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  1. my rationalization was i didn't take any minis classes at conventions this year (thanks Covid!). usually you're hitting $20 per class at the major cons. The cost breaks down to about 7 in person con classes. if i squint the math works. (ReaperCon though was a fantastic virtual con with very good classes)
  2. i backed as well. shipping for the bookset is estimated to be around 35 euro. the 24hr early bird is 100 euro - 110 after that.
  3. Not much to add other than to emphasize to take inventory on receipt, or very shortly there after (like that week). If there's something wrong/mangled/missing, Reaper's ability to replace in kind diminishes over time. They will have some leftovers for just this sort of situation; I imagine they'll be sold shortly after shipment completes when they figure they should have heard about wrong/mangled/missing models. They're unlikely to have them back in stock until the model is put into production which could be months to years.
  4. The posted an update to Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hasslefriesian/artemis-20/posts/2996152?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users
  5. Teenaged me is crushed. My music tastes have changed over the years, so Van Halen hasn't been on my play list for quite sometime. Still, an good artist who has left us. RIP.
  6. I've read the reaper statement and I completely understand. I am confused about part of the list. 9325-9336 are the new MSP colors from bones V. of those 12 paints, 8 are on the list. will those 8 be available only as part of bones V? will they then enter the non-production list? 9325 Carnival purple9326 Bruised Purple9328 Black Indigo9329 Rich Indigo9330 Wild Violet9334 Orchid Purple9335 Lotus Orange9336 Leaf Bud Green
  7. Ostarzha looks a little chilly with her scarf. Bones and metal both available. https://www.reapermini.com/search/ostarzha
  8. looking at the picture, that fitting looks to be the full width of the airbrush. it looks much larger than the usual badger connection. maybe 3/8?
  9. i prune, not purge. i'll give duplicate paints and minis i don't think i'll ever paint to friends i'm bringing into the hobby but also started bringing stuff to local convention paint n takes.
  10. during gencon erik mona mentioned that new pathfinder minis from reaper are in the works. no further details.
  11. i received my minis today. good, protective packaging. minis look good. a little bit of injection port cleaning to do on the bases. i'm now wondering how to best smooth out the arm joints to make those blend. it's been a rough ride, but ultimately they delivered really good products.
  12. I think I'll wait for the full release to see what that's all about. I don't need another airbrush during Reapercon.
  13. i'll post. it's uk though, so if it's less than 2wks, i'd be surprised.
  14. I'm also in the gorgeous but too expensive camp. I've still oodles of dwarven forge I don't use because it's a pain to haul around and setup. For me, the utility : cost ratio doesn't pass muster.
  15. Are classes on the schedule still shuffling or do they disappear from the list at some point if they're considered full? I did my registration earlier today and was just now going through the classes to make sure I have or will have the materials used on hand. One of the classes I registered for (and got the email confirming) doesn't show on the schedule any more. Specifically: FR0515 David Diamondstone - OSL and Lighting Effects Sep 4 3pm Central.
  16. adding to the stream, I was on the shipped 5-aug list. cautious optimism arising.
  17. The Kickstarter was aiming for Dec 2019 delivery. I'm ok with delays as long as we're in the loop. Packing and shipping started back in January. Sally's taken a fall as well. So, between that and COVID-19, there are plenty of delays that are explainable. The updates are welcome. The one every 2-3mo though is troublesome. The update before this was June 7 saying that all stock has been received from the caster. Hasslefree are good people and have good products. They mean well. I think though they bite off more than they can chew sometimes.
  18. got a Kickstarter update. nothing beyond "we're getting them in the mail". I'll beleive it when I get a tracking number or it gets delivered. What a horrendous few months. Covid, respiratory infections, no physio for broken back :( Back online today and working through the inbox as fast as I can. I have Luke helping me with packing the stock that has arrived from the caster and Meg is ready to jump in as needed lol Royal Mail has assured me that overseas orders have minimal delays so if you are in USA or anywhere else outside of England then I thank you sincerely for your patience and your order will be shipped within the next few days. Sally x
  19. I think I had fun. It felt like a real convention to me - including the Saturday afternoon emotional slump I usually hit at Gencon and Origins. Miniatures were basically missing. No cool tables to look over. No paint n take to stop by. The vendor hall though was a visit to my FLGS. What I really felt missing were the friends. Stopping by for a chat and a visit. Sharing a meal. Grabbing a beer. Comparing loot from the vendor hall. THIS is what I sorely missed.
  20. i've signed up. played one session and signed up for more today.
  21. Erik Mona (Paizo) mentioned the their GenCon panel that Paizo is in talks with Reaper for more minis.
  22. the subtle reds on the gown came out excellent. well done.
  23. i went with "LabGenius HS120598DS Mini Vortex Mixer Advanced, Grey/Blue". It's a little bit more, but I thing it might be more stable and slightly sturdier.
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