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  1. Grow in the dark sounds terrifying for something already so large. 😄
  2. I saw an ad today for commercial ultrasonic plaque removers for teeth -- basically an ultrasonic pokey dentist tool. I've recently cleaned some paint off some models I'd discovered ways to paint that I didn't like with a toothbrush and purple stuff. It works, but is a little labor intensive. The device isn't too expensive if it works ok (20-30$), but maybe too much going in blind. I wonder, has anyone tried using an ultrasonic plaque remover to get into the fiddly bits of a mini to really get it clean? Or is this something likely to damage the mini too muc
  3. Very nice! To be honest though, I'd originally read the title as if it was discovered that bones is made out of shark cartilage or something. (which they're not)
  4. maybe a hot water bath for the stuck parts and then try it? maybe one of those small ( ~4") neoprene disks to improve your grip?
  5. it depends on mood, weather, and intended level of play. for heavy play and/or lots of transport: - my grade A is a coat of vallejo gloss varnish from a rattle can, followed by a coat of vallejo matte varnish from a rattle can. the fumes will kill a manticore out to short range, but it's a very solid finish. - grade B is army painter satin varnish, then army painter matte varnish from rattle cans. i like vallejo better, but army painter is locally more available. - still being evaluated is vallejo mecha matte over mecha gloss varnishes from an airbrush. i may have
  6. as floated by Sadie on Reaper Live! #133 - sweatpants sophie.
  7. Impromptu airbrush disassembly and cleaning are part of airbrushing. :) Add some flow improver (like 1 drop) to your varnish to help with needle tip drying. As for drying in the cup, I've not experienced that myself yet. If/when I do, I'd probably add some water to thin the mix some more. If that didn't work well enough, I'd look at getting some drying retarder agents. Rhonda Bender had a great class on additives this past weekend at RVE. I expect it should be up on youtube soon(tm) (weeks). If you look at the RVE site, you should be able to find the han
  8. I've had a LabGenius HS120598DS Mini Vortex Mixer Advanced for 18 months. I'll run through 20 or so paints through it in one sitting, each about 30s. I've not had any issues with it to date.
  9. There isn't foam underneath the "paint frame"; only above it. It's probably a good idea to glue the paint frame to the box. The dead space is sort of like a hobby junk drawer. It can be a small wet palette. You can keep zap-a-gap there. Or candy. Or whatever else might fit there.
  10. hooray! my order showed up today! but, i've got a mispack :P reaper is good at fixing such things though. email off momentarily.
  11. It's a nice vibrant blue. I look forwards to Sadie getting her hands on some.
  12. my bank's online portal mentioned i haven't paid my gas bill lately. i called my gas company and switched that over to email statements. all my regular bills are email now. i guess i've been dragged into the 21st C with bills. i did find it easier to process physical bills though.
  13. Thanks for the data. I'll give it a week or so more before doing a deeper dig. And I'll sign up for text updates.
  14. My latest order from Reaper was placed 1/22, left Reaper the same day arriving at Denton, then Fort Worth, eventually leaving Fort Worth during the night. After that, there's nothing on the tracking. Does anyone have some USPS related shipping delays that might give me some insight? At what point should I start getting concerned?
  15. I saw a copy at my FLGS before Christmas. I was already buying Infinity Defiance - I didn't even ask or look for the price.
  16. I'm not having issues. Using Chrome on Win10 FWIW.
  17. Dan Holmes had a course on airbrushing basics covering operations, drills, maintenance, as well as spray booths. It was really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxUu1QxXz4U I use a spray booth (a collapsible thing from amazon for like 100$). it gets the airflow away from me, away from the room, and into a filter rather than letting the paint particles bounce and float hither and yon. it can also vent it out the window if I need. i wear a respirator as well. if you're in your garage or basement or some other place tolerant of random specks of paint accumulating,
  18. paint issues tend to be related to adhesion, not tackiness. I've not had issues with vallejo black surface primer on bones personally. washing with soap and water to remove any mold release agents that might still be on the mini. it also gives you time to examine the mini for mold lines that will need cleaning up. i'd be extremely wary of any spirit based paints (like testors enamels) though. usually the cause of tackiness (aside from color choices (heh)) is propellants and/or solvents in rattlecan primers, paints, and sealers. i would wager the varnishes are likely what's tha
  19. Well, Mike from 9mo ago didn't know that my FLGS would back it. So, I've got a deluxe pledge now. Christmas for FLGS; Christmas for me. :)
  20. @Reaper_Jon a couple of quick questions - with the small cup vex being out of stock, are we likely to see a restock before the bundles become available? - follow up question: is there a publicly available timeline (vague or specific) for the vex bundles?
  21. gel superglue could work. i don't think i've seen something so bad loctite gel couldn't close the gap. but, wizkids preprimed sometimes are in their own world. you could also try gluing it to the base with regular superglue, then filling the gap with baking soda and then hitting that with superglue.
  22. i did. for whatever reason, i thought it was a new update. i claim faulty memory. please prune the message.
  23. Update posted to KS emailed to KS backers. It includes a new (to at least me) email address that they're monitoring. If you've still issues, might be a good place to start.
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