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  1. The corpse cart is perhaps one of the coolest GW minis I've seen in a long time.
  2. Oh man, those are some cool looking figures.
  3. The piece is fantastic! I'm drawn to her skintone...it looks so awesome.
  4. I really like your choices of colour for her. She looks sharp.
  5. perhaps...soon By the way, congrats on the first place
  6. Nice to finally be able to attach some faces with names. Someday I will go to RCon...someday...
  7. A really outstanding job. The golds look really top notch and I love her kill face. Excellent all around.
  8. Creepy is good. I think the piece looks amazing, the blood especially came out realistic.
  9. VV! It appears we have both come out of painting funks about the same time. Wow, friggin' great job! The flesh looks amazing.
  10. Really top notch stuff. Not much I can say that hasn't already been said.
  11. Nice! I especially like the one in the black stockings. She looks pretty hardcore, for a fairy that is.
  12. The whole mini is awesome but I gotta' agree with the rest in saying the armour is really top notch.
  13. Wow, really awesome idea and amazing execution.
  14. Magnificent as always. The Ghoul Queen is simply awesome!
  15. The face on this little sucka' really stands out! Awesome job all-around.
  16. Waaah, I can't really see the feet! Awesome job, I really like how the gold makes everything just pop.
  17. Nice! Gotta' respect the nod to Mario
  18. Wow, fantastic job! The choice of using the VASA Archangel wings was absolutley perfect! I've never been a huge fan of the wings she comes with, the wings you chose compliment her better thean the ones she comes with! The colours you chose for her are perfect. I have to say this is probably my favorite version of the '07 Sophie. All around awesome!
  19. I really like the converted Terminator, looks very cool.
  20. I like the choice of colours for this mini. Personally I would have aimed for more of a burgundy for the red but I still like the colour red you chose. As for an accent, you could go with a really deep blue for the inside of the cape, always nice when the inside of the cape contrasts with the outside, adds kind of a punch.
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