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  1. Double sweet!! The purple looks awesome Kel...and so does the rest of the mini! Awesome job.
  2. All I can say is... SWEET!
  3. Kel, that armour came out looking really sick. I second going back to put Peacemaker on the sword, that would rule!
  4. I'm diggin the blue on the cloak. The freehand looks bangin'. Awesome job as per usual.
  5. Dagrin, an excellent job on an awesome mini!
  6. Awesome Kel, you never dissapoint with your paintjobs. Her armour looks awesome. One of these days I will have a mini of yours on my display shelf!
  7. Blending. Blending. Blending. While fate has not layed down the card that may take me to Texas this year I would still love to take a class completely dedicated to blending. I feel it is one of the techniques that would really improve my painting, well, at least for non-army style painting. But hey wait...it might even be good for that too. The second on my list would be speed painting techniques. As Reaper does have games I am sure there are plenty of people in the Reaper community that would love to know more about speed painting. Lastly would be the airbrush.
  8. Looking awesome Rastl! I really like the blue marble.
  9. Wow, she really came out looking very cool. I liker her a lot, excellent paint job!
  10. Ack...she's a cleric of Morrow, don't you know that you should be painting Menoth stuff Meg Seriously though, you did a fantastic job on her, she looks excellent. Your blends are getting uber-smooth and the NMM looks fantastic. Great job all-around Meg. Now go paint something Menoth
  11. That's an EXCELLENT job for your first mini. You have definatly got the idea of what to do. You'll probably simply want to work on smoothing out your blends a tad, maybe using a glaze of the base colour. Looks really great though, colour me impressed My first mini looked like a 3 year old attacked it with a pack of crayolas. That's a really cool mini btw, I'm guessing from the name it's from the oop Reaper Doom line of minis, curses, I want one!
  12. Tamiya is an EXCELLENT primer, however it is rather pricey and you really don't get that much. Duplicolor is a really good primer and is much more affordable. You really can't go wrong with either. I tend to use Tamiya for pieces that will be of a display level or higher while I use Duplicolor for tabletop level pieces. Though these days I am moving over to doing most of my priming with my airbrush, but that would be a whole other discussion. As for paints I personally feel that acrylic is the way to go for painting minis, though oils will give you excellent results for flesh. There are TONS of different acrylic paints out there formulated specifically for this hobby, Reaper makes the Master Series line of acrylic paints which is an excellent paint, very user friendly. I do recommend you try and steer away from the craft acrylic paints (i.e. Delta Ceramcoat or Folk Art) you'd find at places like Michaels and WalMart, they tend to be a lot tougher to use for mini painting, though their price point is a big grab for people. Though you pay more for Reaper paints you will get much, much more bang for your buck.
  13. LC, I'm diggin' the darker skintone you have going on here, pretty cool. Too bad you don't get more time to paint during the school year
  14. Magnificent work as always. I'm in awe at the rate you produce uber-high quality minis. Incredible.
  15. Ack, I hate to bring even more bad news but this was the only weekend my girlfriend could get the movers to come. So sadly I have to be a part of that instead of doing things I want to do. Hope everyone who does go has a good time.
  16. The eyes look awesome Tank. Much more defined now...and dare I say sexy!
  17. Oh man I love that shade of blue. I do agree with Meg though, you ought to darken the shadows a little bit more, I think it'll make the blue pop even more, which would be awesome. I'm sure you've got a lot you are working on Kate but this would be a nice piece to see finished. Though I hate Cygnar with every bone in my body I have to admit this is a very cool mini.
  18. Strange lookin' little guy...I dig him! Great job.
  19. Heh, I gotta buy #67 and #55 bits in bulk because I always seem to break them. A little bit of lube on the drill bit is some good preventative maintainence for that. Not knowing about that interesting boiling water trick I would simply just drill a new hole.
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