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  1. I had a productive July after pulling myself out of a lousy 4 month long painting funk.

    I haven't had a chance to get pics of them yet, they were done for a friend of mine and he was eager to collect them and start gaming.

    All the minis I painted this month are Cryx pieces for Warmachine.


    -1 Slayer Helljack

    -1 Seether Helljack

    -2 Deathripper Bonejacks

    -1 Defiler Bonejack

    -1 Stalker Bonejack

    -6 Bane Knights (minimum unit size)

    -1 Pistol Wraith

    -1 Skarlok Thrall

    -1 Warcaster; Goreshade the Bastard and the Deathwalker

  2. I'm fond of the Escoda Tajmyr brushes as well (they are thinner brushes which I prefer) and I've tried just about every brush on the market. I also find the Raphael brushes to be absolutely top notch, keep in mind though that their sizes tend to be larger than other brushes. For instance their #1 is larger than an Escoda or a W&N, just a good thing to keep in mind if ordering brushes online.

    The one thing to remember with the higher end brushes is to take extremely good care of them, if you do they will be happy happy for a very long time.

    I find with the Escoda that using some good hair conditioner on them once a month keeps them functioning extremely well...this is in addition to cleaning my brushes with Master's brush soap (remember to leave a little soap on the brush, point it and let it dry) at the close of the painting day. Then again, the same love should be given to any brush regardless of the manufacturer.

  3. For the Liquitex I find it is best to dilute it 20:1 water:flow improver.

    Mix up a batch of it and keep it in a dropper bottle, that's what I do.


    Neat trick, add a drop of flow improver to your rinse water, seems to help keep the paint flowing off the brush better...at least it does for me and I may very well be insane ::P:

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  4. His eye is that large to reflect that he just noticed his small squad of archers were out numbered 10:1 by War Trolls. the other eyes are shut in denile



    Awesome answer!


    They look good, a formidable table top unit.

  5. To be honest, it's something that you have to work out for yourself. If you gave 20 painters an assigned paint scheme using the same colors on the same mini they'd going about painting the piece in 20 different ways to get the same paint scheme, maybe more if some didn't like the way it was turning out and start over. So grab a couple minis and see which works best for you, as there is no "best" way for everyone.


    Sarge hit the nail right on the head.

    You really have to experiment with different ways to find the one that best suites your style.

    Heck, it may even change depending on what colour you are using as it was stated earlier in the thread.

    Best of luck!

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