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  1. I really like the blue scheme you came up with for this tank, it looks great.
  2. I think it is a perfectly acceptable technique for army painting. I'm working on a one-color wash for some of my larger units, especially the ones that don't see as much time on the table as others. If I still had my Tyranids I would be dipping them, that's for sure. However, I would not use it on headquarters, leaders, characters or solos...those deserve a little more love.
  3. 100% Understand...there's a lot to the entire piece, it's like having four minis in one.
  4. (In best Eric Cartman voice) "I hate you Kenny..."
  5. Damn your Aaron for being so far away. We need to import you to New England, c'mon, it's a blast, all the crappy weather and snow...who wouldn't love it. Yeah, you and Tony need to make a trip up this way to spread some painting love, free room and board on me...the Bates Motel...er...my place...stop it mother... It might be a good thing I'm not there, I might try and take home that Vindicator man that is one sweet looking tank. I, for one am on the supporting end of the Turqouise patina, while by no mean correct from a thcnical standpoint, I think it serves really well to break up the over all dark scheme on the tank. I'm really surprised that didn't snag you a Demon. The moral of this story is...visit your pals in the east!
  6. I have to agree with Tanker, I think the red and black would look pretty cool. Is that one of the larger scale Inquisitor figures? I seem to remember you had one of them kicking around on your paint station. That cloak is definately begging for some freehand. *Sigh* as I sit here and type this while snow is burying me I realize I need to head down to your and Ollie's area not only to escape the cold but to be able to learn from the best!
  7. Wow Tanker, your pieces just keep getting better and better. She really came out amazing. The cloak is excellent. The skin came out really life like, as a matter of fact the whole mini really conveys an air of realism. Two thumbs up man!
  8. Well, there is no question, your figures vibrate with a life that is rarely seen in this hobby. Simply amazing.
  9. Nother of God Ollie, she looks friggin' unbelievable. The only thing I noticed is that it does not appear that her eyes are looking the same way, I'm not sure what's in the cup or how high the alcohol content is, maybe that's the cause. Besides that one small point she looks gorgeous.
  10. The glazes made a huge difference, no need to toss him in the paint stripper. yet, Muhahahahahahahahahaaa
  11. I can't get over how awesome that blue is coming out! Looking good Helltown.
  12. Ollie, wow...holy crap...@#$%...you have butt loads of talent! I wish I could paint in the same room as you in hopes that my painting would get better by proxy She came out fantastic, the base is simply awesome...everything is completely friggin' sweet! Wow! Wow! I'll say it again, you rule Ollie!
  13. Rosy Flesh is my favorite triad for skin. I've never ran into any of these problems, I think my flesh comes out looking best when I use the Rosy triad. Couldn't tell you what I'm doing different though.
  14. Wow, I love the skeleton! The aging on it looks fantastic! Oh poo! I went to bid on it and it was already over He would've looked great on my shelf.
  15. I think she looks sharp man. Don't forsake metallics, just keep them thin and keep at it. I think metallics beat the snot out of NMM anyday.
  16. Excellent job VV, always the best output from you!
  17. Personally, I like the HORDES dire troll the best outta' the bunch.
  18. OKF, I think it finally needs to be said. You RULE man!!!
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