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  1. I broke down and bought the DVD version. I'm tired of sitting here in the middle of painter no-man-land and trying to figure out some of these techniques on my own. I'll be happy to see someone else working, I know it will be very helpful for myself.
  2. Great job, the transiton on the cloak looks awesome.
  3. Good job for speedpaints. Are the spider-leg CAVs supposed to be based, I ask because yours are not and my Scorpion did not come with a hex base.
  4. Awesome job Vil, the colour scheme is cool as hell.
  5. Amazing job on one of my personal favorite pieces.
  6. Good to see you back on the forums man! I really like the punk-rock aesthetics you are going for with her. The green in the outfit looks great and really adds to punch up her punkish red hair colour. She looks great man.
  7. Awesome man, you really went above and beyond with her skin. It looks crazy good. She is your best work to date. Can't wait to see what you've got coming from Pegaso, gonna' be time to break that airbrush out.
  8. Every little bit you add to her HT she looks better and better. Good things take time, no need to rush anything.
  9. Awesome! The metallics are friggin' unbelievable!
  10. I don't know why but I am slightly disturbed by that shark...
  11. Awesome job on both! I just got the Shaun and Ed minis form Hasslefree, they're both awesome. I love the way the reds came out on the Void mini.
  12. No way in hell will I ever stop my regiment of sealing my minis. One coat of high gloss polyurathane varnish then two lighter coats of dullcoat. My minis get handled a lot, they are for gaming after all.
  13. Awesome VV, simply awesome. I really like the colour choices on your minis. You always pick the best combinations. I need to work on my colour theory badly.
  14. Not the cardboard box type I hope................................ Only kind I know....
  15. I would think he would want to turn time back enough so he might be able to change his name. Poor guy.
  16. I really like the colours you went with on the Skorne stuff. I always though greens and gold would look much better on them. Great paint jobs all around.
  17. Oh man I love that model, you did such a fantastic job on her. She looks awesome. The only thing I would say is those wings just look a little too pink fo rme, don't seem to fit in right with the rest of the paint job. But hey, that's just me and I can only wish I paint as well as you. Outstanding job man.
  18. Awesome job on this one AirSoft. I really like your choice of colours on this bad boy. Keep 'em coming man...
  19. I think her blue dress came out fantastic! It's good to always push yourself to do your best, it really is the only way to improve. I would have to say though, especially looking at her dress, she is above what I would consider a tabletop quality mini.
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