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  1. I backed vol 1-3. there's a lot of text on techniques, lots of finished examples, and some step-by-step. Step-by-step is definitely not the most prevalent in the books.
  2. I'm going to be honest, they look nearly identical to me. I bow to our XX color discriminating overlords though. https://www.color-meanings.com/do-women-see-more-colors-than-men/
  3. i've not heard of it and i'm honestly curious how it would work? i mean, a thinner sort of makes paint more transparent. maybe it works like a glazing medium? maybe it is a glazing medium? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1-9U2c_rFk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neqd80fFgA8 the ad from mig looks like freaking magic through the airbrush. the second video does say that's it's basically a glazing medium.
  4. Wow, 1981. Finished 6th grade, started 7th grade. Switched from private school to public school. Made friends some of whom I'm still friends with today. Started taking spanish classes with Senor Parks. I still know a little bit of it. Had a good friend die of childhood leukemia. That hurt quite a bit at the time. Much less now from the distance of time, but still a little bit. I can see how this event has shaped some aspects of my personality. Started playing basic dnd with friends and siblings. This soon morphed into ad&d when a friend's parent bought the player's handbook for them figuring it was the same game. not that we didn't try to all play rangers from the PH in basic. That didn't work so well. Also started playing classic traveller around about then. I'm not certain it was 81, but it was very close. Started absorbing lies about trickle down economics. I'm beginning to think it never does trickle down, just ends up in offshore numbered accounts. I really wanted Mister Carter. He seemed to be a nicer person. Watched Raiders of the Lost Ark in some local theater. My instinct is it was the Berea Theatre, but the dust of times that is my memory doesn't recall. That theatre is long gone too. I distinctly recall riding my bike there to see Ghostbusters at some point though. Watched and fascinated by MTV at friend's whose family had cable. They played music at this time. Watched (tv) the first and second space shuttle launches. It took sometime for them to become routine. I built paper model gliders NASA Lewis (now Glenn) was handing out. They flew pretty well until they inevitably got stepped on or hit a corner in flight. Amusingly, you can still get the same thing in PDF now. https://er.jsc.nasa.gov/seh/58283main_Space.Shuttle.Glider.508.pdf
  5. non-dystopian scifi themed base inserts in 25mm, 40mm, and 55mm
  6. Thank you for the kind birthday wishes. It's trying in the time of plague, but hearing well wishes from friends local and forum helps quite a bit. Be well everybody 🙂
  7. i think there's more complex calculations of cost involved in reaper thinking about 3d printing. They've sculptors who they pay to create the minis (imho, why they look better than STLs out there). What they can afford to pay their sculptor, what they need to support sales and distribution and many other costs not listed here all need to be covered by the price. There isn't a mechanism to enforce "home use only" or "distribution rights" outside of the legal system. This also opens up a whole bag on international IP law that would need to be done right.
  8. Eh, I don't know. The minis look nice. I don't think it's for me. Though I may try to get the minis without the game.
  9. alcohol is a good cleaner for pretty much anything on an airbrush. that knurled bit on the back part of the airbrush that the needle goes through and you can see through the side cutouts needs to be snug - that grips down on the needle so when the trigger is moved back, it takes the needle with it. If that bit isn't moving when you move the trigger back, there could be a problem with the trigger setup. the trigger moves a flat curved sort of "H" shaped piece (except two crossbars with the needle passing through) that pushes on a cylinder that is threaded that the knurled bit attaches to. make sure when you move the trigger that all of that moves. in addition to all of the above checking the needle bits up front. it's really difficult to diagnose airbrush stuff over text. video or in person would be so much easier 🙂 if you do block the head of the airbrush to clear a clog or to mix paint in the cup, accept that you're going to need to clean and take apart everything. it does work for clearing and mixing, but makes a mess of the inside of the brush.
  10. i imagine if they can demostrate enough sales, Reaper would make one. i'm not personally interested with a whate/lighthouse combo. maybe a standalone lighthouse, but that's a big item.
  11. nicely done. i too would like this model in metal.
  12. It is a Vought Corsair. It's a somewhat later model based on the structure of the canopy and the rockets. The corsair had a very long, pretty broad life. The US used them through the Korean War. France operated them during their colonial wars in the late 50s and early 60s (including Vietnam). Interestingly, a corsair scored the last piston plane on piston plane air to air victory in the "football war" between El Salvador and Honduras US Navy US Marines UK Fleet Air Arm France Aeronavale New Zealand Air Force Honduras Air Force Argentine Navy El Salvador Air Force Lots of options for painting them. Ultramarine shadow would probably be a good match for any of the paint schemes they wore in there service. There's some variations though. There are area decent number of them in existence still, some of which are operational. The Smithsonian Air & Space @ Udvar-Hazy Center has a really well preserved specimen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vought_F4U_Corsair#/media/File:F4U_Coursair_Udvar_Hazy.jpg
  13. Vallejo has a new "Foldable LED Magnifier". It's basically a ring LED light with a magnifier. It's not too shabby. I'm not sure it'll replace my OTT lamp though.
  14. I generally use a jeweler's saw and snips to cut off integral bases when I choose to do so. With a dremel, I'd be afraid of heating up the minature (metal) or gumming up the blade (plastic). I've not tried to be honest though. Have you encountered those problems?
  15. you should still wear a mask for the particulates. you don't want to breathe in paint. to set the stage though, i've never had a great sense of smell. that said, i've never noticed a smell of stynylrez. does it go bad?
  16. She looks really good; red can be a hard color to work with. It's always frustrating when minis are slow to tell you what their favorite color is.
  17. At this point, I've backed 66 projects. I've 6 that are still in development/production that I'm hoping will still deliver. - JourneyQuest 4 (partial) - Age of Antiquity - Coyote & Crow - Blue Planet: Recontact - Ginny Di's Library of Witticisms - The Art Of ... Volumnes 1-3 I've a couple I'm concerned about: - Carbon 2185 Terminal Overdrive (company cutting back staff) - HD Bases by Secret Weapon Miniatures (company closing hoping to hand off fulfillment) I've a couple that are fraud/failure: - Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures (yes, the red flags were there, but i my desire for those minis overrode my caution. i'm mad at me over this...) - Zeroed - performance jacket. alleged to have completed production and dropped off the map when it came time to deliver. - Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board (partial delivery) - still sore about this to the point I really can't use the board i did get. more anger at circumstances than the team. i think they did their best. All told, I only got taken for a ride twice. That's not so bad for speculative products.
  18. There is a QRCode on the Core box that ultimately leads to https://www.reapermini.com/kickstartergoodies -- a 404 error page. New content incoming? Or typo on the redirect?
  19. TBF, it's also the first KS they've fulfilled in the new building. Lessons learned from previous KS fulfillments may not apply at the new building.
  20. At times I still think about a bucket of brown liner. Realistically 4-8oz bottles. But I also understand that it's creating basically a new product line, with new packaging, probably requiring new machines..... generally something entirely not-cheap(tm) to do. I suspect it's not economically prudent.
  21. I hate to dim that smile even a little, but be aware that the prices will not be at the kickstarter level; they'll be higher than kickstarter, yet lower than retail from what we've been told. KS5.5 is going to be a last chance for the people who didn't put anything into their pledge manager to do so. If they still haven't after 90 days or so, their pledge will be considered a donation. New backers and old backers are welcome to place orders (i'm not sure that's the right word) as well at the KS5.5 prices. Reaper will take all those minis requested and then place an order in with the factory. There are limits to minimum order sizes, so Reaper is only selecting items they think will exceed the minimum orders. There are also several caveats. It's supposed to open July 5, so watch for the announcement from Reaper. They'll do a better job laying out the framework than I can manage.
  22. I'll dogpile on Ginfritters. I've used them personally and they're quite good.
  23. hooray! according the the twitch q&a, i'm likely going to be delayed 🙂 i wonder if we could make a forum badge for that? TBH, i'm not concerned about the potential (likely) delay. a couple of weeks won't do anything except delay the dopamine hit of unpacking, sorting, and taking inventory of the box.
  24. For miniature games, I'm usually bringing enough for the table. And maybe the next table over. I've lots of minis and lots of terrain. For RPGs, I tend to be a guest player. I'll have minis for my character, including companions and mounts. I may have maps or terrain if the characters controls significant recurring vehicles. If I'm asked to bring something terrain wise, I'd be happy to do so. As it was noted above, even the request gives out information that the gm may not want to share.
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