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  1. Awesome job on those, man they came out looking really cool. I'm really starting to like the Dark Realm line.
  2. Excellent job. The cloak and standard are outstanding.
  3. Awesome job though it really does look like she is trying to yell something. Maybe it's just a look of surprise after tripping over her...um...flowing garments...
  4. That's actually a really cool looking figure. Man your reds are dead on...one of these days I suppose I will have to remove your brain and eat it...in hopes of gaining your painting know how of course. Awesome job as always Kel.
  5. I'm going to go ahead and keep my mouth shut on that one. Awesome job, not my favorite sculpt but your paint job on her is top notch.
  6. The red armour came out looking awesome. Red is such a royal pain in the arse, well...at least for me it is. Nice job Kel...you win the big prize!
  7. Can't...stop...putting...together...armies...
  8. Wow! If I was one of those kids I might put an eightball in a sock and "dismantle" Jeff Hunt. All that work, I really hope they can put it back together.
  9. VV...you must go through with this. It is far to awesome of an idea to let die.
  10. Hell yes I think it's interesting. I really, really like the idea of a dark green colour scheme. I am really looking forward to this especially since this was a mini that delivered me much frustration and I never finished it. While I prefer regular metallics, I'm still interested in learning how to do NMM right.
  11. Here's a site that's a database of all types of textures. CGTextures Extremely helpful for painting.
  12. Looks great man. I would have gone with regular metallics for all the metal bits but that's my own personal choice. All-in-all I think he came out looking pretty good.
  13. Awesome job. I think he came out looking fantastic.
  14. The Gunze Mr. Hobby flat white is a fantastic primer for use with an airbrush.
  15. A really fantastic job! I think this is one of my favorite minis by you so far. She looks excellent. Awesome idea IW. I've been using the big MegaMinis packs to help some of my friends with their painting skills. They work great for teaching especially since they are not too $$$
  16. Ah I didn't know Duplicolor had a white. I picked mine up at an O'Reilly's but didn't see any white. They might be able to order some for me though. I'll check. Any mini I need to have a lot of dark recesses get's the black but I'm thinking the white will be mostly for elves and ghost and such. I second the White Duplicolor. I really like the Duplicolor stuff, inexpensive but nice. The Tamiya white primer is great stuff but it is really, really expensive. It's around $8.50 for a can that is half the size of the Duplicolor can. In the end I find that Duplicolor is really great stuff, as you know from using the black and the white is just as godd.
  17. Must...see...more... I'm looking forward to seeing how this bad boy turns out, any new work done?
  18. I have an airbursh but hadn't got around to use it..... gives me something to do this weekend. Im gald Im not the only one that uses GW black, I tried to use skull white but I can'ts stands it, so instead of white i use forstress grey. The only thing I hate about brush ons is that once and awhile is that the paint rubs off super easily but thats once in a blue moon. I asked b/c I didn't know if you used the reaper brush on primer and was wondering how it did. If you have an airbrush, use it. You won't believe how smooth the primer goes on, it's a wonderful thing. SK - I'm diggin' the dueling blades.
  19. Man, I can't wait to get my copy of this DVD set. I'm eagerly awaiting it. Even though I'm an army painter as well I want to absorb all the knowledge this hobby has to offer.
  20. Meg, I don't even know what to say. I very sorry that this tragedy has happened. You and your family will be in my thoughts.
  21. Amazing job as always Tony, she looks fantastic. The Iron Cross on the back of the giutar is an awesome touch. So *wink wink* maybe you can do some more work on that Inquisitor Eldar
  22. Nice! The guitar looks awesome, love the Iron Cross on the back. I especially like the way you made her clothes to look shiny, like leather or evcen more so like latex. She looks wicked man, great job!
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