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  1. Nice, nice! Kinda' reminds me of a Jawa wielding a flamethrower.
  2. Awesome so far! Too bad her uniform wasn't a little bit different, you could pull off a whole Ilsa She Wolf of the SS thing.
  3. I really liked how you worked the blue into the shadows on her flesh, it looks really great. You must heed the call of the gods of swamp basing...
  4. All around some really great pieces. I think parts of these would qualify as being on the high end of table top quality. I can't say much about drybrushinf as I still happily apply the technique to some heavily textured areas and if you are aiming for table top quality then drybrushing is your friend. The only question I have is about the primer, is it going on rough or are the pictures slightly grainy, hard for me to tell, these eyes aren't what they used to be. I ask because it doesn't look like the paint itself but that it is going over a slightly grainy surface. Awesome to finally see some of your work Thes!
  5. Sucks that you had to redo him Chris but he's looking better than ever. I really like the winged Karnstein but I have to say this baby is my favorite of the Karnstein sculpts.
  6. Hell yeah I remember this game! I used to have the box set many, many, many moons ago.I wonder what ever happened to it... Sorry...back to your regularly scheduled thread...
  7. I'm really blown away by the paint colours on the burlap bag, it looks excellent. I would add some variations to the rocks on the back of the base though. Looking forward to seeing how this guy turns out.
  8. From what I see so far this sucka' looks good, I really, really like the golds on him. I don't know jack about NMM, let alone SE-NMM. That said the breastplate looks awesome but it looks more like a jewel to me than a piece of armour. I hate making critiques when I can't even suggest a way to fix it but none the less that's a little tid bit from my point of view. The only other thing is wouldn't there be the same type of reflection on the blades as well? Oh well, enough from me.
  9. Great looking figure! I really like the blue, I think it looks great.
  10. Chris, I highly recommend stripping all those Terminators. Some of the primer on the older ones look really, really thick. As SaintRigger said, you may be able to unload the unpainted Terminators to collectors. Hell, you'd probably get more selling them that way than painting them up. Just food for thought.
  11. After about 2 hours of driving it feels like someone is slowly pulling my spine out. So, about 2 hours at the most.
  12. IW - The blog is a blast to read! I'm looking forward to the continuation of this adventure. Man I wish some of the folks around here would get into more of the pulp type RPG's.
  13. For me it really depends on how far away from CT it is. Due to my back I am physically unable to make long trips.
  14. I gotta' say man, the cloth on her is really turning out gorgeous. She's looking good!
  15. Oh, don't get me going on that one. Next to Reaper, Rackham metal is as good as it gets. I'm thrilled that I can find Rackham stuff at 40% off everywhere, but I'm REALLY sad that their stuff won't be around once that dries up. Fear not, they're here to stay. FFG - Rackham Legends
  16. Oh man I am in the worst painting funk of all time. I haven't finished a single mini in February. I need to ignite a fire beneath my buttocks and make March a kick butt month for painting.
  17. Hey...didn't they tell you that you're supposed to do this in CT
  18. TS - Your paint job is fantastic. I mean it really is top notch. The worn metals look great and the skin is fantastic. All-in-all this is a really great job.
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