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  1. TS, fantastic job on the CAV! I really like the way the camo came out. I would say it is above a regular tabletop level. Man I gotta get off my butt and start putting some of my CAVs together.
  2. Her skin look awesome and the metallics came out great. I like the muted tone to her, I think it works very well.
  3. Good job for your first mini in 7 years. Not much for me to say that hasn't already been said. Keep it up though, this is one hell of a fun hobby.
  4. Oh man what agreat idea! These cheap-o plastic spider came out looking pretty awesome! Great job and extra point for your creativity.
  5. I really like the way he came out. The metallics look very good and the ruddy flesh is perfect for a dwarf, I think the blue eyes are a nice touch as well. I also think the base came out very nice, I like snow bases in general. Great work, please keep it up and post new minis as you finish them here.
  6. True Neutral Human Ranger/Sorcerer (3rd/2nd Level) Abiltiy Scores: Strength- 12 Dexterity- 11 Constitution- 12 Intelligence- 14 Wisdom- 14 Charisma- 15
  7. Astrid look friggin' awesome Froggy, I LOVE the orange, it looks sick! The Space Station is pretty awesome too! Excellent job on both!
  8. She's coming along great Tanker. A really great piece so far.
  9. SK, I like your aproach the the dark elf skin. Very nice olive colour to it rather than the usually "so dark purple it's almost black" look. An all around excellent lookin figure...nice touch with the blood too.
  10. I really like how the skin came out on the both of them. Nice work.
  11. Ooo...I like the colours on the dress. Awesome!
  12. Awesome job on the Sabretooth, his fur came out awesome. She came out looking awesome as well!
  13. Have you been listening to the Cure lately Awesome job Froggy, dark and brooding, the way I like it!
  14. Tank, you've got to paint the metal shaft of her weapon. While I muist admit it looks fine now, everything looks 10 times better when it's all got paint on it. The fingers look great. awesome work on your first greenstuff job. So, dare I ask what 200mm Pegaso kit you are picking up, man I still want that Fire Elemental badly. You're probably going to need that airbrush up and running for a 200mm kit.
  15. With the small amount of Vallejo paints I do have I always add a bit of sprue in the bottle and I use a craft paint shaker and leave them on for a few minutes. Sometimes I don't think human power is enough to shake up Vallejo paints well. Honeslty, I usually stick with the Reaper Master paints, they are always consistent for me, minus that bad batch here and there but that is a rare occasion.
  16. Awesome job IW, your tabletop stuff is always top notch.
  17. Happy birthday man!! Go paint some nekkid chicks!
  18. Oh man, I 've got tons of stuff on the plate for this year Contiue working on my Warmachine Protectorate force. Finish up a smaller sized Cryx warband. Work on my Urban War Viridian force. Work on my Rezolution APAC force. Work on a small Light Faction Anima Tactics force. Work on my Hell Dorado demons. I think that's it so far
  19. JL, she looks really good. I'm diggin' on the colour choice for her skin!
  20. The cloak looks awesome and I really love the colours on the scabbard. Great job!
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