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  1. Sweetness!!! I will have a go with some of these. They look quite interresting all of them actually. Again thanks for the help.
  2. I wish to run a small tournament start september. When people have tried their hands at 2nd edition. Alot of new players have seen the light hehe.... Though just to have people hacking eachother to bits (always good fun) I would like some missions/scenarioes. Have any been made? Will there be some in the book? Or should I just try to make some my self? Yours in gaming Lord Siwoc
  3. Just got hold of Isiri arachnid warriors. How do I stick them to the base? On those thin legs?
  4. Hugs...... Think of it as christmas. You can see your present, all wrapped up. But you are not allowed to open it just yet!!!!
  5. Good to be back.... (cracking knuckles, breaking the neck on a victim) Ahhh....I love the smell of fear, then I know I have done my job good!!!
  6. Stunning work! Be a nerd and be proud! Seriously...this will melt her heart for sure...
  7. Actually...I think it is rather good. The flesh seem to work. Maaaybe do it a bit more dirty by his feet. But overall you got thumbs up from me.
  8. Could work well. The vampires you have chosen are ace! Each an individual, as it should be I think. Like the blue skin.
  9. Words fail me..... Seeing what else you have done....I will surely wait in anticipation for this!!! Good luck on this project!
  10. My heart is with trickortreating sophie. Love it!
  11. Teenage hero mutant nija....erm...kobold! LOL! It works well what you have done
  12. It almost looks organized? Hehe.... Well that is my little spot of happiness
  13. The gargoyle is oozing with evil! Good work. That idea with moss.....like it! Enough to try it on myself. (not ON myself, but I will try on a mini)
  14. VERY nice woak here. Is it me or does it seem the zombies are dancing? Would like a close up of one of the bats, as everyone else have said: they look cool!
  15. Lil death is cooooool!!! A must have I think. Well it seems I found myself something to put on my wishlist.
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