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  1. More fantastic creations from the mind of Froggy. Mmm...the shiney, candy red button... Now, maybe at some point we could see a Transmogrifier
  2. Wow, what a fantastic job. The colours are awesome. You really softened her face up which I always thought looked a little harsh on the sculpt. All around sweet!
  3. And I just managed to add to this the line of Spinespur figures *Sigh* And now I've added to all this; The Dark faction for Anima Tactics along with all the neutral aligned models A fairly decent sized Ritterlich force for CAV
  4. I don't even know what to say...he looks beyond awesome...really, really awesome... I tend to never worry about "shine" until I dullcoat it at the end. The best way I've found to fix that frosted over look is to hit the entire mini with a nice shiney glosscoat, let that dry for a day or two then go back over the mini with a dullcoat. Couldn't tell you the science behind it but it has saved a few minis for me in my time.
  5. I pretty much do what Ollie does, except I wasn't really thinking about it that way. If I have models out that have been sitting primed for a couple of months I usually wash them before I start painting them. So I've never really noticed a difference.
  6. I don't have too much experience with this but if I would say to try and bring the highlights up to an off-white quicker than you normally would and make them slightly sharper. This would give the appearence of shinier fabric with out making it look to much like NMM armour. By the way, Blood Bowl rocks...I wish more people played it around here.
  7. Less filling! Alright, I suppose it really depends on what you set out to do. Myself, I really prefer the GW metallics, but I'm more of a speed/army painter and the GW work for the techniques I need them for. Now, when I want to do a display piece I tend to use the Reaper paints as they work much better for layering and as it was said earlier they don't shine quite as hard as the GW metallics. So I guess in the end it really depends on what you plan on doing with them.
  8. Nice job! I love the way his face came out and the blues and reds came out excellent. Besides some previously mentioned paint thinning issues I think you really knocked the ball out of the park with this guy.
  9. Awesome job Froggy. The safety striped are a nice touch, don't want to have any "accidents" in the lab.
  10. Good job PSx, but I would really suggest a couple layers of glazes on the skirt, not really sure what you were attempting to do there. Also I would hit the wings with a darker wash to bring out the texture of the feathers.I like the designs you did on her face and I'm diggin' the paler flesh tone. Keep on painting!
  11. Excellent, excellent job D. I mean really top notch on this one. The colours are crisp and punchy and the bone looks fantastic. Big deal if it's from that "other" company. I'll be caving in when some of those new Vampire Counts models come out.
  12. Fantastic job! Doesn't really look lik eyou have too much to work on at all. Looks to me like you are well above and beyond in your painting skills. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for the year!
  13. I would go ahead and darkline the bone breast plate she has. I wouldn't go with black for lining it though, just take some Reaper brown liner, thin it a titch and run it along the places where the bone meets flesh, it will really make it stand out. Black can be a little harsh. Dark lining is really great for helping to punch up colours and makes things much more aesthetically pleasing.
  14. Wow, even blown up your painting is amazingly clean. So far, so excellent! I think the idea with the large eye at the end of the spy glass would be great.
  15. Seil really puts out some gorgeous stuff. I know the flaunting of naughty bits isn't up everyone's alley but if it is done tastefully then I see no problem. However, I am interested in seeing what your plans are for her...and conversions...no matter how small are always fun to watch take shape. Good luck with her.
  16. Good job so far! I really like the way he is coming out.
  17. Your metallics are friggin' awesome. I must possess the metallic skills you have, you must come to CT and teach me He looks awesome!
  18. I agree about the hookah, it blends a little too much with the 'shroom. As for the green, I find layer after layer of glazes (usually the ole' standby, mid-tone glaze), realy helps to even out the green.
  19. Man that thing is coming out awesome! Too bad no one around here is interested in any kind of pulp gaming, I'll be clutching my Pulp Cthulhu book greedily when it comes out but nothing much to do with it. As always IW, you really do some great work.
  20. Nice job for a tabletop level mini!
  21. Blood splatters always make a mini look cooler
  22. Looking good Meg, I really like your colour selection on this one.
  23. She looks good, I agree that she is much better off with a darker colour scheme. My only advice would be working on bringing up your highlights. You DON'T need to bring them all the way up to white but they could certainly use to come up a few notches. Good work all-in-all.
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