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  1. I really like how you captured the expression on his face, truly priceless. He is begging to be put in some type of small diorama.
  2. Very, very cool stuff. I love the way the white came out on Sophie's robes, it looks excellent. Your choices of colours for everything is great, I love the blue on lil' Death's robes, 'course I am partial to blue myself Looks like Sophie had a nasty mold line on the neck, real pain-in-the-a** area to get to with a file, looks like she may have had a tracheotomy at one point, but nothing much you can do about that. Like I said, looks like a real tough area to reach with a file. My only piece of advice is on Sophies wing, there should be more contrast between the membrane of her wing and the bony sections, but that's pretty much it. Everything is looking top notch, I'm sure your wife will be most pleased with them.
  3. Very cool man, I love blue...she looks awesome.
  4. Awesome jobb, Matt...I'm really diggin' the overall feel of the mini.
  5. Yup, I know how you are both feeling...picked myself up some CAVs and some Rezolution figs. Excellent tabletop level job on those Ultramarines, matter-of-fact, I think it's even a bit above what I would consider an average tabletop job. Very crisp and clean painting, excellent job!
  6. I really like the colours on the Paladin, very non-traditional but very, very cool. Everything looks great!
  7. I second this, I also use the same product on my minis before dullcoating them. I'd almost say this is a neccessary step if you are planning on gaming with your minis.
  8. Mmmhmm...I agree, reach for the appropriate off-white when bringing your color up. Trust me, it works wonders, I rarely even touch pure white these days.
  9. I prefer the GW inks over any other when I have the need for inks but I have to say I really am using the RMS liners for more and more stuff these days. Not to kiss too much butt, but ( ) the liners are damn near the best I've added to my paint station in a long time.
  10. Just a heads up but the ones I bought from Widget really don't fit in a 1/8" collet, they are a little too fat. I'm going to pick up a keyles chuck (been meaning to anyway) and see if they work out better with it. Until then I use the rubber polishers (with a 1/8" shank) for the Dremel that taper to a sharp point, they really are fantastic.
  11. It actually looks like there are arm bands where the arms attach, I'm sure that covers for the space there. Tanker, can't wait to see how this one turns out.
  12. Wow that purple came out awesome. The only thing I might do would be to bring the horns up a little lighter but all-in-all this is a great job on a cool looking figure.
  13. Very cool stuff, for a piece you claim not to have spent a lot of time on I think he looks excellent.
  14. Wow JW, she really came out excellent. A really great piece.
  15. The flesh is looking a lot better man. The face looks like it is a bit tough though, well, especially when everyone is thinking Arnold and you have the pressure to try and make his face look as close to the actors as possible. All-in-all Tanker I think you did an excellent job on him...now go paint some more scantily clad women...jeez
  16. I really like your choices of colours. Excellent job on both, they came out looking very cool. I have to admit I never payed mch attention to these CAVs until recently, I realize hoe friggin' cool these things are... enough to go out and order some of my own
  17. Very cool, I really like these CAVs...and good job on working with a mucked up sculpt.
  18. Wow, everything is amazing but I really, really like the way the hound came out. He looks excellent, I love the fire/magic/not sure what it is effect on his back...really great. Top notch stuff. The only thing is that I agree with Brushmaster, the wings look like they could use some white or near white highlights to really make the lines pop.
  19. I really like the way that base came out I think it looks friggin' awesome.
  20. Excellent work as always Tanker. I like the way he came out alot.
  21. Wow, even in an extreme close-up macro shot your work is still perfect.
  22. I don't know if it would work so well with the 'jacks but the units it should work out very well with. As the Cryx generaly have a darker colour scheme I think a one color was or dip would work out well. Funny thing is I'm actually working on a commision for a Cryx army and I'm trying to figure out what a good colour for an all over wash for them would be. All-in-all though I would say the Cryx units (at the least) would probably work well from dipping or an all over wash. However, I'm sure someone will contradict me on that.
  23. I will be there this time around, for sure. If anyone wants to get beaten' badly in Warmachine I'd be happy to bring my Protectorate of menoth force. As for painting I think I may bring up my French Hell Dorado demon figures to show off and give a little sweet, sweet painting love to.
  24. I'm really partial to the orange wrapping on the Banshee, it looks splendid up against her skintone. Fantastic work.
  25. Oh hell yeah I remember that game. Sounds like you have an awesome idea in the works!!
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