracture and release uncured resin.
  3. wash the models and let dry. airbrush some primer or some reaper liner on them if they're bones classic. later formulations i'd recommend just some airbrushed primer. stynylrez is a good choice. i've had success with other brands as well.
  4. Uncle Jessy has a good video on Youtube showing how he uses Bondo Spot Putty for smoothing out a 3d print of a prop. Depending on the size and shape of your terrain, this might be a good option.
  5. Following up on my mauled box, after filing a loss report at UPS, Reaper sent along the bits I was missing. Thanks, Reaper !
  6. Yahoo! My package was delivered friday while I was at Origins, but I arranged to have it scooped up. When my friend picked it up, the box had been mauled by some machine (or werewolf?) and taped back together. Somewhere between Chez Mike and Reaper HQ there's a scattering of bases that didn't complete their journey 😞 Email off to help to see what my options are. Though it's still a seriously large amount of bases....
  7. The same strategy occurred to me. Right after I paid. 😛
  8. Hooray! Shipping notice! Boo.... I'm leaving for origins. Here's hoping it doesn't arrive before I return. Mail is stopped, but I'd rather not have it sitting at the post office.
  9. I've recently started using Anycubic Water Wash resin. I've been pretty happy with it so far. Less volatile, less stink, much easier cleanup. I did need to tweak my settings when i switch from regular Anycubic resin. I did need to tweak my exposure settings. I'm running near max for the base layers, and a little over 50% on the subsequent layers. I've not run into shrinkage, warping, or distortion. Warping and distortion may be from too few supports, not enough UV exposure time, or a couple of other issues. Posting a pic of a problem mini after rinsing may help diagnosis. MakerTrainer has some good community resin settings that are probably a great place to start. https://makertrainer.com/wiki/ESUN_resin_settings_matrix Googling the resin's proper name is bound to pull up even more community or reddit pages with "real people" experience. The bottle itself should be labelled with the manufacturer's recommended exposure settings.
  10. When I saw the details on the falcon, I was going to comment "good job" on the mini. Then I saw the hem on the cloak. WOW. Awesome detail work.
  11. wow. that's a DIRE gazebo.
  12. This might need to get split off, but I wonder if the formulation of the plastic has changed recently. I painted the rowboat and sealed that with army painter rattle can a couple of weeks back. Today I picked it up and it had that characteristic tackiness that I've sometimes seen with bones. I should have known better. My bad, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this with the wizkid's lines?
  13. Northern Ohio checking in safe. There was much potential danger, but most of it didn't come to pass. The amount of snow was about 3" here, though the snow belt got more. It was bitterly cold and the wind was crazy. I just hunkered down inside. The heat stayed on fortunately. The batteries in my temperature sensor on my patio died. Once replaced, I saw the temp drop to -6F at the height of the storm. My car ended up in a small snow drift, but it didn't take much to get out of it. The pileup on I-80 out by Sandusky was brutal though. It's a shame that those people had to be or chose to be on the road during the storm. Four people killed 😞 https://www.whio.com/news/local/deadly-50-car-pileup-shuts-down-ohio-turnpike/OKIBI5H2T5F37NNAWAKCB7ECXE/ Bad storm = stay inside if possible
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